A Hot Sister-In-Law At My Friend’s Wedding

Hy guys. My name is Andrew, I am from Bangalore. I am here with one of the mindblowing incidents that happened to me during one of my best friend’s wedding. My school friend Rahul had invited me to his wedding to Mysore. He was one of my best buds. I was never going to miss his wedding.

I took my car and went to Mysore just prior to the marriage preparations. He sounded like he needed my help. He gave me direction on how to reach his house. Once there, his family welcomed me. I had known his family for about 10 years now.

His mother hugged me and told me it was very good to see me again. His father inquired about my well being. I got introduced and got settled down in my friend’s room. While meeting all of his relatives, he introduced me to his sister-in-law, Ramya.

She was a young beautiful lady. It stands to say she was sexy. She was sexy who had perfect figure ion her body and fat at just the perfect places. His brother had gotten married 3 years ago. I hadn’t seen her till now. But seeing her now blew my mind.

Ramya was around 29, I would say (never asked her). She was an elegant young woman. During my conversation with Rahul, I caught that she was a beautician, and owned a beauty parlor in the city. During the preparation, I got to know many of his family members closely.

I was quite well acquainted with Ramya. She was Rahul’s bhabhi, but I didn’t feel like calling her that. I wanted to treat like a young energetic woman as she is. I was in a small confused state myself. Her perfect curves were visible through her dress.

Whenever she lifted up her hands, I used to try and look at space to see her boobs. I don’t know whether she noticed the attention she was getting from me. I tried to talk to her as much as possible. I got in as help for decoration, just because she was in charge of decorations.

That built me a basic friendship level with her. During other days, I used to around her with lame excuses. She used to give this wicked smile at me, whenever she looked at me. During the next few days, I was told by Rahul to some of the women out shopping for some dress and jewelry.

He asked me to take his car and go with his sis-in-law, so she can finish up the shopping. While others focussed up on decoration in the hall. I was happy to take her. I dressed up and got in the car and then Ramya and came and got inside the car.
She had a great taste in choosing her sarees because they used to magnify her beauty. I was so sure, her boobs measured at least up to 36b. Her style of wearing the saree exposed her shape of beauty. I made it my personal mission to get to know her more. I asked her shall we leave aunty?

I realized my mistake too late. By the time, it was too late to correct the sentence
Ramya: Don’t call me aunty, I am not that old. Call me Ramya.
Me(with a smiling face): Sorry. Sure.

While driving I was thinking of pickup lines to tell her, and truthfully, the first incident put me a little behind. She finally broke the silence.
Ramya: Actually Rahul’s aunty was supposed to go with you, she is having leg pain, hence me.

Ramya: I am sorry, forgot your name?
Me: I am Andrew, Ramya.
Ramya: Bhabhi to Ramya in a few minutes, you sure are fast. (with a naughty smile).

I was hard, the moment I saw her cleavage, trying hard to cover it up as she leaned to change the radio station. Her soft boobs rubbed up against my hand. I was getting a little horny to drive (well the car anyway).

Me: It’s not like that. You are young to be called an Aunty too.
Ramya: Oh really? How old are you then?

Me: I am 22. Currently an intern, after my graduation.

Ramya: (She then took a full look at me) Oh. Young and energetic that must mean you must have a lot of girlfriends.

I didn’t reply, just smiled at her, and drove. Then we went shopping. Her phone was dead. She asked to borrow my phone to click on dresses and jewelry. Then as we got out of the shop. She asked me to send those pictures in her Whatsapp. After some light shopping and having lunch we went home.

Later that evening, I was busy with decoration work in his house. I got a ping in WhatsApp.

Ramya: Hi. This is Ramya, still dedicated to work I see. Save this number.
I replied ok. then left it for the night. I knew she had a spark for me.
At night,
Ramya: Still busy?

Me: Nothing like that, just happy to see your message.

Ramya: Why?
Me: You are quite beautiful and funny and go energetic always. I feel to be around you always, I would surely be with you always if I could.
Ramya: You do know that I am married? and this flirting is gonna get you in trouble.

Ramya: Without this kind of troubles, where is the fun in life. Besides, I love to talk with a married woman, they are unrealized treasures of each home. Big word for a small man.

Me: not that small and I loved to be around married for their satisfaction.

Ramya: Satisfaction? What kind?

Me: Any.

Then till night, there was no message. At night.

Ramya: Are you busy satisfying anyone?

Me: I am all ears for you, darling.

Then we chatted for a long night, sharing different words between us. We got much closer. She was cheerful around me, so was I. Passing naughty smiles at each other. I purposefully rubbed around her body sometimes. She just gave a wicked smile each time.

Our chat sometimes steamed up. Then after 2 days, there was a small get together. Ramya had to go back to her home. She had to bring over the dresses and jewelry for the wedding as well as some other stuff. Her husband was too drunk to drive. Rahul asked me to drive her home.

Throughout the drive, we talked and I kept myself funny. Each time, I could get her up to laugh, she would rub on my hands and thighs, which woke up my junior. We reached her place by 8. I asked her to go get all the things. She gave me a wicked smile as she opened the door and asked me to come inside.

I then went inside. Then she slowly moved to her bedroom and started to pack all the things. She asked me whether I was thirsty. I was for a lot of things. But I smiled and told something hot would do. She then went to the kitchen to make the tea. I waited out on the couch with a hard dick. She then came with tea and sat on the sofa near me, with her legs one above the other.

I asked her about packing. She replied to me it was going to rain. So it’s better we stay back. Her legs were killer, that too little exposed from her saree.

Me:(with stuttering voice)Tea is good.

Ramya thanked me. I then placed the cup on the table. I then leaned onto the sofa. We then looked at each other. I then kept my hand on her thighs her right leg which was above her left one. And slowly started to rub them. She then brought her face closer to mine, and we kissed.

I grabbed her face, and I started to kiss her all over her face. Then we smooched like we were a young couple who just got married. Our lips fought for control, as we opened up, our tongues rolled u on each other. We kept on kissing each other.

All over faces and then neck, then earlobes, chin, as we explored each other body. I then broke the kiss and kneeled on aground. She then kept her legs on the tea table. I raised her saree to the thighs. I was between her legs. I started to kiss her legs one by one, licking to her knees, then her thighs.

As I raised her saree more to her hips, I held her hands and told her I will give you the joys of life. I started to lick both of her thighs and then bit their skin occasionally. She gave me small taps on my head. I then went inside her petticoat. My hands outside caught hold fo her waist and pressing her navel.

Her body rose at hips and slowly moved down, she was biting her lips. I deep pressed her navel, her thighs rubbed on the face. It was hot inside, I could smell her sweat. I licked her inner thigh as I moved to kiss it more close to her pussy, and even gave her bites there. I moved to her inner thighs.

I then moved to her pussy. She spread her legs wide for me, and her hands caressing over my head. I lowered my hands to her bubbly ass. I grabbed it like a beast. I gave a deep kiss to her pussy at the center. Then I grabbed her ass with a sudden jerk. I then kissed her all over her pussy from side to side.

I could feel her movement in the body and her slow groans. Her panty had started to get wet. I slowly lowered her panties with my teeth up to max and gave slowly blow hot air into it. Her pussy was shaven and clean, I smelled it, it aroma made my dick throb.

I licked it like ice cream to get a flavor, which sent slow shivers in her body.
All these times, I kept on grabbing and fondling her ass and navel. I then deep kissed her pussy lips and licked them one by one in and around them. I then slowly licked my way inside into her pussy.

She kept her legs on my shoulder. Her hands caught hold my hair pulling me closer. Suddenly she made her saree drop. I licked all around her pussy and slowly rubbed around the clitoral as well as her asshole area. I did try to finger her asshole as well as her pussy, while I licked her pussy.

I kept on eating her pussy, as I moved my fingers in and around her asshole and pussy, she moaned and groaned in light sound. The room was filled with the voice of how she took deep breaths. After a while loosened up her petticoat with my nails, pinching her skin at the navel.

As soon as it dropped I raised her legs. Eaten out her pussy more and more and fingered her asshole, like a piston. She had a killer shiver up her body and had an orgasm. I then slowly raised my self as I saw her face full of lust for my dick. She was wild as she helped me to remove my dress.

She saw the dick and kissed it asked me to get inside her. She then gave me a condom, from the drawer. Then I lay with her on the sofa as I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy. I was stretching her wall. I could feel from her body. We were in full heat. I started to slowly stroke it.

I reached overhead to the rail of the sofa, to give her a more deep thrust. she wrapped herself around me pulling me closer. My broad chest rubbed and squeezed over her boobs. I at first banged her slow and steady, slowly increasing my pace, fondling her boobs in-between.

As my thrust became deep and fast, her breathing became heavier. I then paused in between and gave two or three hardcore pushed to hit her deep. As her groans and moans with thump sound of my dick hitting deep filled the room. I banged her with all my energy. She groaned in pleasure, biting her lips.

I squeezed her tits in my hands, licking and biting her nipples. She started moaning and the hit of my dick over her butt was making periodic noise. I now took my hand from her bra and then inserted my fingers in her mouth. I still haven’t been able to understand why a woman likes licking fingers while being licked.

After fucking her for like that for 10 minutes, I slowly reduced my thrust. I told her to get on top of me, as I wanted to see her moan as I play with her boobs. I sat on the sofa.  As took my dick once again to her pussy. Then she rode me with full force. I took each of her nipples in my hand.

I used to squeeze them and lick her nipples. I sucked her boobs like a baby, licking them all over and biting and giving love bites in her neck and her boobs. I then leaned her over the tea-table. She took hold of edges and started to thrust her with my full force. I drilled her pussy, as we kissed.

I  grabbed her ass and her thighs and pushing my dick in and out of pussy like a piston. We fucked around for another 20 minutes. I raised to my hands and came in her. We both were tired but still a little horny. I laid her on the sofa. I reached for the phone and called Rahul. It was raining. He told me to stay put.

We could see tomorrow evening. I then cut the call. As I turned I saw the sexiest swaying naked and walking towards the kitchen. We again did it 4-5 times again in her house, that day. It was fun. She still keeps her contact with me through WhatsApp.

She was a great woman with killer desires. She was very happy about our time together. My experience as a story is dedicated to all such great women out there. Send me your feedback and ping me in hangouts in [email protected]

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