Submissive Boy Fucked By Guys In The Farm – Part 4

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Once we reached the water tank, I asked Sam whether we can rest for some time. He told everyone I want to rest. Michael pulled me closer by squeezing my boobie and said, “Boy sluts like you should not rest,” and twisted both the nipples hard. I screamed and requested him to leave it.

They continuously gave tender coconut water. they liked me peeing in front of them. They started to wear shorts and I also took my shorts. Sam snatched it from me and said no need to dress. I was feeling shy as we were on an open farm and anyone can come.

For them, I am like a favorite toy and they wanted me to just listen. After some time again I wanted to pee. My penis was not hard as we were just talking and Michael was smooching my boobies. I whispered my urge to pee to Sam. He, as always, told everyone. All started to cheer.

They took me near another tree and told me to be on fours. I was confused but did what they said. Raj came in front removed his shorts and the big monster sprang out straight to my face. Sam was applying oil into my ass. I thought he is going to fuck me.

Instead, he took a bigger carrot and slowly shoved it into my ass, and said all set. Raj told me to open my mouth and put his monster cock in. He asked me just lick with my tongue inside the mouth, as he didn’t want to cum soon. Michael and Babu were fondling my nipples hard and pulling it to the max.

I was in pain and pleasure. Sam started to move the carrot front and back. I was in pleasure and pain, and could not scream as a big cock was in my mouth. I wanted to pee badly. as the carrot was long, it was triggering the urge of peeing. Suddenly I could not control anymore and jets of urine splashed from my penis.

They enjoyed it but did not stop the assault on my soft body. Babu with the other hand was smooching my balls too. Finally, I finished peeing. It was nearly noon and no one has cummed yet. So Michael called someone to get lunch and booze. I was still sitting drenched with my pee.

So they took me to the tank washed me with the hose, and put me inside the tank.  They too got into the tank and smooching me, it was fun. After some time Michael got a call on food arrival. Everyone got out and told me to stay in the tank. Sam told me to collect the food when it arrives.

I told ok and was about to get out. He stopped me and said, “Be inside. When the food arrives, go and collect naked.” I was shocked and pleaded him not to do this. As my chest was full of bite marks and I don’t want to be topless in front of a stranger seeing my boobies.

He said I have to go nude, else day 1 punishment will be given and pinched my nipple hard. I requested him to allow me to wear a towel at least. Finally, he agreed. Raj told me, “Do whatever the guy who brings food says,” and I should not cum.

If I cum they’ll make me cum continuously for 10 times, and will bite my boobies and ass cheeks. I was scared and embarrassed. When they heard the bike sound, they climbed on a tree to hide. And the food guy came and shouted for Michael. I came out of the water and looked at him.

He was looking good, a teenage boy thin, few hairs on his face. He called me to come close. I wore the towel and went near him. I was shivering in fear and excitement. Once I was near him, he asked me why am I not wearing a top to cover my boobies. I was shocked as he was referring to me as to a girl.

I didn’t answer. He came and pulled me closer and started to run his hands all over my chest. I slowly whispered to him, “Please leave me.” He was like, “With all these marks on your boobies, these guys have used you. So I too want to have some fun. So keep quiet.”

He started to maul my nipples and a moan came from my mouth. My nipples are super sensitive. He brought his mouth close to my nipple and gave a gentle bite. I just closed my eyes and he started to suck it like a mad dog. In no time my towel was removed.

I was standing nude with a stranger on the farm with my friends hiding and enjoying the show. He was quick. He pulled me to knees and stuffed his cock in my mouth. He started to fuck, in between pinching my nipples. 5 minutes and he took out his cock and sprayed his cum over my nipples.

I was just in excitement and was on my knees, as I was not allowed to cum. He kept the food and booze near me. He told me not to clean the cum and show it to my friends. I was so embarrassed and shy. He gave a tight slap on my ass cheek and left. All my friends came and laughed at me.

They told me to spread the cum on my nipples. Sam told let’s fuck the slut boy and then have food. Everyone cheered. Raj took me to the tank and poured water on my chest and Michael got a hose to clean my ass. They bathed me well and made me drink another tender coconut water and my stomach was full.

They dried me and Raj carried me to the terrace of the farmhouse, which had some tree’s shades. They started to put blankets and got the booze too. I was feeling weird. I was treated like a special person and at the same time thinking of Raj’s big monster penetrating me was scary.

Everyone came close to me and started to smooch. Raj was roaming his fingers over my chest, enjoying the soft flesh. Sam was licking my navel. Michael was exploring my ass cheeks. Babu, as always, had taken my thin long cock inside his mouth. This continued for some time.

Raj started a liplock with me and I was lost in lust and love. Someone was squeezing my boobies from the back. I felt some liquid being put on my asshole and multiple fingers massaging it. I could not concentrate as Raj was kissing passionately.

My cock was in Babu’s mouth, nipples stimulated. After some time, Raj pulled me closer and lifted me like a toy. He turned me back and put his finger inside my ass and started fingering fast. All were cheering. Sam came in front and put his cock in my mouth.

Michael came below and started sucking my cock. Babu was squeezing my boobies hard and pulling my nipples and stretching it to the max. I was in pleasure and pain with this multiple pleasure and assault. Then I was in deep pleasure and felt the urge to pee. And suddenly it happened.

Raj with a strong thrust inserted his cock in me. I could not react as I was stimulated to extreme pleasure. The urge to pee all made my mind to ignore the pain. And I just opened my mouth. Everyone cheered and Michael left my cock. Raj was fucking me so hard I started to pee, but he did not stop.

All my friends were laughing seeing my condition of being fucked and peeing. My face was red in embarrassment. Every thrust of Raj was so strong and felt his cock deep into me. My boobs were bouncing with every thrust. Sam came in front and put his cock in my mouth.

Babu and Michael were waiting for their turn. Michael was losing patience and was vigorously pinching and stretching my boobies. It was painful but could not concentrate. I was fucked from top and bottom. My long thin cock was erect and dangling with the movement.

Raj fucked me for a long time and finally cummed in me. We just collapsed, everyone just pounced on me and took me to another side of the terrace. I had peed. And started to assault my boobies like mad dogs. I was screaming in pain and pleasure. Raj was cleaning his dick and enjoying the assault on my body.

Next, Sam lifted my legs and put his dick in my hole. This did not pain as Raj has done the needful. Since I was lying on my back, my boobies are exposed. So Michael and Babu were feasting it. Michael who lost patience put his big dick in my mouth and started to mouth fuck.

Both Sam and Michael were in rhythm and cummed in me. Michael cummed so it was leaking from my mouth. Finally, before I could feel relieved, Babu thrust his inside me. My ass was swollen with the assault and boobies were dark pink. Babu was quick and just collapsed on me.

Raj came near me, his dick was hard again. He lifted me like a toy and cleaned me using a tap, dried me with a towel on the terrace. I was so tired while holding he started to suck my nipples passionately. I was back into tremendous pleasure. He signaled all.

They made me sleep on the blanket and Michael was sucking my left nipple. Sam was sucking my balls, taking it completely in his mouth. And to my surprise, Raj took my cock in his mouth. I was in heaven. Slowly they started to increase the speed.

In no time my body was vigorously stimulated. I was screaming in pleasure. In the heights of excitement, I cummed in Raj’s mouth. He drank it and continued to suck me. I requested him to stop. They never listened. I was twisting with immense pleasure.

Finally, they stopped. I was lying like a completely used slut. They stood around me and started to shag, and poured their remaining cum on my nipples and tummy. I just accepted it and closed my eyes. To my surprise, they started to pee on me. I was drenched in pee. They all laughed and cheered me.

We all went down and took a bath in the tank. Everyone lifted me and kissed and thanked me. We sat for lunch, and yes I was naked. They never let me wear any clothes during my vacation on the farm.

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