Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 1

After coming across ISS since last year, I have been reading some nice stories. Sometime back, I felt that its high time that I should share my own experiences as well. I feel many ISS readers will like and appreciate my stories. I will keep on posting various stories one by one.

There are not many characters in my life. My professional and personal life for the last 12 years are revolving around almost the same set of people. As we say the world is very small and life becomes a full circle. I will start with an introduction of myself.

I am Gaurav, originally from Jharkhand. I am an Engineer by education and profession. After completing my Engineering, I started my career with a company in Mumbai. One of my college senior Amit was working in the same industry in Mumbai.

I was very close to Amit Sir’s roommate Aakash sir during college time. So, when I came to Mumbai, Aakash informed me that his friend Amit is also in Mumbai. “You can have someone known to you there.” I was also happy that atleast in this lost city someone will be there whom I know.

About Amit sir, he is from Bihar and he got married very early even before college joining. Barring a few persons in college, no one knew that he was married. as it could be very embarrassing in college. During the 4 years, he was blessed with 2 boys.

Before moving to Mumbai, Aakash sir informed me about his friend Amit and to Amit about me. So, during one of the weekends, he invited me to his flat for lunch. For the first time, I met his wife Rashmi. And she was beyond imagination.

Despite giving birth to 2 kids, she had maintained her charm and charisma. Average height but excellent figure. She was from the village area and for the first time she had moved to a big city. I was very polite to them. I got along with their kids very well. And thus started our family relation.

I used to visit them once a month. I started getting infatuated with Rashmi bhabhi. She was bubbly, used to crack jokes. I am a bit shy guy who generally maintains a distance rather than flirting with every girl who comes across in my life.

Rashmi bhabhi was a typical Indian lady from the countryside. Always putting bindi, sindoor, mangalsutra, bangles and all. She started wearing western dresses in the city. Sometimes I used to be lucky to see her in western clothes like jeans and tops or in salwar kurta without a dupatta. I used to analyze her assets sometimes.

Almost one year later I changed my job to a company in Gurgaon. After a few months, Amit sir too changed job to another company in Gurgaon. I had settled myself by the time he joined his job. He stayed with me for a few weeks. He found accommodation for his family in the same area, a few streets away from my flat.

Then he went to Mumbai to bring back his family to Gurgaon. Now, I got to see her more and more. We came along very well. Almost every weekend I used to hang with his family. Bhabhi too became frank with me. We used to crack some non-veg jokes and laugh around.

I used to appreciate her about her health, figure, and charm. Despite 2 babies and 7-8 years of marriage, she has maintained herself very well. I used to tell her I wish I get a wife like her. She used to blush or sometimes pinch me. Every touch of her used to give shivers in our body.

I kept on observing her body at every chance I got. She used to wear a bit tight salwar suit. Every time she bent, I got a nice view of her cleavage. When she wore sleeveless salwar, her armpits, and part of her breast used to be visible along with her bra.

I used to roam around and travel with Amit sir’s family. Sometimes in the metro, or in the cab.  I used to have my body rub with Rashmi bhabhi many times in the metro in rush hours. Slowly, my infatuations developed into sexual desire. But, I never showed unpleasant behavior to her.

I fantasized about her assets of 34 d many times. She had tight breasts and an averagely big ass. Whenever she wears sarees during any festival or occasions like her birthday, kids’ birthday or her hubby’s birthday, she was looking like a bomb. Her deep navel and low waist were a treasure to watch.

Even she became very comfortable with me and my presence. She didn’t care much if she was wearing nightdress, nighties or a salwar suit without a dupatta. As my stares towards her were not of visible lustiness. Many times she used to wear nighties without petticoat inside.

Those times her breast and ass were giving nice views on the linings of bra and panty. Her transparent nighties used to give me an instant boner. And these were memories for me to fantasize about and release my hormones. Her tight pajama and nighties were giving enough statistics of her thighs and pussy.

A few times, she even appeared in blouse and petticoat also if I went to their home and she was in mid of getting ready. Life was going on like this only in imaginary nights of myself debauching her. And then one big event came up. It was Aakash sir’s marriage and the marriage was in Delhi.

Both of us, myself and Amit sir were close to him. So we were scheduled to join for all the events right from engagement, mehendi and marriage. It was a 3 days schedule. First evening engagement ceremony, a second day full of mehendi and sangeet and 3rd-day marriage function in the evening.

Just 2 days before the functions, Amit sir got information that he had to visit the company’s Kolkata office for a week. He was very sad to miss his friend’s marriage. He asked me if I can take his family for the marriage functions in Delhi. I said of course.

He informed his wife and also to Aakash sir that I will be available in all the functions accompanying his family and kids. Rashmi bhabhi was also very happy as she got a chance to attend such a big ceremony. Amit sir left for Kolkata 1 day before the engagement day.

Our plan was to visit every day during the event from Gurgaon to Delhi and return the same day after the events get over. Just on the engagement day around 2 pm, Aakash sir called me to be there throughout the events and no need to return every day. They had enough room in the banquet hall.

I called Rashmi Bhabhi. She was getting ready for the evening engagement events. I had booked a cab to go from Gurgaon at 4 pm and return by 10-11 pm whenever the functions get over. I informed Rashmi bhabhi and by the time Aakash sir has also asked her about staying there.

In fact, Amit sir was also informed about the plans. He had no objections. While we were getting ready for the day, we just packed dresses for 2 more days. I finished my packing and went to her flat with my bags. Kids were already ready and were playing in the gallery. I asked them whether their mom is ready or not.

They said she was packing the suitcase. I went inside her flat. It was 1 BHK flat so most of their almirah and everything was in the room. I kept my bag in the hall and casually called Bhabhi. She was in the room and from inside she called up my name. She said she is about to pack things.

So, I just entered inside the room and saw the angel was in blouse and petticoat. She had not worn a sari. I was shocked to see her. She was in a maroon blouse which had a deep cut on the back. I could see the strap of her black bra over one side of her shoulders. Her chubby stomach between her petticoat and blouse.

As there is a gap in petticoat near to the knot, I saw first time her panty from that gap. It was late February so weather was a bit warm. She was bent on the suitcase to close the zip. I was speechless with the scene at that time. Her half of melon was trying to come out of a black bra and maroon blouse.

I went near to the suitcase pretending to help in closing the zip. I got an amazing view of her breast, necks, and stomachs. After closing the suitcase, she went to the bathroom to wash her face. She said she will take another 20-30 minutes to wear the and get ready.

I said ok and informed her that I will call a cab to come in half an hour. I sat in the hall and called up the cab. I was dreaming of her how she will look in her birth suit and how lucky is her husband to get such a sexy bomb. I didn’t have any thoughts to have real sex with her.

I had a girlfriend and was committed to her. So, all this attractiveness used to go down in the night after shagging my boner. She came out of room wearing a rosy pink sari and called the kids. But they were playing down. I asked her is there any work with the kids.

She said she just wanted help from the kids to put safety pin in her sari. I said, “Mujhe dijiye, main laga deta hoon.” She became shy and handed me the safety pin. I had touched her cheeks and face during Holi to put colours. Many times I touched her hand while pinching each other casually.

But I had not touched any other body parts. I felt a shiver in my body when I touched my right hand on her shoulder to lift the blouse. My fingers roamed on shoulders over her black bra and were shivering. And so, I was not able to fix the pin.

She joked that have you not ever touched your girlfriend’s shoulders that you are shivering. I just said, “Nahi Bhabhi. Aisi meri kismet kaha ki kisi ladki ki badan ko itne nazdik se chhune ko mile.” She just pinched me and said, “Mazak karte ho aap.”

Somehow, I was able to fix the pin and got ready. Meanwhile, the cab had come. We put our bags and suitcase in the cab and left for Delhi. The banquet hall was in the Rohini area in Delhi and we reached there by 6 pm. Aakash sir was very happy to see all of us.

He informed someone to show us our rooms on the 2nd floor of the banquet hall. That person showed us a few rooms which were occupied by Aakash sir’s relatives. In every room, there were either 1-2 people. Bhabhi requested Aakash sir if she can have a separate room for her family.

He made some arrangements and one room of four beds was allocated to her. I was single so he asked me to adjust anywhere. Meanwhile, we settled our bags in her room. I went around with her to see the vacant place around. The kids got busy with other children in play.

By 8 pm, engagement ceremony started and was over by 8:30. As she didn’t know many people, most of the time, bhabhi was with me only. By the time, we started looking bed space for myself, almost all rooms were filled. So she said, “You can stay in our room as there is one extra bed. Anyhow you were looking to stay with any stranger, so why not stay here?”

She was also thinking that someone else can be arranged in her room as one bed is available. So, I happily agreed. There were 4 beds all joined together. There was a small toilet bathroom attached with the room. I first changed to shorts in the bathroom and took the corner bed adjacent to the wall.

Then the kids also changed their dress to night pant and came to the bed. The kids slept in few minutes. Bhabhi folded the kids’ clothes and was keeping on a table. And I was playing in my mobile. Then I saw bhabhi removing her sari and our eyes met.

She said that the bathroom is wet. If she removes the sari in the bathroom, it will get dirty. I just smiled and kept staring without her knowing. Her back was shining in the white tube light. She removed her sari and took Capris and tops to change in the bathroom.

After 5 minutes, she came out wearing 3/4th Capri and tops. Capri was very tight and was just reaching above her waist. Her panty line and the waist band was clearly identifiable in her tight red Capri. Her ass was protruding and, on the top, her heavy breasts were jiggling.

She asked if she can switch off the lights. I nodded. I was not feeling sleepy so I thought to kill time by some conversation. I just initiated talks on functions and all. I praised her beauty and charm. She was saying, “Aap bhi flirt kar rahe hain.”

I said, “Bhabhi, aap sahi mein bahuto ko takkar de rahi thi apne looks se. Aapko koi agar akele dekhega to koi bhi ye nahi bolega ki aapki shadi 8 saal pahle hui thi aur aapke 2 bachche bhi hain.” We both laughed and slept.

There was a lot that happened after that which you can read in the next part.