Marriage Is A Sacred Union Of Patience

Before the wedding, I signed a contract with future wife. I mentioned that we both will sleep separately until 6 months as my salary was less. Both of our parents agreed on the contract. Only normal touch will happen during a family function. It was a court marriage.

My wife’s name is Sanskruti (Name changed for privacy). Age 32. She is older than me, but still, she got ready for marriage. Her qualification is B.Com. She works as an accountant at ICICI Bank. Her figure statistics are 36D-22-30.
I got transferred to another city.

I advised Sanskruti to stay with the parents as it’s just 4 months project. I saw tears in my wife’s eyes when I was leaving. I informed her about my safe journey. We used to have text as well as a telephonic conversation regarding the health status of mine as well as her parents.

Suddenly one day while having a text chat with her she informed me that she quit the job. Some new employees of her branch were spreading false rumors about her to the head of the branch. Her crying smileys made me emotional, but I told her to relax. I advised her to help my mother with household chores.

She expressed to me about her lonely feeling. I reminded her about the 6-month agreement. Just 1 month was over. “For me, marriage is not to sleep with you or make you pregnant. I know female anatomy undergoes reproductive changes after marriage.”

My wife praised me saying husband like you are difficult to find. Ten days later, my mother told me shocking facts about my wife. The conversation is as below
Mother: Sanksruti remains quiet and rarely talks with us. Something is wrong with her.

Me: I will discuss this with her. Don’t worry.
Mother: She even takes a shower at midnight. I hear some strange sounds from your bedroom
Me: Please take her to a gynecologist.

I tried to text and call my wife, but she was not responding. My worries about her started increasing. I was not able to concentrate on work. 15 days later, I received a sorry message on the cellphone. My wife apologized to me, giving a reason for not responding.

Me: Mother told me that there is a sudden change in your behavior.
Wife: It’s nothing like that.
Me: Never hide anything from me.
Wife: Let me close the bedroom door.

Me: Fine.
Wife: I am addicted to steamy movies because of loneliness.
Me: Such movies are considered taboo in my family.
Wife: I agree with you and I am sorry for that. That’s why I stay quiet and silent at home.

Me: See I understand it’s difficult for a married girl to sleep alone.
Wife: You understand every rhythm of my soul. Please come back early
Me: I will try my best.

My wife is an expert in computer skills. She starts earning from home like data entry, copy/ paste, and other stuff. Even I get a salary hike. Suddenly I receive a call from my father regarding the death news of Sanskruti’s father. I feel sad about my wife losing her father. I quickly leave for home.

I perform the final rituals of my father in law as my wife didn’t have a brother. She was in extreme grief and agony. But as per the agreement, I couldn’t cuddle her. I held her hand and gave her napkin to wipe her tears. She was not eating proper food and used to stay silent in her room.

I advised my parents that I will stay with her. When I used to spoon-feed her, she used to push my hand aside. Only used to drink milk and fruits. She had stomach pain issues and started vomiting at midnight. I tried to rub her back when she was vomiting. I suggested her medicine so that she can sleep well.

She said thanks to me. I advised her to take care of herself and have proper food. The next day when I entered her room, her sheet was stained with blood. I didn’t disturb her as she was deep asleep. Instead, I went to medical and purchased a sanitary pad for her.

I prepared jasmine tea for her as it would kill her acidity. “Good Morning, Sanskruti.” She woke up with a swollen face. She was feeling fresh after having jasmine tea. She asked me how did I know about her love for jasmine tea. I said it’s my duty.

Then she saw her bedsheet stained with period blood. I advised her to use those pads and I will wash sheets. She denied me from doing but I told her to get refresh and have breakfast. I apologized to her for touching her arm when she was vomiting.

She smiled and said you just took care of me. I have no regrets or nervousness with you. She requested me to take her with me wherever my posting is done. I agreed with her.

Me: If you don’t mind, can we sell your father’s home?
Wife: My childhood memories are in this home.
Me: You take your memories. I have no problem. Rarely you will visit this home.

Wife: I think you are right.
We get huge cash after selling home. She decides to go back to my home. We reach home in the next 3 hours. I remind wife about 15 days remaining to complete 6 months.

She explores her wish to go for a honeymoon at a nearby hill station. I decide to fulfill her wish and get the reservation done. After getting inside the luxury bus, we sit on separate seats. A matured man sat beside my wife. The same thing happens to me.

After crossing some route, the bus waits near a cafe for relief of passengers. Sanskruti complains to me about getting suffocated beside the old man as he eats tobacco. I explain to her no seat is vacant. She expresses her wish to sit beside me. I request the bus conductor to change the place.

My darling wife takes my window seat and I sit beside her.
Me: Are you feeling sleepy or we should play question and answer?
Wife: Let’s play.
Me: If I tease and molest you, will you kick between my legs?

Wife: I am not an animal. I would rather enjoy it. I trust you will never do that.
Me: If there is less water supply at home and my parents are in a native place, what measures should we take to save water.

Wife: We will store water for cooking and cleaning purposes. Rest depends on water pressure.
Me: Will you mind having a shower with me or feel hesitant?

Wife: The wife is always a slave to the husband. I will not feel hesitant to have a shower with you as my private parts will be covered. Your questions are immature.
Me: Sorry.

Wife: I am feeling sleepy now.
Me: If you wanna rest your head on my shoulder, don’t hesitate.
Wife: Thanks.

After sunset, we both have snacks inside the bus. Bus halts for night meal of passengers. We both have a meal and get inside the bus quickly.
Wife: Can we forget our signed agreement?
Me: Any specific reason?

Wife: My private parts are untouched for a long time. Please touch it
Me: let’s forget our agreement
Wife: Yahoo!
Me: From where should I start?

Wife: Caress my navel, squeeze my breasts.
I started following her instructions
Wife: Ahh!
Me: Stop moaning. Passengers will wake up.

I inserted hanky in her mouth I took her in my lap with her face to my face. She sucked my penis. I penetrated my penis in her vagina. I was squeezing her ass cheeks while she was jumping over my penis. I smooched and sucked her breasts. I licked her pussy and pulled her nipples. We reached orgasm after some time.

The above story is purely fictional. Don’t ask for personal information. You can send an email to [email protected] Men stay away.

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