The Mutual Pleasure Of Hot Sex

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since this incident of mutual pleasure happened. But it still runs in my mind because of the aroma and intensity of the sex we had. This story is real, and it happened in January 2019.

I am Shekhar from Andhra Pradesh, aged 27, and the girl is Pooja, aged 27, from UP. So into the story.

I have been to Delhi for a course, and it is for about 45 days. I was staying with my friends and going to classes daily. Nothing much happened in the starting 30 days. I was just looking at the girls in the class as I am a very shy person

Pooja’s stats are 34d-30-32. She was a very active person and was very friendly to everyone. She had a very close friend Chandra from the same class, and everyone believed they had an affair.

I saw her a couple of times in the metro but did not dare to speak to her. She used to smile at me sometimes. Since she was milky white and I was a bit dark, I used to have that inferior complexity

One day, I send her a request on Facebook. She accepted it in a couple of days and we started chatting daily. We used to remain silent during the class and start chatting once we boarded the metro.

She shared everything about her and her past breakup ( which was 2yrs ago). She said she hadn’t had sex since then. She admitted that she had kissed Chandra but did not feel like sleeping with him.

One day she asked, “Can a boy and a girl be friends? Enjoy, have drinks and sleep on the same bed without having sex?” I don’t know even today where I got the courage. But I said, “Would you like to give it a try?”

She said, “I won’t come to the bar. Because after a couple of drinks, I would act crazy.” So I asked her to come to my flat, to which she agreed

So on the next morning, I rushed to the store and bought 6 Budweiser. I bought a pack of Durex long-lasting and was waiting for her. She came around 11. I can still remember her dress and the way she swayed her ass while she came inside the house

I introduced her to my friends, and we went to my room and sat on the bed. She was talking, and I was busy concentrating on her lips and boobs. She noticed and asked, “Do all the boys have the same idea running in their head?”

I said yes, and she gave a gentle slap on my thigh and asked for the beer. I went and brought 2 bottles. I finished soon and went on to the second one. She was lagging. She tried to cope up with me, and in the meantime, she was getting high,

She was feeling the body heat go up. She took off her jacket and was in her t-shirt. She took a blanket and covered her body, and pulled me in. I started to touch her body with my shoulders, and she was moving her hands up and down

I stopped sipping and kissed her. I drank the beer from her mouth. She immediately bit my tongue and kissed me very hard. I ran my hands all over her back and pressed her ass over her pant very hard

She went wild and was kissing with high intensity and biting my lips and tongue. She started to press my dick over the shorts. I lifted her hands and removed her t-shirt in one go, and I also became nude.

She started to bite my nipples. She licked my stomach and my chest area and was giving love bites all over my body. She slowly went down and moved my shorts down and was playing around my pubic area

I got turned on and turned her upside down. I got over her and saw her white bulgy boobs in black bra just over her nipples and buried my face in the cleavage. She started to make noises and pulled me over and again started to kiss me

As she pulled me over, I bit her earlobe. My penis went over to her pussy area, where I can feel the heat coming out of her pants. She whispered, “I can’t wait.”

I went down to her pants, unbuttoned her. I took off her black color panty along with the trouser, and she helped me with lifting her hips

I went to her toes and bit her right toe. She shook her body and wrapped her calf muscle around my neck, and pulled me towards her thighs. I gave a love bite on her left inner thigh, and her whole muscle became red.

Slowly I went on to her pussy. The glorious pussy was waiting for me, which she has shaved a week ago since she had her date. It was as clean as a desert, and I can feel the fumes coming like from a pressure cooker

As I was nearing her pussy and blowing slightly, she lifted her hip slightly. I immediately kissed her pussy. She was a bit salty, but as I was licking it, her juices started to follow. I can’t even explain the taste.

It was the taste of exotic fruits like plum, avocado, kiwi, and many more. I was enjoying the aroma and the heat. She was gasping for air as my tongue was working in a glorious manner

She caught me by my hair, kept my left hand in her mouth, and bit me very hard. She splashed the whole water on my face, which eventually went into my nose and mouth.

She was running tears in her eyes. She gave me a big and deep kiss and thanked me for the foreplay. She asked me to get to the main course. She invited me to a missionary position. I took a condom, placed it over, and gave a gentle push.

With the help of her juices, it went a bit slower. So she immediately screamed. I took my dick out and said, “We can’t have sex in my flat. All my friends can hear us banging, and the moans are getting louder.”

She felt shy and laughed, and again we shifted to 69 position. I was again busy with her pussy and clitoris. Now I was hitting her g-spot, and she gave me a wonderful blowjob. I came for the first time. She has collected in the empty beer bottle. I also collected her juice in the same bottle.

We were tired. After gaining senses, I brought the remaining beer and poured the beer in the juices we have collected, and drank all of it

While she was leaving, she was about to apply lip balm. But I gave a deep kiss, to which she stopped applying and said, “Now this is not needed.” She got dressed up and got ready. I dropped her at the metro, and she left.

In the next part, I will tell you about how I went to her home for lunch. I fucked her and met her sister, and how she also became my fan.

I hope you guys liked my story of passionate foreplay and sex.

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