Sex In The Mall With A Stranger

Hello readers, I have been reading your comments and I am so happy that you have been enjoying my stories. This incident happened in 2019 November when I was shopping for a new travel bag for my Goa trip.

I used to buy all my luggage bags from a store inside a mall not far away from my office. So, while coming back home from work, I decided to stop by the store to look for a new trolley bag for my upcoming trip.

The moment I entered the store in the mall, I spotted a really good-looking guy sitting near one of the counters. We made eye contact and the stranger too seemed to have got attracted to me.

I smiled at him and walked directly to him and started looking for the bags. We started talking and he told me his name was Raghu (name changed) and was the son of the shop owner.

In no time, Raghu and I had started cracking jokes and he kept touching my hand while showing me the bags.

After spending half an hour browsing, I selected a bag and paid for it. I wanted to look around the mall so I asked Raghu if I can keep the bag at the shop till I come back.

“Ma’am, you will not find many options because the mall is going to be shut down. A new builder has purchased land and he is going to convert this into a residential colony,” Raghu told me

“I noticed. I will still look around a little.”

I kept my bag near the checkout counter and started looking around for shops. I spotted a small gift shop and thought of checking it out. But as soon as I had started walking, Raghu came running to me.

“Raghu? What happened?”

“Nothing. I was just going to the washroom and I saw you so thought of having a little chat.”

Deep down, I knew he wasn’t going to the washroom.

“Sure.” We took a seat on the nearest bench. I looked around and the mall really was empty. I could see a few people in the shops and a few couples sitting on benches.

“I don’t sit at the shop. I work for an MNC,” Raghu explained

“Working at the shop is not a bad thing. Anyways, it’s good you are working at a good place.”

I saw his gaze getting shifted to my cleavage which he was trying to hide but I was enjoying the attention.

“How come I never saw you before? I have done all my luggage shopping from your store but I never saw you.”

“Yes. I don’t like coming here much. But today, dad had to go for urgent work so I came. I am glad I came.”

“Oh really? Why so?”

“Because I got to meet you.”

He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him.

“You want to go somewhere quiet?”

I knew where this was headed.


We walked together in silence and he led me to the emergency exit staircase. I felt a sensation inside my pants and tried my best to act unaware. We climbed the stairs and went to the 3rd floor of the mall.

“This floor is completely shut down so they have stopped all escalators and elevators from bringing people here.”

I nodded and looked around. I could see a food court and a lineup of shops that were shut down. The floor was covered with dust and dried leaves.

“Come,” Raghu took my hand boldly and walked me to another corner of the mall.

“They had a problem of stoners coming here before and they damaged half the surveillance system. The majority of cameras don’t work and the management does not want to replace them since the place is soon going to be demolished.”

“They must have tight security here.”

“They do. A guard sits on every floor on the staircase. I brought you here using the emergency exit route. Only people who work at the mall know about this because it’s located in a very secluded corner.”


Raghu moved his hand to my waist and kept his gaze on me. I think he was waiting to check if I’ll stop him. But I didn’t.

He walked me to a corner where there were no cameras. “Nobody will disturb us here.”

I couldn’t take it. I grabbed his face and started kissing him! Raghu grabbed my ass and squeezed it while he sucked my bottom lip and sucked my tongue.

“I have wanted to fuck someone for so long. Today is my lucky day.” I was scared at how this stranger wanted to fuck me at the mall.

“Raghu, we can’t do it here.”

“Shut up. I need it. Pagal ho jaunga sach main chut nahi mili toh.”

I could feel how horny he was. So I decided to go with the flow.

Raghu unbuttoned my shirt and took out my boobs from the bra.

“Fuck. I haven’t seen boobs this big before.”

The way he said it turned me on really bad! I took off his t-shirt and unzipped his jeans. Raghu helped me by pulling his dick out from the zip hole. I saw his thick fat dick and I was in love with it.

“Pasand aya? Le paogi? Meri girlfriend nahi leti thi theek se,” Raghu told me

“Bol ke dikhaungi toh maza nahi aega. Le kar dikhati hu,” I said and got on my knees. I grabbed his thick monster and licked it on all sides.

Raghu grabbed my hair and kept breathing heavily while he watched me. I looked up at him into his eyes and slowly took his monster dick in my mouth.

“Fuck!” he moaned.

I sucked him softly first and then he deep-throated me with his monster dick. I wondered how could his girlfriend not enjoy such a juicy piece of meat.

“Ab bass hua. Mujhse ruka nahi jaega,” he pulled me up and took off my pant. He slipped his hand inside my panty started playing with my pussy. First, he was rubbing and caressing my clit, and slowly he was fucking me with his fingers at short intervals.

Raghu grabbed my hair and kissed me once. He made me lie on the floor, opened my legs, and positioned his fat dick on my hole.

“Condom?” I asked.

“Maza nahi ata mujhe condom ke saath. Try kar tujhe bhi maza aega.”

Before I could say anything, Raghu had started pushing his monster in my wet hole.

He tapped his thick dick on my clit a couple of times to get my juices out again rubbed his dick on my hole.

He looked at me and slowly pushed it inside. I opened my mouth to moan but he was quick to cover it with his hand.

“Don’t make sounds, madam.” He kept his hand on my mouth and started pushing his dick deeper inside.

“Aah. Ohhh Bahot garam hai ye toh.”

He gave me one final push and he was completely inside.

“Oohhh pura andar ghusa diya.”

I was breathing heavily and I was rubbing my clit too.

“Ab ye lo,” he said and gave me a stroke.

“Ufff” I moaned while he was still covering my mouth.

“Madam, bahot tight ho aap. Maza aa raha hai aapki lene main.”

Raghu said and he opened my legs wider and started fucking me a little faster. My big boobs that were pulled over my bra were bouncing up and down as he fucked me.

“Punjabi ka li ho pehle kabhi?”

I nodded my head to answer yes.

“Maza aya tha.” I again nodded my head.

Raghu got turned on and very possessive after knowing that I had been fucked by a similar person. He started drilling me mercilessly and his eyes were always fixated on my bouncing boobs.

“Aaj toh din bann gaya mera yaar,” he said to himself and started fucking me a little harder.

I had spread my legs wide open to the maximum limit. Raghu fucked me like that in the mall for a few more minutes and pulled out to cum on my nipples. He moved back and rubbed my clit and slapped my swollen pussy.

Raghu got up and got dressed and helped me clean his cum from my boobs.

“Mann bahot hai 2/3 round aur karu lekin zyada time ruk nahi sakta. Aap apna number do mujhe. Main aapko ghar bulaunga.”

I and Raghu shared numbers and once he was dressed, he kissed me while fingering me by making me stand by a wall. His long hard fingers felt like heaven after my pussy was used by his fat dick.

“Miloge na madam? Puri raat lunga aapki.”

“Itne ache offer ko mana kaise kar sakti hu,” I said and we kissed a little more.

Once we were done, we both went downstairs but I went to the shop alone to take my bag. Raghu waited for me to leave the mall before going back to his shop.

The end.

Let me know in the comments guys what you think about this story.

Again, I want to confirm that this is a true story. I will write about my fantasies too and will mention it if the story is not real.

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