Manhandling a Reader

Hi guys, Mike here. I am back with another story that happened a little while back. I had shared my experience here before of how I fucked a desperate housewife and got great responses. I have had great conversations with people all around, and one such personality was Ankita. I have changed the name.

So Ankita connected with me on hangouts. Her first text was simply ‘Hey.’ I quickly responded. But then, after a few days, I got her reply, ‘Your story was nice.” I always prefer to reply quickly. But when I am busy, I do miss some messages.

So after 5-6 hours, I messaged her, ‘Thanks, and it’s all real.’ She responded quickly, ‘I never asked such.’ I simply replied, ‘Oh, my bad.’ She asked me where I reside. I said suburbs of Mumbai. She said, ‘We must be neighbors.’ Luckily she was staying hardly 40 minutes from my place.

I was more interested to know about her. I asked her age. She was 27, a year older than me. She replied, “Let me be straight. I am talking with you because I am staying alone, and I want a companion.” I was not sure how to react. I asked, “Well, what do you exactly want?”

She asked, “Could you fulfill my fetish?” I thought before answering or committing and said, “I could try.” She asked me if I could come to her place anytime soon. I was nervous yet excited, a weird feeling. I said I could come during the upcoming weekend.

We eventually decided that she would pick me up from a particular spot as she had a scooty. The weekend was 3 days away. I was still unsure if she was toying around or meant what she said. We didn’t even share our pictures or discuss our physical attributes.

I was unsure about everything. There were so many questions. But on Friday night, she texted, ‘Hey, drop a message when you leave. I will get ready.’ I still had that nervousness in me. I took some time and replied, cool.

So as planned, I left around 2:30 pm. Our meeting spot was hardly a half-hour via train. Every minute my nervousness was growing. There was one common question, what if this is a trap? I reached the meeting point around 3:10, and it was quiet. There was no one around.

We didn’t even share our phone numbers neither I have any other source of contact apart from Hangout chats. I messaged her, ‘Where are you? I have reached the location.’ After a minute, I received a text, ‘On my way just around the corner.’

She arrived after 5 more minutes, she instantly took her phone out to type something, before she could finish I approached her, she looked up and said Hi. Her face was all covered by a scarf, helmet on top. I could only see her eyes. They were sharp.

She was slim and short. Shorter than I had imagined. Must be 5’4. Before I could greet her, she quickly said, “You are fat!” I have had no words. I simply said, “Hi, I am Mike, and yes, I am healthy!” She said, “Fat for me, I suppose, let’s go.”

She quickly indicated I to get on the back seat. Her feet hardly touched the ground. Also, I was worried if she would crash us both somewhere. I said to her, “Drive slow. I don’t want to go back without seeing your face, at least.”

She laughed. She had a soft voice. Her tits were small. I could easily guess she was wearing a padded bra. Also, she was smelling good, a perfume I could recognize easily. It took 15 minutes to reach her complex. She dropped me at the main gate and said to come after 10 minutes.

I said, okay. I looked around for a medical store nearby and purchased a pack of condoms. She instructed me to come to the 8th floor and inform the watchman that I wanted to visit 803 flat for work. I reached on her floor to see 6 flats on that floor, and only one door was open.

I entered slowly. She was hiding behind the door. She indicated I rush in quickly and closed the door. I saw her face for the first time. She had short hair, till her shoulders, beautiful pink small lips. I wondered if my cock would even fit her mouth. But she had a cute face.

She asked for water. I said yes, and she went to the kitchen quickly. I checked her ass. It was tiny yet bubbled up. My dick was already semi-erect as I removed my shoes and started checking her room. It was a small 1BHK, but it was bright enough.

She was sharing this place with someone like a typical bachelor’s house. She came with a bottle and a wide smile on her face. But we had awkward silence, just like typical two strangers.

I broke the silence and asked, “So you share your apartment?” She said, “I used to with my sister. But she got married recently, and now I have been living alone for a month.”

She said, “Excuse me for a minute,” and went inside. I was getting comfortable, and I didn’t want to rush things. So I simply got cozy on the couch and took out my phone to check if I had some texts to reply to.

She came out from her bedroom. She was wearing a lemon yellow top and casual denim. Her dressing was perfect. She came and sat beside me. She smelled good. We stared for a while. I asked, “What the fetish you were talking about was?” I had to because I felt this was the moment.

She smiled and said, “I don’t know. I was too horny when we were chatting. I have a weak spot. I love to be degraded. I want to have sex. I haven’t had it in a while. It has been a tough time for me. But I wanted to do it with someone who would not judge me.”

I said, “That’s okay, I won’t judge you. We may never meet after this. So, that’s cool. About degradation, I will try, but I haven’t done it ever before.” She said, “Same here. I just fancied it.” I shifted closer to her. She paused, and softly I kissed her lips. I don’t know how but it happened.

We were kissing smoothly. I loved her taste instantly. A warm wet kiss to start things is perfect. I slowly raised my arm and placed it on her cheek to kiss her deeply. I slowly moved my arm behind her neck. She had goosebumps all over. I slowly moved down to her neck.

She stopped me. She was breathing heavily and slowly opened her eyes and smiled. I wanted to kiss her again, but I didn’t force it. She whispered, “Let’s go inside,” and we both got up. She was holding my arm. I felt comfortable.

We entered her bedroom. There was a double bed, an old wooden cupboard and a study table. I took a look around the room as she was locking her bedroom door. I took my cell phone out of the pocket and packet of condoms and placed them on the study table.

She locked and turned. I took her by surprise. She was such a tiny whore that it didn’t require any force for me to slam her against the door, bend down, and kiss again. She loved it. She began to take my shirt off. She held my lower back tightly as I gripped her face in both my palms.

I was getting wild, and I could easily guess she was submissive. I bit her lip wildly. She screamed and pushed me back. I could see in her eyes that she didn’t like it. I apologized as she was checking if her lip was bleeding. She said, “It’s okay. I love pain but don’t hurt my lips ever.”

I pressed her left tit as I smiled and said, “You are tiny, and I love the way you taste.” She held my arm and applied pressure on her tit and said, “Fuck me then, degrade me, use me like a dog.” I pulled her by the top and kissed her again. She took her top while kissing.

I could see her white padded bra. I pulled it apart. She unhooked it quickly, and it fell apart. We both were half-naked already. Horny and dying to fuck. I cupped her tit. They were small, but her nipples were perky. I cupped them tightly and pressed them hard.

She liked it and rolled her tongue deep in my mouth. I pinched her nipples as tightly as I could. She definitely loved all the pain. She whispered more. I lifted her and smacked her on the bed. I took my belt and jeans off while she loosened her denim.

Blood was running fast through my veiny cock. I took it out. She took a glance at my cock and said it was thick. I slowly bent on top of her. My groin part was on her face completely as she sucked my raw cock. She had a wet mouth already. It rolled my cock skin.

She started rolling her tongue over it. I loved it so much that I began to choke her. She gulped out all the saliva as I took my cock off from her mouth. We both looked at each other and laughed. I asked her, “You want this?” She said, “Suck, yes, I want this more.”

I got on to the side of the bed. She got up and took a napkin from her cupboard. I was completely naked, stroking my cock. She wiped her face and took her denim and panties off. There was little pubic hair. I loved the little bush. She came on the bed in between my legs.

She held a firm grip over my cock, which was a little wet already. I stroked it thrice. I felt the thurst so easy and calming. She was pro for sure. She spat on my cock and started sucking it. Ankita has a small whore mouth, but she was used to sucking cocks. She knew perfectly where to lick and how to lick.

I closed my eyes, grabbed her short hair, and pushed her against my cock. She somehow managed to take three-fourths of my dick in her mouth and slowly drolled and sucked it. I enjoyed every bit of it. I wrapped both my arms around her lower chest region and groped her.

She had teary eyes as my dick was big for her mouth, yet she didn’t want to let go of it. Finally, she puked out all the spit on my dick and her bed. She coughed loudly. My dick was slippy and sloppy. I got up, held her hair and slapped her mildly. She kissed me back. Our kiss was sour, but it made me wilder.

I told her to lick my dick and balls. She said, beat me and make me do it. I instead inserted the four fingers of my right hand in her mouth and choked her. She puked again, this time on her tits and body.

She was exhausted already. Her tiny body was giving up. She told me to stop and opened the door. She went to the bathroom to clean herself. I followed her after a minute. The door was half-closed. I rushed inside. She was surprised but didn’t get angry.

I told her I, too, wanted to wash my cock and groin. Also, can I pee here? She laughed as she said, as you wish. I turned around and started to pee. It is tough as fuck to pee when your dick is hard. It hurts and takes time too. In the meantime, she cleaned and waited behind me.

I began to pee. She called my name and came beside me. I was surprised when she asked, “Can I touch your dick while you do it?” I stopped for a while and said sure. She held my hard dick firmly as I let out all the yellow water down the drain.

She also kissed me on my chest as she could barely reach near my shoulders. Once I was done, she whispered, pee on me next time! Ankita had a different spark in her. She wanted to explore all the kinky things. I said to her, “You could have asked for it earlier itself.”

She said, “I was unsure if you would be comfortable.” I said, “We both love kinky things, and it turns me on more.” I lifted her left arm and licked her clean-shaved armpit. I sniffed it as well. She shivered a bit. I loved her armpits. They were clean and waxed recently.

I used my spit to make it wet and told her to rub her armpit on my cock. She said, “Let’s go back to the room,” and we went back. She sat on the edge of the bed and raised her arms. I rubbed my hard cock on her armpit and closed her arm. I started fucking her armpit while we both stared at each other.

I slapped her twice and also spat on her face. She gave me a flying kiss. I didn’t want to cum, so I stopped and pushed her back on the bed. I took the packet of condoms and started unpacking it. She rubbed her clit and made it a little more wet to get fucked. I wore the condom, went down and licked her pussy twice.

Wow, her dark pink down lips were wet at fuck. I inserted my dick in her soft, delicate pussy. She moaned softly. I was too healthy for her, but it was fun. She was crushed completely. I began to kiss her and started drilling her pussy. My stokes were slow but hard. I wanted to hit her in the right spot.

After a few shots, she moaned. I knew this was it. I increased my speed and placed my left hand on her right boob and my left on the other side of the bed. I lifted my upper body to reach deep into her pussy. She was getting manhandled completely.

She begged to stop after 5-6 minutes as her right boob was hurting. I was red completely. I stopped and slapped her bare chest. She moaned. I slapped again and again till her chest was red. My fluids were running high. My adrenaline was rushed.

I held her legs high and inserted my dick again. Her pussy was wet but not that wet. It was hurting us both. So I asked her if I could fuck her ass. She said, “Do what you want. I am your whore.” I told her to lift her legs more, used my spit to make her asshole wet.

I placed my dick on the tip of her asshole. It slid in easily. She was fucked in the ass before too. She didn’t let any single moan, but it felt heavenly for me. I began fucking her ass. Her eyes were closed, and her body was crumbled. She was using her arms to hold her legs.

But unfortunately, she couldn’t carry anymore. She faced cramps. We took a break, I took the condom off, and her legs were shivering. I asked if she wanted water she said yes. I wrapped a towel, went to the guest room, and took the bottle she handed me.

She got up in the meanwhile and checked if there were any bite marks over her body. There were non. She took the bottle and took her time to drink water. She offered me. I said no. She then indicated if I wanted to drink through her mouth, it was appealing. I said yes. And she filled her mouth and kissed me.

It felt so good and chilled, and we continued kissing. I began rubbing her clit with my hand. It was wet. I told her to take another condom from the packet and roll it over my dick. She took it and did as I said. I took her study table chair and sat on it.

She hopped over my dick. We were fucking so good. I gripped her hair, pulled her back and used my other hand to slap her bare chest again. It was still red and warm. I could see my finger marks on her lovely small titties. I then released her and told her to feed me her right boob.

She held my jaw and pushed her tit in my mouth. Her tits could easily fit in my whole mouth. I sucked it whole and hard. I made it wet completely and then started biting her nipple. She was moaning like crazy. She wanted more pain and instantly, she was moving her hip smoothly on my dick.

I gave another bite, this time just beside her areola. She screamed and grabbed my hair, and kissed me. I whispered while kissing, did you love it? She said, “Yes, Mike, I want you to do it again.” I did the same for her another tit. We were exploring ourselves.

I asked her to spit on me while riding on that chair. She did as I said. We fucked good for 20 minutes, and we both were tired. I told her to get up. She got up, and I took off the condom. I made her sit on the chair. I faced her. My dick was perfectly near her mouth.

I told her to suck it. I told her to do it slowly as I was already tired. She began blowing me. She used her hand, but I resisted and told her not to. She couldn’t make me cum, so I told her to stop. I used my hand and started stroking it. I told her to stare at me while I did it.

She had an innocent look at that moment as if I was her daddy. She looked at me, and I felt it coming. I increased my speed. I did one more thing, I spat on her innocent face, and she was going to wipe it. I yelled no at her and spat again. That was the breaking point for me.

I let out all the load on her face itself. Her face was covered with my cum and spit. I told her to use her hand and lick it swallow as much as she could. She did as I said. I bent down and kissed her. We both smiled. My testicles were empty, and my dick shrank fastly.

She got up and took some water. I did the same and asked if I could use her bathroom to clean myself. She said, “Let’s go.” We both entered the bathroom. She started the shower. The water was cold, but I didn’t want to leave as she was there with me.

Her body was giving me warmth. I asked her this time if she wanted to get peed on. She said yes. My dick got semi-erect. She went down on her knees, and I left a small flow on her red chest. I didn’t pee much, but she took the final few blows on her face before the end.

Then she sucked my dick as I let out the last few drops. She loved it. I loved it. This was the first time I did such. It was amazing. But I told her to stop sucking my dick as I didn’t want to get it erect. It would have caused pain. Instead, I lifted her and kissed and we gave a good long hug.

We both came out of the shower, and it was nearly 5:35 pm. I remember everything that happened after. We talked a lot about life, love, struggle, ambitions, and hobbies.

The last thing we did was exchange our numbers and decide to meet again. This is the end of the first part. I will write what all things we did in the next part. Till then, take care and yeah, you can write me up at [email protected] or connect with me on Hangout or Google chats.

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