Threesome Sex With Traditional Indian Wife – Part 1

I and my wife Shalini had been discussing having a threesome as part of our fantasy for a long. However, she was traditional and would never agree. I could make out that she has inhibitions to do in my presence.

As we were also losing time, I hit upon an idea to arrange for my wife a good cock and ensure that she enjoys a good fuck. I convinced her that life is about enjoyment and she should try out and it will spruce up our love life and excitement.

I told my wife that I loved her too much and would do anything to keep her happy and I felt a virile young cock would do her good as she was nearing 50.

My wife was very attractive and well-endowed in her body structure. She wears sarees very attractively and her buttocks were her best assets.

My wife agreed but wanted me to fix somebody totally unknown and decent. I also went about searching and had a girlfriend Mohana who was my old fuck buddy. In fact, my loving wife never objected to my sessions with Mohana, and one of the reasons I felt what I enjoyed she missed and has to be made up.

This friend has for long a knack for attracting cocks and also enjoying good fuck. She would also share with me the details. In this process, I discovered a 48-year-old attractive person who was a CA and my friend had arranged his photo also. I found him attractive while comparing with my beautiful wife and zeroed in.

After concurrence from my wife and after seeing the photo and details, I set about the task. I wanted the two to develop some acquaintance, and so organized an evening meet in a seaside resort.

The meeting was a difficult affair as my wife was stiff and not very responsive. I again guessed in my presence she would find it difficult to flirt.

So I kept our conversation to preliminaries and made them both walk on the beach and thereby break the ice. I also told them, when the two left that discuss what positions you both like and what all are each other’s preferences and fantasies.

This banter helped and after nearly 40 minutes, they both returned quite easy, relaxed, and holding hand. It was an exciting signal for me and I asked them both “is it thumbs up?” and they both nodded.

I fixed up the event next evening in another city hotel and booked a suite room in my name. Arvind arrived and now I could see that though she was blushing, she was not uncomfortable.

We greeted and had some conversations in the living area. I deliberately made both of them sit close by and warm up. They were both behaving like a newly married couple and I told my wife, “Hey Arvind is looking good, just feel him.”

Arvind got the hint and started to caress her putting his hand in an embrace and pulling her. Shalini also seized the opportunity and fell on his lap and her face was resting on his thighs close to his cock.

Once the ice was broken, Arvind bent down and started to kiss her face. My wife also turned and made lip contact. It was great arousal for me. Soon they were fully warmed and my wife got up and said let us go.

I sat in the living room watching the stud taking my wife to bed. As they walked out and closed the door, what struck me was both of them had great buttocks and I could make out that Arvind with his sturdy one can fuck well and give Shalini all the pleasures.

Now he led my wife into the room. He was already fondling her midriff as he led her and they went in and closed the door. What both of them did not notice is that the bedroom and living room had both access to service room with window, through which you can have a view.

Now I saw Shalini was also uninhibited in her body language. Arvind said something like, “Darling I will fuck you gently” and closed in on her. She also allowed him to embrace. As briefed, he started to kiss her on the face saying, “You are lovely and so beautiful.” She blushed.

Now their kissing became more intense. One thing with my wife – she has a short fuse, as far as kissing goes. Very soon, they were both kissing like no tomorrow. It went on and Arvind was feeling her all over.

Now they broke and he removed his dress except brief. His cock was really up. Shalini was just watching. He came and removed my wife’s saree and unbuttoned her blouse. She was wearing a very sexy bra and he was mesmerized.

He started to fondle my wife’s big breasts and very quickly got both blouse and bra off. Now he was sucking on to her breasts and pressing the other with a hand squeeze. In a short time, they again started to kiss.

As he was kissing, he untied the knot of her petticoat and the satin petticoat she had bought for this occasion slid off. Now my wife was wearing a thong inside and her big buttocks were bare and slit by the thong. Feeling them while kissing was driving both mad.

Arvind was also fondling her below and giving her love holes there great time. Shalini started to moan and it is the best turner for a man. His cock was now growing.

Both of them were not letting the smooch go. He disengaged and got rid of both their last remaining dress. Arvind sat on the cushioned office chair with his cock up in full glory and made my wife come on him from the opposite direction inserting her legs through the gap.

Now his cock was plugged to my wife’s cunt and both of them were in close embrace and kissing each other.

The deep passionate smooch and the buried monster beneath soon gave Shalini her first panting orgasm. She disengaged herself and dropped off the chair.

Arvind got between her legs and made her stand with legs spread and started to finger her and also to kiss her love hole. Soon, his tongue was doing an expert job and his fingers were rubbing the clit. He also would attack her ass and lick the ass hole. Shalini had a virgin ass and this was making her crazier.

This went on for quite a while and soon my wife came with an intense gush and Arvind’s face was splattered with her juice! He kept slurping and then stood up. Shalini was overcome with immense pleasure and she grabbed him and started to kiss and was tasting her own cum on his face and mouth.

She was wild and was grabbing his cock. She sat on the bed and dragged him close and started giving him a blowjob. I was surprised, as she was always reluctant. She started to give it a gentle lick all around and taste his precum. Then she started to lick all around like a lollipop and after vigorous licks took the under the shaft and started to lick.

Then my wife moved down and took the ball sack in her mouth and also underneath of the ass joint, almost touching the ass hole. Then she again started to deep throat. As Arvind was getting close to climax, he had to signal her to stop.

His cock was about to burst. He then pushed her on the bed and got on with her without engaging his cock. He knew that to last he had to give some cooling off time.

He then played with my wife’s big 38B boobs. He was sucking them with great slurps. In between, he would kiss her and also occasionally rub the clit and cunt. Even though he was cooling off himself, he kept the lady in heat.

He gave a gap of five minutes and then suddenly, got up and sat with the headboard of the bed as the backrest. His cock though erect was relaxed.

He then asked my wife to come from the opposite direction to his outstretched hands and pulled her close to him and plugged his cock into her cunt. The second time that day, a cock was entering my wife’s cunt.

In that position as the two got bodily close, it also resulted in a face-to-face admiration and deep kissing, and great body arousal. I could see the cock deeply buried and the squat-fuck going on in great rhythm.

The two were kissing intensely and also in a great embrace. In fact, as it proceeded, Shalini was clinging closer and closer and was fully enjoying. Her face revealed intense pleasure. There was the thud thud noise of his cock banging and moans of my wife.

This went on for some time and soon, they switched positions. Shalini likes to ride in the cowgirl position and she got on him. Now my wife’s big buttocks were seen in great glory and her big boobs were moving in rhythm.

As she got tired, Arvind held her butts and started to fuck my wife intensely using her big butt to good measure. Shalini came in intense pleasure.

Arvind was also on the brink and very quickly made her lie down and went on in the missionary position. This time, his fucking was intense and the whole room was filled with the noise of cock slapping into her cunt and the balls slamming the ass. Shalini was making loud orgasmic moans.

Arvind let out a torrent and his cum came and came and filled my wife’s cunt and dripped down her ass. He collapsed on her and she was hugging him and kissing him, expressing thanks for such a wonderful fuck. In this process, his cock was still buried in her cunt and there was no sign of the two withdrawing the organs and separating.

His cock was getting immersed in the juice inside my wife’s cunt. Finally, as I was losing my patience, the two came out of the embrace and as Arvind’s cock popped out, I could see the cunt filled with cum and the overflowing juice.

As they stepped down, the cum was dripping from Shalini’s big ass. Arvind once again embraced her and kissed her. It was a sight to see the two in that embrace. Thus ended my desire for my wife to get a good fuck.

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