Sex With A Divorced Sex Goddess

Hi, guys, this is a story with a divorced lady. I stay in Bangalore and am doing engineering in a reputed college. Since my college had the Sem holidays it was quite boring for me. So I used to go to the terrace to listen to songs with my headphones.

For a while, I didn’t see anyone up there. But after a few minutes, a lady walked over there. I being a little scared didn’t see her directly. But later I was peeping at her huge melons. She used to bend down to get her clothes from the bucket and put it on the rope.

The time she bent, wow, her body and her ass in the opposite were so awesome. I could not get my eyes off her after that. Later when she turned to my side and bent I could see her breast. Damn, she was braless and those were just jumping. That was the sight which made me so horny that I was watching her until last.

Later that day, I stroked myself 4 times, I was turned on so much. The next day again she came up to have a break and was roaming on the terrace. I again was looking at the boobs. I could see her nipples which were pointed without the bra from her t-shirt.

She probably stays in a t-shirt a lot of times and me sitting there was looking at this goddess lady. Suddenly she turned her head towards me. I didn’t know that she turned towards me and I was still looking at her pointed nipples. I don’t know why she didn’t shout nor did anything.

Suddenly she bent down to show her cleavage. But I had a clear picture of her boobs with her nipples since it was a tank top which she was wearing. While I was staring at her boobs she took her head up and caught my eyes. To my surprise, she smiled and said, “If you like them so much why don’t you taste it.”

Those words made me so erotic and turned me on so much. I just jumped from my terrace to hers. I was walking towards her like a dog with its tongue out to bite the bone. I was going to suck her nipples. When I jumped over she said, “Calm down. I’m all yours. Let’s move down to the room.”

I was following her to get the dream to come true. Following her, I was staring at her ass. When we reached the terrace gate and she walked in I spanked on her wobbling ass. She turned back with her erotic and lustful face. I pulled her to the wall and smooched her for long, squeezing her boobs and her ass.

That time I slid my hand into her pants to reach her pussy. It went into the panties. Damn, she was already leaking. This hot juice was waiting for me to be drunk. I pulled her pants down. She said, “Don’t hurry, let’s go inside.” I was so horny at that time.

I had a lot of dreams to have sex with a woman but this was a sex goddess. We reached her home and she took me to the bedroom. When she went in I pulled her by her waist and started to give her love bites and licked her whole neck. She gave a good amount of moans which made me horny.

I turned her towards me and both were blushing. We had a smile and started to smooch so badly that we could not breathe properly. Poor lady, I don’t know how long she didn’t have sex and was starving so much. I took the chance and pulled her t-shirt.

I started to suck her boobs and bit those nipples which made her turned on. I was so happy for her moans telling suck me harder. Those nipples were real stones and so hard. She slowly slid her hands into my pants and fondled my dick and played with it.

To give her better access, I pulled my pants down. She took the whole dick which was 7″, basically what a girl wants. She was so happy to see that size and said,” My husband just had 3–4″ only.” I replied, “You will see the real heaven today, my lady.”

Then I took her in my waist. She locked her legs around me and I placed her on the bed and removed her pants. Damn, the juices just filled up and waiting for my dick. But I had other ideas. I put my tongue and started to lick her so badly for so long and suck the pussy.

I sucked like a juice from a tetra pack. That made her horny and she pushed my head deeper, to which I knew she was going to cum. I sucked it more and more. She cum so much which I loved to drink. Then I licked every little drop of the juice and swallowed them whole.

She said, “You gave me heaven and I should also show you some.” I was happy. She made me lie down and started to suck my dick so hard, licked like a lollipop with full love. She took it till her deep throat that my full dick was in her mouth. Wow, that feeling was heavenly.

I started giving moans to which she started sucking even harder. Then it was my time to cum. I cummed so much into her mouth. She was happy for this and swallowed the whole part of the cum wasting a few. After this, I hugged her tightly and placed my dick on her pussy.

I started to tease her pussy rubbing over it. She said, “I’m waiting for so long. Please don’t tease me.” She gave a perfect push when I was teasing her and my dick went into her a little. She gave a moan since my dick was thick and hard. It went in a little and she gave a moan for this.

Later,  gave her a full stroke totally to which my dick was fully inside her. Wow, that feeling of her hot pussy and her moans made me go to heaven. She was shouting to cum inside her and fuck her so badly like never before. This was the time I gave fast thrusts which made her hornier than ever.

She started rubbing her pussy also. She cummed in a little time and took a deep breath after she cummed. I was still stroking her. I was also on the verge of cum. I also blasted the whole cum inside her pussy. I didn’t know I could cum so much even after a first round.

I praised myself and got on her and slept on the bed. That was the best time I had. We slept there naked for a few hours cuddling each other and sucking all over the body.

Hope you people like the story. Waiting for feedback on [email protected].

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