After A Break Of 2 Months

A month had passed since I had my last fuck. That too in Mumbai with Naman and Luv. I was back in Bangalore, busy with my daily routine. Work had occupied most of my time, including the weekends. I was not getting time to get laid.

I had been invited by a few men for dates but had declined, humbly citing my professional commitments. Another month passed by. I did not meet anyone apart from my office colleagues, whom I wasn’t sexually attracted to.

It was Sunday, and I woke up horny. Probably because of my dream last night where I was making love to Naman. Gosh! I miss him much. Before I realized it, my hands had already reached my mouth, and I was sucking my fingers wet.

I took off my nightdress and started fingering myself. The wet fingers slid easily in my man-pussy. I was already moaning and craving for a big thick cock. After fingering myself to orgasm, I went to the washroom. I took a shower and came back to the bedroom, wrapped in a towel as women do.

I decided to go out on a date with somebody. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out with the men whom I knew or with someone who’s a total stranger. Eventually, I logged into various dating websites and started looking for dates. I started getting messages from men, but my preference was clear.

I wanted a tall man with a good physique, mature 40+ with thick and long cock. Most of the men were good for chatting, not that good in physique or size. I received a message from Rajiv. I opened his profile and found him attractive. The stats he had mentioned in his bio turned me on immediately.

He was 42, 6’1, 32 waist, gym-toned, dark complexion, South Indian guy with an XL cock. He had uploaded his pics in his profile. He really was what he had written about him.

“Hey Emma, you mind if we talk?” he had texted.

“I was looking for more than just talks.” Well, I was horny and felt like flirting with the man.

“That was fast. I like fast girls.”

I started flirting too. “You’re gonna love me then,” I messaged back. “You have a hot bod and hotter cock btw,” I continued.

He took the conversation forward, “Thanks, babe. Glad you liked it. You have a sexy body too, very girly. I wish I could spank and fuck that ass. Wanna catch up for coffee or something?”

This turned me on. I wanted him then and there. “9645*****, call me,” I texted him. Instead of the call, I received a video call. It seemed he had just finished his workout. His body was pumped up, and he was topless. He looked hot on call.

“Hey sweety, it is good to see you,” he said.

“Good to see you too,” I said.

He directly jumped to the point and said, “You wanna come over to my place for tonight?” Then he tilted his phone a little to give me a glimpse of his crotch with his cock poking out and said, “This will be all yours.”

“And what about the rest?” I asked.

“That is already yours, love,” he replied.

We decided to go for a coffee and then decide further. He was okay with me dressing up in public. In fact, he insisted that I come dressed up to meet him. We decided to meet at 4 PM.

I had to get ready for him. I called my regular beautician at home and asked him to wax my legs and remove every hair from my body. After that, he gave me a facial, did my hair into a bun, helped me dress for the date.

I wore a red skater dress, matched it with red stilettos, a red bra and panty, red lipstick, and red color nails both on feet and hands. My beautician touched it up with thick eyeliner, long eyelashes and did my eyebrows. With my assets being 34-30-36, I was dressed to kill.

Rajiv came to pick me up at 4. As soon as I sat in the car, he bent towards me and kissed me on my cheeks.

“You are sexier than your pics,” he said.

“And sluttier too,” I winked.

“You are one horny bitch, aren’t you?” he kept his hand on my thighs.

“Horny for a horny cock,” I said as I squeezed his cock over his pants.

“You still wanna go for coffee?” he asked me as his hands reached my crotch under my dress.

“I never wanted to, in the first place,” my hands had moved up to his lips. In a moment of passion, we started making out wild in his car. We were kissing profusely.

My lip shade was all over his lips and face. Saliva started dripping down, and we kissed wild and passionately. I was kissing a man after almost two months and felt hornier than ever. It was also one of the most passionate make out I ever did.

We both were completely into each other. We did not stop smooching, biting each other’s lips, tongue play for the next 5 minutes. After we got out of breath, we broke the kiss and sat quietly.  After a few minutes of silence, Rajiv asked if we shall go to his place. I wanted him bad and agreed readily.

As soon as we entered his house, we started kissing wild again. Without wasting any time, Rajiv took me to the bedroom. We did not break the kiss while moving. By the time we reached his bedroom, I had unbuttoned his shirt and pants.

He took them off. He was not wearing anything inside, and his clean, hairless cock was now staring at me in its full glory. We reached the bed. I pushed him onto the bed and crawled over him to reach his mouth. We started to kiss once again.

His hands had already found my hole, and his fingers had started fiddling with it. I felt his cock too on my ass. I broke the kiss and went straight down to his cock.

“Mmm, you’re so thick and big,” I said, and I tried to take it in my mouth. It took some effort, but his cock was in my mouth.

“Oh, yeah, baby, take it more, take it deep, keep sucking me.” he started to moan.

I kept sucking him wet. In between, I would spit on his cock and go back to sucking. I gave him fast strokes, long strokes, deep strokes. I took his cock out of my mouth and started giving his wet cock a handjob while my tongue and mouth now shifted their focus to his balls.

I sucked on his balls, licked them wild, and went back to sucking him. After some time, we got into 69 position, and he rimmed me well. He kept spitting on my man-pussy and kept licking it.

“Hmmm, yes baby, that feels so good, so warm, eat my pussy baby, c’mon yeah eat my pussy, love,” I began to moan.

He kept rimming me, biting me, spanking me. My ass had gotten red due to all the spanking and biting. He wanted my pussy now, and I wanted his cock. He asked me to get into doggy style.

I took support from the bed rails and got into a doggy style. He put on a condom, took my thong off, and started fucking me by pulling my dress up.

“Yeah baby, that’s right, yeah right there. Push it, deep love, oh yeah, I love your cock. It feels so good inside my pussy. Mmm, yeah baby, fuck me harder baby, fuck me deeper. Hmm, yeah, your cock is so good.”

He started fucking me faster, harder, and deeper, “Oh yeah, you like this? Do you like this bitch? oh yes, you’re such a nice girl, yeah.”

He held my waist and started giving me ever deeper and harder strokes.

“I’m gonna cum, yeah baby, push it more, go faster, make me cum baby,” I was close to climax, and I came.

Rajiv was still hard and going strong. After some time, we changed position. I came over him in a cowgirl position, adjusting myself so that the whole of his cock entered my pussy. I started moving up and down. He felt good and started to moan.

I bent forward and started kissing him deep and long. He started pushing his cock deep in my pussy, and he started going faster now. After a while, he broke the kiss and said he is close to cuming. I asked him to take his cock out of my pussy and give his cum in my mouth.

He did that. He removed the condom, and I started sucking him. After a few strokes, he came into my mouth and all over my face. I cleaned him up, sucked his cock well till the last drop of his cum.

After that, we both took a shower together. We fooled around with each other in the bathtub. He fucked me there, and once again in the night, we had another session of hot steamy sex in his bedroom. The next morning, we had a quickie and I left back to my place.

Since then, Rajiv has been having sex regularly with me, and every time he fucks me, I feel complete.

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