Garima And Nuzla Rule James’ Sissy Life!

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When we last left off, poor James had been sissified and feminized. He was bouncing on his very sore bottom and was blushing bright red as he whimpered in total humiliation. Eventually, James fainted from embarrassment due to butt pain.

The next day, he was walking around his apartment only wearing tiny red thong panties. His butt was still sore, and he would rub his bottom with both hands every few minutes. His eyes narrowed into a glare, and he blushed every time he rubbed his bottom.

James thought of how Carla and Nuzla had shoved that huge dildo up his ass and kept his butt bouncing. He thought of how Garima laughed so hard. He thought of the laughter of Nuzla as she worked the remote vibrator in the dildo.

She had kept him bouncing on his butt for so so long. It was incredible and extremely embarrassing.

Then the phone rang, it was Nuzla.

“Hey cock slurpy boi! How that ass of yours?” she giggled.

He rolled his eyes and replied, “Uggghh! You are not funny, Nuzla!”

“So?” she inquired.

“Umm, what?” James asked, confused.

“Oh my god! James, you such an air-headed cheerleader!” she replied.

He then remembered her question, “Oh! My butt is very sore!” he blushed.

“Well, I am going to make sure that your ass is made very sore today again!” Nuzla threatened.

“Nuzla! You embarrass me so much!” he grunted.

Nuzla laughed, “I know you will be embarrassed by all the guys. I have arranged to deep throat you so hard that your brain is fucked!” She then hung up.

Suddenly, there was a knock at James’ door. He went to the door and found Garima there with 24 Indian men. They all went into James’ apartment. He was still dressed only in a thong panty, dropped to his knees.

Garima walked up to him, placed two fingers under his nose, and lifted him to his feet. She smacked his ass and ordered him to get on the sofa on his hands and knees. The Indian men began to line up at the end of the sofa.

Without even being commanded to do so, James began to suck the cock of the first guy. It was as if James knew his task, his destiny, his passion. He knew that he needed to keep cocks in his mouth. He sucked and slurped Indian cock like he was on their payroll.

James bobbed with passion but was also throat-fucked hard with power and authority. Garima laughed as she watched James get tonsil-plunged with brutal force. She videotaped the throat-fucking and sent the video to Carly and Nuzla.

Each of the girls laughed with smug contentment of having the chance to deliver payback on James. James demonstrated that he is unequivocally the cock-whore of the year.

Garima picked up a wooden sorority paddle and pounded James’ butt cheeks until they felt like they were on fire. All that James could do was slobber and slurp on cock and blush so red with total embarrassment.

James guzzled mouthful after mouthful of cum. He whimpered because his butt burned with intense heat. He would wiggle his butt in an attempt to cool off his red hot butt cheeks. But Garima showed no mercy and continued to spank him with Girl Power.

Each swat she landed produced a loud SMACK that echoed in the room. James was getting face-fucked and panty-pounded at the same time. Each of the girls laughed hysterically at it.

The last few Indian men to feed James their cocks were on a mission to power plunge James’ slutty throat so hard. It was a mission that Garima had sent them on, and it was wildly successful.

When everyone was finished, James’ eyes were crossed, and his tongue was hanging out. Stars danced around his head, and birds chirped inside of his mind. He had been face-fucked into a dizzy stupor.

Garima laughed as the Indian guys got dressed and left. After that deep-throat demonstration, James’ uvula had the words ‘Property of India’ printed on it. He panted to catch his breath, still unable to formulate cogent thoughts.

But Garima was not finished with him yet. She had more Girl Power to unleash. She reached out and snapped James’ thong panty waistband.

“You sure are the epitome of a feminized sissy!” she declared.

James just blushed as a way of surrendering to her true statement. Garima helped James off of the sofa and helped him sit on the hard floor of the kitchen. Just then, a knock at the door occurred.

Carly, Nuzla, and Racine came in just in time to watch poor James butt bounce. Nuzla then commanded, “Get bouncing on those panties, you slutty cock-gobbler!”

James began bouncing, his red hot butt cheeks slapping against the hard floor over and over and over. He whimpered and blushed as he bounced. The more he bounced, the more he blushed.

The girls all teased him by chanting in unison, “Bounce those panties hard! A-boom-boom! Bounce those panties hard! A-boom-boom!”

After a few minutes of bouncing, James began whimpering, “Ouchie-wow-wow! Ouchie wowsers! Ouchie-woo-woo!” The girls laughed hysterically until they had tears in their eyes. Garima had called and arranged for 3 more guys to stop by.

James had been told to stop bouncing. But he was still sitting on his very sore bottom. He looked up at the girls and pouted.

The door flew open, and in walked three Indian guys – each one with a very large member. The three guys stood around James, who was still seated on the floor.

They taught James, once again, the purpose of his slutty mouth. He sucked, slurped, and slobbered until he was so cum-fed that his eyes rolled back. The girls giggled and gave each other high-fives.

An intensely humiliated James sat with his mouth hung wide open. He was shell-shocked and stunned beyond belief. James felt such intense embarrassment that he was unable even to speak.

Then Nuzla declared, “Tomorrow, we will be back to visit you, James! You will once again be hardcore cock-fed and spanked, and butt bounced!”

At this announcement, James’ level of embarrassment was so high that he fainted on the spot. It was becoming common for the girls to leave James unconscious from extreme embarrassment with a very sore butt. Garima, Nuzla, Carla, and Racine all laughed as they walked out of the room triumphantly.

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