Hot Fuck With Neighbor’s Sister Nisha

Hello people, I am Raj from Mumbai, back with another story of a hot fuck with my neighbor’s hot Milf sister.

This is a story of me and my neighbor’s younger sister Nisha. Nisha is 26 in age, tall, fair, beautiful, and sexy. Nisha had come to Mumbai to stay with her sister. Her sister (my neighbor) was pregnant, and no one looked around for her.

Nisha is also married for a year. However no sign of kids as of now. My wife and I had good interactions with my neighbor, her husband. We were the only two flats at the corner of the building. So it was more kind of family friends.

One evening while taking a walk in the building compound, we saw Nisha and my neighbor walking. That is when our neighbor introduced us to Nisha. The very time I saw Nisha, I was stunned. She was beautiful, hot, and sexy.

She was wearing a t-shirt and tight joggers. So her body parts were visible. We had a casual talk for 10-15 mins and left. I could not take my eyes off Nisha. She must have noticed that.

It was almost a week, and we had daily interaction with Nisha and our neighbor. Soon Nisha was familiar with us. It was Saturday morning. I see off my wife as she left for office work out of town for a week. I shut the door and turned, and there was a knock on the door.

I thought it is my wife, forgot to carry something and is back. I opened the door, and to my surprise, it was Nisha. She asked if my wife is home. I replied that she just left. Nisha was silent. Before I could ask anything, she asked if there is water flow in our flat. I checked the tap and informed her that yes, it’s all good.

Nisha then said, “There is no water flow in our flat, and my sister has gone to the hospital for a checkup.” I offered to help and ask her if I can check. Nisha immediately agreed. I locked my door and went to their flat.

Nisha was like, “I had had to go for a shower, and water is not there.” I calmed her down and said, “You can take a shower in our flat if the water is still not come.” She smiled as she had an alternative.

We reached the bathroom, and I checked all the taps. There was no water in any of the taps. I turned the shower tap on as well. Still, there was no water. I then checked the main tap, which was hidden behind the bucket at the bathroom corner. The main tap was off.

All this while Nisha was with me to see what is the fault. I just turned the main tap around, and water started flowing from the shower. Nisha was standing exactly below the shower, and in no time, she got drenched. I immediately turned the shower off.

Nisha and I were standing very close in the bathroom. I could sense her breathing which was heavy due to cold water. Nisha was completely wet, and so her t-shirt had become see-through. I could see that Nisha was wearing a red padded bra. I could not take my eyes off Nisha’s beautiful body.

I was back in my senses and took a leave from Nisha. I left. Nisha closed the door and may have gone back for a shower. After an hour, Nisha came again and said, “I am sorry to trouble you. Thank you for helping me in the morning. I could not thank you at that moment, and so I have come now.”

I offered her to come in and have something. She said that her sister would be back in some time, so she had to prepare food. She left.

Few days passed. Nisha and I used to exchange a smile, talk, tell her about myself. I, too, got informed about her life after marriage, her husband. Soon we got to know each other well. It was again a day when my wife was not home, and Nisha was alone too.

I knew about her sister not being home. While leaving, she had asked my wife to take care of Nisha. I went to check what Nisha is doing. She opened the door and asked me to come in. Nisha was looking stunning in a yellow saree and matching blouse.

She was watching TV. We both continue to watch TV, and there was silence in the room apart from the TV noise. I broke the silence between us and asked if she would like to have lunch with me. Nisha denied stating that she had already prepared food for herself.

I got an idea and asked her to take whatever she has prepared to my flat. We can eat all together there. She was mum but then agreed. We shifted all the eatables from our neighbor’s flat to mine. The lunch table was set. We had our lunch. We cleaned the table and sat on the sofa to have a soft drink.

Nisha then asked me a question.

Nisha: The first time you saw me in the building compound, why were you staring at me from top to bottom. And the other day in our washroom also.

Me: Do you want me to be honest?

Nisha: Yes.

Me: OK, this should stay only between you and me.

Nisha: I promise for that.

Me: I saw you for the first time. I was stunned at your beauty and the way you were dressed. I could not resist me taking your eyes off of you.

Nisha: What did you saw first in me?

Me: Your beautiful face, your perfect round boobs, your perfect round ass.

Nisha: Really, am I that beautiful and sexy?

Me: No doubt.

Nisha: Don’t you feel like exploring more?

Me: I would love to.

Nisha leaned close to me and kissed me on my cheeks, and said, “This is the reward of praising me.” She was going back to her seat. However, I held her from her shoulder and kissed her lips. Nisha stood there like a statue and did not resist. I continue to kiss her.

Nisha closed her eyes and started replying. Soon we were engaged in deep passionate kisses. Our tongues are rolling with each other. Biting each other lips. My hands were exploring her back, checking her ass over her saree. I then placed one hand on her boobs and started pressing it slowly.

Nisha had her eyes closed and started moaning softly. I was kissing her neck, biting her ear loves while pressing her boobs.

I broke the kiss, took her saree pallu off from her shoulder, and let it fall on the floor. I kissed her all over her exposed body. I made her stand near the table, hold the table, and went on my knees. I kissed her stomach, rolled my tongue over her navel.

Nisha was shivering and holding the table tight. While kissing her stomach and playing with her navel, I put my hands inside her saree. I went up until her thigh. I rolled my hands all over her legs and inner thigh while I was reaching her pussy. Nisha stop me and asked if we can go into the bedroom.

I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. While walking, Nisha was kissing me wherever she can. I threw her on the bed and turned the A/C on. I then pulled her saree completely off her body. I went on top of her and started kissing her, pressing her boobs.

While doing that, I unhook her bra and untie her petticoat. I took her blouse off and pulled her petticoat down. Nisha was lying there on the bed in just her yellow padded bra and lacy panty. I took off my t-shirt and jeans and jumped on her in my underwear.

Nisha took a bedsheet over her started teasing me to not come near her. I applied some force and pinned her hands with mine on either side. I kissed her all over and bit her neck, and left my bite marks on her neck. Nisha was moaning heavily.

I then went down and kissed her boobs. I licked her nipples over her bra and made her bra completely wet. Nisha was getting excited. She took her bra strap off her shoulder, pushed the bra down, and guided me to suck her boobs.

I suck her boobs hard. While her boobs were inside my mouth, I was rolling my tongue over her nipples. Nisha was moaning loud and pushing my head hard on her boobs. I suck her boobs, bite her boobs and nipples one after another. I suck and bite her boobs so hard that her boobs had dark red bite marks.

I went down further and kissed her stomach and navel. I rolled my tongue around her navel, and Nisha was jumping. I then went further down and reached her panty line. I kissed her all over her hips, pulled her panty with my teeth.

I spread her legs and went in between and started kissing her pussy over her panty. Nisha was moaning loudly. Her panty was completely wet with my saliva. I then pulled her panty down with my teeth. Nisha was completely naked now. I spread her legs again and went in between, and started licking her pussy.

Her wet pussy tasted awesome. I spread her pussy lips. I inserted my tongue as deep as I could inside her pussy, and started tongue fucking her.

Nisha was moaning loud and pulling my hair in a way to guide me more deep inside her pussy. I continued the same for 10 to 15 minutes and then went up to kiss her. I was kissing her passionately. While doing so, I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy and started fingering her.

Nisha had eyes closed and heavy moans. I inserted another finger and started fingering her hard. In few minutes, I felt warm on my hand. It was her pussy juices. She had her orgasm.

I then paused for a minute, took off all my clothes, and sat naked on her stomach. I moved a bit up and guided my penis between her boobs, and fucked her boobs. With every push, Nisha was kissing the tip of my penis. I stopped and went near her face and guided my penis inside her mouth.

Nisha took it completely in and started sucking. While she was sucking my penis, I was pressing her boobs and fingering her pussy. We continued this for some time. Then Nisha whispered that she can’t control it anymore and need to get fuck hard. I was happy to hear that.

So I pulled her towards the edge of the bed, put a pillow below her hips. I folded her legs from knees, bent them until her boobs, and asked her to hold her legs from knees. I guided my penis towards her pussy and inserted it slowly. My penis head was inside her pussy, and she screamed.

I paused for a moment and pushed my penis more. Nisha screamed again, her pussy was tight, and so it was painful for her. I asked if she is OK. She nodded as yes. Then I gave a hard push, and my entire penis was inside her pussy. I started moving in and out gently.

While Nisha was comfortable, I increased my speed and started going in and out more fast and deep. In the position that Nisha was in, I was able to penetrate deep. Nisha was moaning loudly. After a few minutes, I changed my position, lay in bed.

I asked Nisha to sit on my hard penis. She sat in a way that my penis could reach the pussy wall. Without waiting for a second, she started jumping and riding as if she is riding a horse. Her boobs were bouncing hard. I then thought of an idea.

I took a bedsheet and tied it with a hook on the ceiling and then asked Nisha to hold it and roll with it. Nisha did as guided. When the bedsheet was all rolled tight, I asked Nisha to sit on my penis. I made sure that my penis is deep inside her pussy. I asked her to bend a bit on her back and lift her leg in the air.

Soon she lifted her leg she started rolling in reverse. My penis inside her pussy and pussy rolling all around my penis was a great feeling. It was like drilling pussy with my penis. Nisha was in the cloud in 9 with this, and so she repeated this thrice.

Nisha was looking very happy and satisfied. She said that this was something new for her, and she loved it. I then kissed her and turned her around, and made her lay on her stomach. I then spread her legs and guided my penis inside her pussy, and started fucking her from the back.

I laid on her back and my hand underneath her boobs, pressing them hard. While fucking her from back, I kissed her back, gave a bite in her back. I then held her legs from toes and folded them from her knees, and fuck her. When I lifted her leg, I got more exposure.

I was able to go more deep inside her pussy. It was like playing see-saw with her pussy. After 10-15 minutes, I turned her around and fucked her in a missionary position. After few strokes, I told Nisha that I am about to cum. Nisha said that even she wud cum any moment.

Nisha asked me to cum deep inside her. I gave some more push and was about to cum. I gave a final push deep inside her pussy and waited there. I loaded all my cum deep inside her pussy and stood there for a minute. Nisha looked at me and smile, and pulled me towards her.

She kissed me on my lips. She then pushed me aside and started to stand up to go for a shower. Soon she stood up, cum started flowing from her pussy on her thigh, legs. She ran towards the washroom and went for a shower. After about 30 minutes, she called me for a towel.

I handed her the towel, and she came back wrapped in a towel and looked gorgeous. She dried herself and then started to wear her clothes. She sat on the bed and started wearing her panty. I stopped her and took her panty, and made her wear it.

I then took off the towel and made her wear her bra. I strap her bra on her shoulder and hooked it from the back. Then I made her wear her blouse and petticoat and then saree. It’s great to make wearing clothes than removing them. I just loved it.

Nisha was ready to leave. I took her in my arms from the bedroom to the main door and bid her goodbye. Nisha kissed my lips and locked them for a minute, and promise to be back soon for more such beautiful moments.

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