A Lady Doctor Used Me

Hi XIS readers. I am a fan of this site. I have seen this is the best site for sex stories. I was reading a doctor’s story today. I remembered that I also had this same situation, this is why I am writing the story. I might sound in a hurry as I have to wake up early tomorrow.

The story started when I was in the last year of my engineering. I live in Nashik but I did engineering in Pune city. I was having final papers and some work of engineering project was in Nashik. So I was traveling to and fro from Nashik to Pune. This was the reason that I ate in the hotel in Pune and I got stomach pain.

I was getting loose motions and I had an exam the next day. My friend suggested that we should mee the best doctor and get medicines. This is why we went to a nearby hospital which my friend liked. I was looking for a doctor there.

I saw 4 nurses on the entrance but there was no one inside on the doctor’s table. I saw the nurse with the biggest boob and maybe she was interested in me. So she looked at me. While asking them, among all 4, she was the one who was looking at me. So I asked the nurse about where is the doctor.

She said, “I am the doctor.” I unknowingly uttered, “Aap ho doctor?” she did not feel bad and said yes I am. She was a semi-fat (not fat) fair and a young girl of 23 years. Her size I do not know but I can guess she was 36 d size boobs. I unknowingly kept staring at her boobs and her face.

She was like my dream girl types, I mean she was round-faced with thick fair skin and thick pink lips. She said, “Come inside,” and I followed her. We sat near the table. I told her I was having loose motions and stomach pain. She said lay down on the table.

I lay down and then she started pressing my stomach with her very fair soft finders in various directions. Guys, she lifted my shirt and then started pressing the left and right of the stomach. This is not normal, she was taking advantage. There was no need for lifting the shirt.

I came to know she is flirting with me. Actually, not her fault. I was at my best muscular shape at that age. I was having a 9 out of 10 perfect muscular gym-going bodies. I was very fair at that age. I am now 30 but at that time I was 21 years. I had seen many girls feeling hot for me at that age.

This para is a bit different. Just to tell you how the girls behaved at that time. The most fascinating thing was that in my engineering last year. We had to do a project together in a 4 students group. The fascinating part is that everyone had chosen their partners for the project.

But as I was absent that day, the next day I saw that 3 girls are waiting with no 4th partner. My friend told me that all 3 are waiting for you to be their project partner. I was very happy at that time to know this. All 3 girls were my normal casual friends.

I knew 1 girl is always sitting in front of my desk in class and always looking back at me. The second girl was crazy for me. She had sent one of my friends to tell this to me, but I rejected her (fool me). The third girl was having the biggest boobs in class. So I used to stare at them.

The girl knew this and so she also was waiting for me as a project partner. Guys, the project partners have to do this project in 1 year. They have to meet regularly and go to different parts of the city together to meet some company bosses to get sponsorship, etc.

The girls knew I am rich. I was the only one with a laptop at that time in the entire college. I do not know but I don’t think the laptop was the reason for the girls to be my partners. I am 5″11 in height and you can say I am a big guy. There is some big thick type of girl who can take my big dick.

I know the small looking girls will just get their pussy torn apart by my big dick.

Coming back to the story. Well, the doctor went 1 step further and she started pressing her fingers near to my jeans area. She touched the button of the jeans and her fingers were going under the button of the jeans. She was touching the upper part of my pelvis. She was touching the starting of my pubic hair.

She was not feeling bad at this. The doctor kept going south and I caught her hands unknowingly. I wanted to lift her hand out but as she is a doctor, I never wanted to interrupt the checkup. Thinking about what to do, I was not taking off my hand from the doctor’s soft hand. I was unintentionally doing this.

I mean it was not intentional at all. I did not have any bad ideas about this till now. She then asked me how is your poop coming. I described but she kept on asking so many questions. She was interested in what is coming out in the poop. Is it having smoothness as if she wanted to taste it?

This is where I got the idea that she is having her hand in my pubic area. She is asking me such shameful questions. And she is not removing my hand that is laid on her soft hands. This gave me the signal that she wants something nasty with me.

I was worried about the exam, I was so much worried that I wanted to leave the chance of sex and go study. Innocent me (at that age). I told her about the exam. In the body language, I was saying indirectly that let’s not waste time. I have to go study.

The doctor closed the curtains and said that if you are having an exam tomorrow. Then we can do a cleanup by inserting a washing pipe in your anus and cleaning it. I was shocked at this. I mean, maybe this will hurt a lot. She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them.

She said to remove it till your knees. I obeyed and then she took off my underwear. She was impressed by the brands I was wearing in jeans, underwear, and shirt. She took started rubbing her hands everywhere on my ass. She took a water pipe with a steel nozzle and she inserted it in my ass hole.

She washed it a bit (just for namesake) and then cleaned it with napkins. I think she used that pipe to insert in her pussy and she used the water pressure to masturbate. Then she said lay down on the back. Then she saw that my dick is rock hard.

She directly put her soft fingers on the ballsack (gote) and then she squeezed them a bit. Then she opened her mouth and took my entire dick in her mouth. I asked her, “We are fine here?” I wanted to make sure that we can do this sex here behind the curtain.

She was not letting the dick go. She spoke to me yes no one will come in, all this time she had my dick in her mouth. I could not control now. I caught her big left boob and I gave the squeeze of my life to it. The boob was super soft. I never touched a boob before. I did not know how to take it out.

I unbuttoned her shirt and I was trying to unhook the bra. She laughed and said that you just need to lift the bra, then the boob comes out. While saying this, she took her boob out from the bottom of the bra. The boob was my main attraction. I pinched her nipples unknowingly.

She shivered and said never pinch nipple of a girl. I said sorry and I kept kneading the boob with both my hands. The boob was so big that it needed 2 hands. My hand is bigger than other guys, but still, she needed 2 hands. I then took control of the situation and I got up.

I kissed her, I was in a hurry for the exam. I sucked her boobs and lay her down. But she wanted to take charge. She wanted me to just obey what she does. She then stood up and laid me down. She had no panty, so she just sat on with her skirt on my dick. My dick was in her super wet pussy.

She was having a big pussy. But she said she never saw a thick dick like this and it fits well, “Ekdum fit hogaya.” I was super happy at this dialogue. She spread her legs and she rode my dick so well that as if she does exercise of a set of 100 sit-ups daily.

I came inside her. I said bye-bye and got out. She stopped me and she wrote down a prescription. She was very busy in writing the perfect prescription. I felt yea this is a true doctor. Now, with her prescription in hand, I went to the medical store very happy.

I got medicines, reached home and saw that she had written her name Pooja and gave me her mobile number just below the signature. If any women want a nice fuck then message me, [email protected]. The name is Vijay.

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