Sexual Experience With A Colleague In The UK

Hello everyone, this is Jona again with another story. I am here to narrate my first experience when I was in the UK working, around 2012.

I landed in the UK for my first out-of-country assignment for a software company. It was around December; hence it was a little cold for me. I used to stay with friends in a shared apartment, and things were going fine.

After a couple of months, one of my colleagues also traveled to the same place. I know from India. We hardly spoke much in India since it was all mostly project-related. We started spending time together in the UK shopping, dining and traveling. Other friends and we stay in the same community.

We started getting close to each other. Let me describe her. She was cute, little one, fair and fairly sized boobs. I used to take some good pictures of her and share them with her. It was wintertime. So when we spend some time together, I used to hold her hands to get some warmth.

This went on for a while. I started going to her apartment in the early mornings to be warm. One day I gave her a good hug, and she did not say anything. After that, whenever I visit her, I would just hug and stay for some time.

After a couple of months, one night, I got drunk and was lying in bed when she invited me to her room. I just went there and started hugging as usual. This time I started feeling crazy. I rubbed my nose on her and was planning to move ahead. She was giving only positive signs so far.

I took the courage and planted a kiss on her lips. She was stunned for a while, but I again locked her lip and kissed for some time. Now she started to respond to my kiss, and we were both kissing. Since it was a while, I just took some time and gave her everything.

I took it further and removed her top shirt. She was wearing a white bra, and I caressed her neck with my lips running over her. I asked her if I can plant a kiss on her boobs, to which she did not respond. She took that as a yes, and started removing her bra. As I said, she had small breasts, fair and pink nipples.

I put my tongue on her pink nipples and started to lick them. It was an awesome feeling as it’s the first time. As I was tongue playing with her nipples, I just opened up my mouth and swallowed the whole breast. Wow, it tasted so sweet. (Later, I named it as Mango).

She was giving small moans now and then. After playing with one of the breasts for few minutes, she was cautious as it’s a shared apartment someone could walk in anytime. I just told her that the other breast would feel bad and let me take care of it.

Now I started to swallow the other one in my mouth and pressed the other one with my hand. She left a big moan of ‘Ah.’ These sounds made me crazy. I wanted to move further. All these things were happening on the couch.

I took her up in my arms, having her legs locked up on my hip. I kept kissing her lips and walked towards her bedroom. Slowly, she lowered her on the bed and started kissing her lips, down to her nipples and her navel and stomach.

I spent time running my fingers and lips over her navel. It was sending her into a state of craziness as I could hear her moans better. I started unbuttoning and unzipping her pant and left them on the floor. Now she was just in her panty. I just went up to her ears and whispered that I am going to kiss your legs.

I left my finger running down on her again and came down and started running my lips over both her knees with kissing them in between. She started responding by folding her legs. I went inside of her thighs and started kissing them. She left out a huge breath in shivering.

I then slowly touched her panty with my finger and caressing it. I could feel her wetness inside the panty, so I planted a kiss on it and also on her both inside thighs. I know I should spend more time here. I whispered to her again that I am going to just kiss her on the pussy.

She responded in half sound tone with a ‘Not Now.’ I could only hear that as a ‘Yes.’ I slightly lifted a side of her panty and let my tongue inside, and it was so hot and wet. I could taste her cum from her pussy. I started to lick them up and run my tongue as far as I can.

I went down and started to remove her panty with my mouth. It was one of the great feelings when you first bite that pussy on the outside over panty. She left a jerk. Her body was shivering as she left a big moan. I slowly pulled it down, and as it was in mid-thigh, I used my hands to bring it down.

Now she crossed her legs to cover her pussy. I went on top of her again and planted a kiss on her lips, and told her, “It’s okay, I would be gentle.” As I came down and started to open her legs wide. Her pussy was wet; hence her pussy lips were showing sticky.

I liked the smell of her pussy, and as I dig my head in first taste of her pussy. I let my tongue lick her in an upward motion as she let a moaning noise. Now I started to circle her pussy. My tongue was rolling over as she was moaning in pleasure.

As I put a little pressure, I could see my tongue going inside her pussy lips and coming out. Now, I started to use my finger to split her pussy lips and dig my mouth on her clit. It felt really tasty as I took a sip of her clit in my mouth. She started shivering more as I felt she is getting ready to orgasm.

Her hands were on the sides of the bed. Her legs closed on my head, holding it tight. I went gently again and started to massage and suck her pussy. She let out a big moan, and her whole body was shivering. I went up to her and put my hand on her chest, where her heartbeat went high.

She was breathing out with long exhale and inhale. That’s when I know I am so good at eating her pussy. She hugged me for some time till her heartbeats came back to normal.

In the end, she said, “This will start everything.” I did not know the meaning then, but later I understood.

I will be back with more of my adventures as we started exploring more frequently. As the saying goes, once a cat knows where its milk is, it won’t be silent.

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