Sex With My Schoolmate

Hi, I am Deva. I am going to tell you how I met my school mate and had sex with her. This is a real incident that happened three weeks ago. Coming to the story. One fine day I went to a famous mall in Chennai for shopping. It was a Saturday evening and I entered the mall and was shopping in a store.

After I had brought everything I felt hungry and wanted something to eat. I went to the food court in the mall and ordered food and I was eating. After I finished my meal I was about to leave the mall. So I walked towards the exit. On the way to the exit, I saw a girl in blue jeans and a white top whose face was familiar.

I went towards her and she also noticed me. When I went near her I recognized her as my school mate and she too recognized me. Her name is Sonvati and we were classmates in school. We both looked at each other and started to speak. She was with her mother and said that she had come shopping.

I told that I also had come for shopping. Then she introduced me to her mother that I was her schoolmate. She told me that my beard was good and I had grown up. Then we exchanged our numbers. I said I have to be home and left the mall and reached home.

After I returned home I went to take a bath and sat to watch TV. Then I took my mobile and started to text my friends in WhatsApp and was scrolling my Instagram feeds. Then was bored watching the feed-in Instagram. so I texted her a ‘hi’. There was no reply so I kept my mobile aside and was watching TV.

After a few minutes, a message popped up on my phone. It was her. She also replied with a ‘hi’ message. Then we started a chat about what we were doing and other things. I asked her if she was in contact with our schoolmates. She replied that they all were in contact once.

Then they had fights between them so they were not talking anymore. Then we used to chat every day. One day while this regular chatting was happening I asked her if we can go outside this weekend. She replied that she will see that if there is any work at home this weekend. She will let me know by tomorrow.

The next day I received a text from her saying that she was free this weekend and can come out with me. I replied that I was at work and will text you when I return back. That day after I came back from work, I texted her. She asked me to which place we can go to.

I replied that any place is fine and it was her wish where ever she wants we can go. She sent a smiley and said the plan that we can go to the beach in the evening and can go out for dinner. I said ok and send her a smiley. The weekend came and I was getting ready to go out.

She said that her scooty had gone to service and asked me to pick her up from her home. I asked her to send the location in WhatsApp. By 3:30 in the evening, I left the house and took my friend’s bike and started to ride to her house. She was waiting for me down.

I went to her flats and she was standing there wearing a red color chudidaar. Her dress was very tight that I could see her body curves. I told that she was very beautiful and she smiled and thanked me. Then we started to go to the beach. We reached the beach and walked on the beach.

We sat on the sand and started to talk and about the good old days we used to have fun in school. After some time she asked me if we can play in the water. I was having cold was not able to go in the water. So I asked her to go into the water and I will wait.

She played for a little time and came and sat beside me and said you are missing the fun. After a few minutes we started to get hungry so we decided to go to a nearby restaurant. We went to a nearby restaurant and had our food. It began to get late so we started to go to our homes.

I dropped her at her house. After I returned home I had a message from her saying, “I had a wonderful time with you,” and I too replied the same. After that, the same old conversation was continuing for a few weeks. Again one day she texted me to come to her home for lunch one weekend.

I texted if she was ok with this weekend. She replied she was fine. Then I went to her house that weekend. When I went and knocked at the door her mother came and opened the door. She greeted me and said that she was taking a bath and asked me to wait. After she completed her bath she came down.

She was wearing a green dress and a short skirt which was very tight that exposed her cleavage. After I saw her cleavage my penis got erect. I placed my hand over it and hid it. She came and sat near me and we were watching TV. After the food got ready her mother called us to have food.

We had the food and said to her mother that the food was good. Then again we were chatting. After some time her mother told that she was going to her relative’s house nearby and will return in a few hours. We were chatting and we started to talk about her love life.

When I asked her about her love she said she had a breakup last week and started to cry. I told her not to cry and tried to calm her. But she was crying very badly so hugged her and said, “Don’t worry everything will be ok. You will be ok and placed a kiss on her forehead,” but pushed me when I kissed her.

She was silent for a few minutes. I was afraid that she is going to tell her mother and I said her sorry then also she was silent. Then I asked her if she was ok. She didn’t reply. After some time she asked me why I had a dent in my pant when she came down after her bath.

I was shocked when she saw my cock erect when she came down and asking a question about that. I was silent and said sorry again. Then she came close to me and whispered in my ears that if I wanted to fuck her. She was very close and I can feel her breath.

I said no but she was seducing me. Again my dick became hard. She noted that and caught my dick and asked, “Why your cock is hard? You said that you don’t want to have sex with me.” I was silent. I was also in the mood to have sex and gave a signal by kissing in her cheeks.

Now she stood up and came sat on my lap. She placed her lips on mine and started to suck it while lap fucking me. Then she said her fantasies and wanted me as her sex slave and I agreed to it. So she started to play with my penis and stroked my penis very hard.

It was very good. With the other hand, she was playing with my balls. She slowly kissed me on the top of my penis and gave me a seductive blowjob slowly. While she was blowing me I got an orgasm and came inside her mouth and she drank it fully.

Now she again started to kiss me on my lips and sucking it hard. She was starting to kiss my neck. She slowly moved to kiss my neck. Then she came to my nipples and started pinching one nipple and biting the other one. It gave me a heavenly pleasure. Now she made me stand and she lay on the bed.

Now she started to instruct me what to do. She first asked me to kiss her and finger her pussy. I was fingering her and kissing her hard. She was moaning heavily with a loud noise. I started to suck her nipples she was moaning. I bit her nipples.

Now she ordered me to suck he pussy. I placed my finger and opened her pussy and placed a kiss on her pussy. I inserted a finger inside and started to finger her. She was moaning heavily. Now I placed my mouth on her pussy and started to lick her pussy.

After a few minutes of licking her pussy, she came on my mouth and I drank it. It was salty. Now she said to enter my penis inside her pussy and she wanted to dominate. So she pushed me in the bed and sat on top me. She took my dick and placed at the opening of her vagina and rubbed it.

She started to ride my cock. She did it very slowly and started to increase the speed and started to moan. After a few minutes of fucking, both of us came. Then we had sex once again and I went home. We have been having sex from then till now whenever we are free.

Hope you like how I had sex with my friend. In the next incident, I will tell you how I had sex with an upcoming model who asked me for a photoshoot. Please share your comments and feedback at [email protected] Women and girls who want to have fun in and around Chennai text me in hangouts.

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