Graduation Sexual Pleasure Bet

Dear readers, I am writing this story after a gap of 2 years. I write stories based on real-life moments and with elements of my reader’s fantasies.

I will tell about myself in brief and the style of erotica that I live in. I am a health care professional and work in a hospital. I am coffee brown, tanned, and have a heavy build. I do not technically have a gym-built body, but I do look like one.

I pamper myself with mid-range luxury and believe in quality and class, even in sex. My life of erotica is addictive in every bit of it. I have a dominant and submissive relationship where I am dominant. I do it in my way. I do not find amusement in imitation.

I am into pain, asphyxia (breath control), servitude, pleasure denial, name-calling, bondage, and submissiveness. I am not necessarily a ‘boobs’ guy, but I prefer boobs over ass. Boobs, lips, mouth, throat, and hairstyle turns me on.

I prefer women submissive and thick (not fat) preferably. Colour is of no concern as long as the shade is from white to tanned dusky. This story is set in a time when the lockdown had just been lifted, and people could travel freely. I have a friend, she knows about my lifestyle and my writings.

I am humbled that she found my writing appealing. We agreed to live it practically, no strings attached. She is not fat but thick in the right places. Fairer than me, soft in touch and voice, tits ample enough to hide my cock in between them and plump lips.

We are college friends and I had a crush on her. Our final year went completely in lockdown, and we couldn’t celebrate our graduation. We had decided that whoever scored more in their final year could use the other for their pleasure.

We were anxious about our marks, and it is funny today when we remember it! Anyways, she scored more than me. It is but obvious! But we couldn’t celebrate it. Finally, we met after lockdown, horny as fuck, and sad that we have to go our ways soon.

All these months, we just sexted on chats. She missed my hard manly hands on her body. I missed her cum draining lips, pussy, and soft boobs. She teased me as the day of the reunion got closer and closer.

“I’ve scored more than you, and as per our deal, I will use you for my pleasure.”

As I read her text, I got hard. I couldn’t control myself but also could not ignore the fact that I wont be getting any pleasure. Just as I got this thought, she added, “My holes are tight, my mouth warm and wet and my throat gushy wet and tight. It’s a pity you can’t enter any of the three holes.”

As I read this, It became difficult for me to control more and more. I imagined her showing me her open mouth, inviting me to use her throat as a fuck hole. Then she would drain my balls off the cum.

I imagined her showing me her pussy and her ass, tight, wet, and clean. Just waiting to be stretched by my cock. I could picture her bending over in front of me. Her hands are pulling her ass cheeks apart to show me her holes. As I tried to touch it, she would slap my hands away.

In my thoughts, I hadn’t replied for long, and she sensed my dilemma. She sent me naughty emojis and said, “I know what you are thinking. Maybe I will drain your balls of cum, but you will not get the holes,” and sent a wink emoji with a devil emoji.

My cock was rock hard, pre-cum already out. I sent her an annoyed emoji. To this, she teased me further, saying, “Imagine the pre-cum on your cock right now and me licking it off. Remember how you would force my mouth over your cock and use it as a fuck hole?”

I replied, “Yes, I would choke you and feel your throat on my cock tip till I would cum.”

She replied, “Well, not now when we meet. This time, you will pleasure me, and maybe, I will drain your balls filled with cum from so many months.”

Whenever she talked about draining my balls, I would lose my mind. So finally, I told her, come clean-shaven, wear push-up lingerie and red lipstick. It’s just a part of my fantasy.

We had decided to meet at the Radisson hotel. We had booked a room for a day with a pool and buffet included. After finishing college work, we went to the hotel and went for a swim. She had dressed just the way she knew made me excited.

She wore a push-up bikini that made her boobs bulge out and would bounce with her every step. Her black push-up bikini, her aviator glasses, and her red lips made me crazier by the moment. We danced and swam together. She would now and then touch my cock to feel it hard.

But she would move back naughtily when I tried to touch her. She teased me by taking my fingers and sucking them. With one hand, she took my fingers and put them in her mouth, and with the other, she stroked my hard cock from outside my swimming shorts.

I tried to squeeze her boobs, but she laughed and moved away. And then erotically bouncing and squeezing them for me. For the first time in my life, I should have studied hard and scored better. It was such a LOL moment because the reason for the regret was unbelievable!

I thought, how will I be able to go back without being pleasured? After all the things we did together, and today I lost a bet and can’t be pleased?! I got flashbacks of all those times I fucked her rough, hard. Her face was sweaty and makeup smeared.

Her spit and my cum leaked from her mouth onto her face as she lay. I used her throat to relieve myself. Then her curved body and hanging swaying boobs as I fucked her in the doggy style. I pulled myself out of this flashback and saw her in front of me smiling.

I grabbed her by her hair and throat and looked at her furiously. She erotically moaned. She went down and put her hands inside my shorts, and grabbed my balls. The pool was empty as it was 2 pm and only we were there. She grabbed my balls and looked into my eyes, and erotically said, “A deal is a deal.”

I let her go, but she had my balls in her hand. She played with them, gently tugging them till they got a little erotic pain and looking me into the eyes. I didn’t say anything, and then she withdrew her hands. She then continued the torment by giving me a grind.

She went and asked the DJ to play ‘Grind-Emiway Bantai’ and came back. She then started grinding her ass to the song on my hard cock. We had fun dancing to the song and grinding. I ground my hard cock on her ass to the beats while she touched herself all over.

I still couldn’t touch her, and she enjoyed herself, kissing my body, resting on my broad chest, and squeezing my arms. Soon we went for drinks, refreshed ourselves. Here she almost made me cum! She made me lay on the table, and she took the drink bottle and placed it between her boobs.

She then sexily climbed over my body and erotically bent over my face to pour the drink directly into my mouth. All the while, the bottle squeezed between her tits, and no hands were used. It was so hard not to cum. After all these months seeing this, in reality, making it more difficult!

We ate lunch and took pastries to our room. We changed and got ready for the other half of the day. I couldn’t imagine what I would have to go through more. Just as I thought I had been through all, she did this!

She took her top off, revealing her ample boobs, bulging out just as I had asked her to wear. Her red lips looked plump, just perfect for a cock sucking mouth. She stood and gave me a 360-degree view of her body. I admired every bit of it.

I was seated on the bed, horny and hard as fuck. She stood in front of me stripping, and the music was ‘50 Cents’ playing on the TV. She bounced her tits, squeezed them, and touched her pussy, all the time I could only watch. She then got aggressive and asked me to keep my hands behind my back.

My hands were then tied behind, and I stripped off my clothes. I sat there with my hands tied behind my back and a rock-hard erection. She then took the pastries and placed them on her tits, the cream melting onto her chest and into her cleavage.

She took off her lingerie and scooped her tits with her hands as the pastries melted on her boob. She then got on my lap and asked me to clean her up. I started using my tongue to clean her up. But without the pleasure of holding her boobs.

She enjoyed my tongue as it licked her boobs. My tongue worked its way into the depths of her cleavage and the flowing cream around her boobs. She then lifted her boobs and asked me to clean her under boobs of all the chocolate. I was doing it. She dropped her boobs on my face. Oh my god, it was heavenly!

I was then made to lie down on the bed, my cock rock hard, waiting to get into a hole. She observed my huge body as it lay, using her fingers to touch my body and scratch me with her nails. Her focus then shifted to my cock, and she gave an evil smile.

She got off the bed, on the floor on her knees, back arched perfectly to push her ass out while her boobs scooped in her hands. This is what 8 had taught her before, and now she had perfectly learned this pose. This was my favorite pose for my sub, to wait for my cock.

The open mouth, boobs scooped in hands, her body on her knees, and ass poised out. I sprang to my feet seeing this. But she had other plans. She asked me to come closer. I stood just cms away from the opening of her mouth. My dick wished it could detach itself and get into her mouth.

She used her long nails to tickle my balls and cup them with her hands while she blew hot air all over my cock. “This mouth is warm and wet. These lips are plump and soft. Just perfect for them to be wrapped around your cock as it gets into my mouth,” she said in a low soft voice.

My cock started leaking of pre-cum. “Or perhaps, your cock could get some massage by my boobs. Let it be squeezed between my boobs as you spit it to make it lubricated,” she kept on teasing.

I suffered this ordeal. “But today, no pleasure for you, no warm wet mouth, no pussy nor my ass” my cock gave a jerk to this. Finally, she made me lie on the bed and sat on my face. My tongue stuck out, and she used it to get herself licked all over her pussy.

She kept doing this till she could no longer kneel over my face. Then we changed position after 30 mins! My mouth was aching from all that licking. Now she laid down while I was in front of her. She had her pussy eaten for about an hour, force tongue fucking her and sucking her clit.

My hands were then opened, and then I finger fucked her till she came. It was almost time for checkout. She had orgasms about 5 times and enjoyed my wet warm tongue all the time. Finally, she got satisfied and got up. I was looking at her as she got up satisfied and then she turned to me.

She made me stand up, and she kneeled before me. I thought finally I would have my time. But I was wrong! She took my cock in her hands and laughed, “I can feel the blood gushing through your cock.”

I was like, “It has been up for hours,” and she replied, “I like your strength to keep it up all this time. I’m impressed!” I thought she would suck me off, but she started to play with my balls and barely touched my cock. I was puzzled, but I enjoyed my balls being stroked.

Suddenly, she opened her mouth and used her lips to grab my balls. I almost came! She was teasing me with her lips and warm breath! She asked me to bend over, and I did. Before I knew it, she took my balls in her mouth and gave a pull.

A gentle pull till my balls gently hurt, and then she licked the area between my balls and ass. And I felt a sudden tingling in my cock. I moaned, but I didn’t feel any pleasure. A few minutes, she sucked and licked that area. I enjoyed it, but nothing sort of pleasure for my cock!

And my tingling sensation grew and then my moans got louder as I felt the sensation. She quickly made me stand back. I suddenly came all over her! She made me cum! She was on her knees in front of me and my cock spraying cum on her boobs.

A huge thick load of cum, stored for months, covered her boobs! She had made me ejaculate without giving me pleasure! My balls were empty. I could see her huge boobs drenched in cum and cum dripping from her boobs.

“I have drained your balls of cum as I had said,” she winked and got up. I growled and caught her by her arms. I said this isn’t fair! And she replied, “I used you for my pleasure as our deal which you had lost. I at least made your balls empty “ she laughed.

“I need to shower now. It is getting late, and we need to check out,” saying this she went to shower

I sat and realized she had stimulated my prostrate to make me cum without pleasure. And I didn’t even feel like masturbating now. Till then, she returned from the shower and put on her clothes. She came to me and gave me a huge kiss. We kissed for around 5 minutes. Then she looked into my eyes deeply.

“I can come tomorrow too for a stay. My holes need to be stretched. I need the pleasure of you pumping inside me, your thick cock stretching my holes. I want to choke on your cock be your fuck hole. Don’t take too long to decide,” saying this, she winked and left the hotel room.

I went into the shower thinking about tomorrow and how I would use her.

So guys, if you have liked this story about my college crush and are interested in the next part. Please give me your feedback and suggestions. You may give your feedback at [email protected]

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