Anushka, My Beautiful Sexy New Neighbor.

The weather was beautiful. I was sitting in my balcony and sipping a pint of Kingfisher. I saw a door to door cargo service truck at the entrance of my apartment block. I live in a gated community and we have six blocks. The truck was followed by a red color Swift.

A lady almost about 45 years got down from it. She began to direct the staff of that cargo service showing them where to take the stuff. I understood that this lady is going to occupy the apartment that had been empty for a couple of months above mine.

She saw me. I saw her I smiled at her and waved my bottle at her. She smiled back and that was it. In the evening, as I was going out I met the lady in the lift. I welcomed her to our community. I introduced myself, “I am Rahul, and I live right below you.”

I realized that it seemed a bit inappropriate. I corrected myself, “I mean, I live on the fourth floor, 4B and you have moved into 5B? Right?” The smile she gave me, my God! I just wanted to kiss her then and there. “Hi, I am Anushka,” She replied giving me her hand, “Yes I have come above you.”

I took her soft velvety hand and shook it. I said again, “Welcome to Estancia! Nice meeting you.” With that, we parted and my thoughts went back to what she said, “I have come above you.” Did she mean it? A week later I was at the supermarket and I ran into, yes, Anushka!

We chatted a bit and she offered me a lift in her car. I helped her carry her stuff to her apartment. When I was done placing her groceries in the kitchen, she offered me water. “Rahul, do you know any computer guy? My computer is having some problems. I am unable to figure out what is wrong with it.”

“Yes, I know,” I replied. “Can you share his details? I will ask him to it check out.” I replied, “Sure, He is right in front of you,” smiling at her. She punched me jokingly, but it felt awesome. I offered to look at it, she leads me to the system.

I told her that I can troubleshoot basic issues. Usually, it’s just basic issues unless the OS has got corrupted or so. While I was working on the issue, she came back with a couple of beers. She began chatting. In about 10 minutes, I got her system running and asked her to check it.

She checked it, got up and gave me a peck on the cheek, “Thank You, Rahul, you are a lifesaver.” She said it was boring without the system working. She then asked me how she can repay me. I replied that it was nothing but she insisted.

Testing her I replied, “In any way you want to.” With the beer in her hand, she raised her eyebrow questioningly and gave me a seductive smile and went to her room. I followed her finishing my beer. I found her in her bedroom. I went close to her.

I planted butterfly kisses all over Anushka’s neck, shoulders, and arms. I pulled off her loose top, unhooked her bra, exposing firm nipples waiting for attention. I circled her areolae with my tongue without touching her erect nipples, until she was begging for more.

As I was sucking and fondling with her breasts, her breath became heavy. She was letting our moans and gasps, I could only imagine what was going on in her panties. I then went way down to her belly button, massaging her with my hands and tongue.

I opened the button on her jeans, pulled her zipper down and pulled down her jeans. I threw them on the chair, hooking my thumbs in the waistband of her thong panties slid it to her ankles. She succumbed to my direction. I pressed her hand over her throbbing mound.

She gasped as I put two fingers in her dripping hot pussy. She wanted more, and I wanted to give her more. But I was not in a hurry, wanting to tease her. I kissed her full on her mouth. Her mouth tasted amazing. Her lips, as I imagined, were soft and supple yet firm and demanding. My dick was hard.

I kissed my way down to her breasts. Her nipples were as erect awaiting my return. I circled them teasingly, licking and lapping at them. Then took each nipple in my mouth, revealing in the taste, throbbing firmness, and obvious desire. I felt for her crotch, the juice was dripping down her legs.

Finally, I laid her down. She was intoxicated with ecstasy, and so was I. I lavished butterfly kisses on the insides of her thighs, running my hands feverishly over her hot body. She sucked her fingers and played with her straining nipples, awaiting my tongue’s next move.

I was so hot. I needed to taste more of her juices. Still kissing her thighs, I gently inserted two fingers in her wet pussy. She squealed and pumped my fingers as if they were a pulsing cock, begging me to fill her, harder and faster. My hand was drenched with her love juices.

I removed my fingers and inserted my tongue, making love to her with it until she came. I moved up to her pulsing clit and licked all around it. It throbbed without my even touching it. Holding her lips apart, I blew gently on her clit, watching it grow bigger as if pleading with me to take it between my lips.

With my fingers back in her pussy, I engulfed her clit with my mouth. God, it tasted good! I sucked and sucked until she came again. When she recovered, she said she wanted to taste me, nothing was going to stop me. I undressed in a flash, and I was rock hard. I went over to her.

Anushka said, “Oh yes, Rahul. Come over here and let me have some of that. Your dick is incredible. I need it.” She knelt and started licking my dick. I put my hands on her tits and started rubbing her nipples. She said, “Oh yes, Please Play with my nipples. I love the way you do that.”

Anushka was sucking my dick trying to insert her tongue in my dick hole. Then she would slide her wet tongue all along the length. Then she would go back, taking as much as she could. “Okay Rahul, fuck me, fuck my mouth.” she wrapped her lips around the head.

Then worked her way down, stroking with her mouth from balls to tip. My moans got louder, making her even hotter. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I shot my hot cum into her mouth. Anushka took all of it without spilling it out. I was spent, but Anushka was ready for more.

She made me suck her breasts. She went working to get my dick ready and hard to fuck her, with her expert manipulation I was rock hard again. I led her to the bed, lay her and spread her legs by keeping them on my shoulder. I gave a few kisses and tongue fucked her pussy.

Once it was ready to receive my now throbbing dick, I put my dick at her entrance and slid my entire length in. She gulped then, low, moaning sounds came from the mouth. I began my in-and-out action slowly, and then built up gradually so that after some time I was starting to really thump her.

I was wondering how long I could last, and then suddenly I found out. I came so quick, I couldn’t pull out, and shot inside her. Soon she moaned, nearing her orgasm, “Oh yes Rahul. Fuck me! Please fuck me harder! Harder! I am near!” I just kept going. I was so turned on that I didn’t soften.

Anushka’s pussy was like some sort of suction device that just kept sucking me back in. I was fucking Anushka hard now, and she cried out with each thrust. Finally, she began to shake uncontrollably, and she was gasping. It was awesome!

Since that day, Anushka and I get together almost every week. We spend time together, then head to the bedroom where we fuck, suck and enjoy each other to the fullest. We continued to pleasure each other, until I had to shift to Chennai, on to a better job.

I am now settled in Chennai, any women interested can connect with me at [email protected]

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