Meeting Your Past – Part 3 (Experiencing Extreme Pleasure)

Previous Part: Meeting Your Past – Part 2 (Sex In The Car)

Paru stood behind Suraj as he started opening his apartment’s door awaiting extreme pleasure. Her panties were drenched, and her breathing hadn’t subsided yet. The idiot was taking too much time opening the door. She wanted more than ever to get into the bed with him.

No guy had riled her up before, and she wanted to take revenge for that. Her mind was thinking of ways to pay him back for what he did to her in the car. She was engrossed in those thoughts. Suraj opened the door and stood beside her, asking her to get into the apartment like a gentleman.

“Was he going to take time now?” She pondered, hoping that he would get to action soon.

She heard the sound, and she knew what it was. It was the sound of a belt being taken off of pants with force. Suraj had taken his belt out of his pants. Strong hands grabbed Paru’s hands and pinned them back on her body.

“Heyy, what the fuck….” Before she could finish the sentence, Suraj did exactly what Paru had done to him. Tied up her hands to the back of her body using his belt. He turned her around and put his hand overhead. His force pushed her onto her knees, and she looked up at his eyes.

She loved where it was going. Suraj started taking off his pants, and soon, his already hard cock was out and inviting Paru’s lips. Paru smiles and takes it in. She starts sucking it, her lips reaching halfway of his length, but her mouth gets full.

She takes her tongue and swirls it around his head, bringing a subtle moan out of Suraj’s mouth. She starts going faster. She traces the lining of his head with the tip of her tongue. Suraj puts his hand on the wall for support as pre-cum oozes out of his cock.

Paru takes a step back, and looking into his eyes, she licks that pre-cum clean off of him. She takes his cock again, but this time she doesn’t stop mid-way and goes all the way. His tip touches the back of her throat. Suraj had planned this to show her her place and then take matters to the bedroom.

After watching her squirm in his car, he badly wanted to fuck her. But now, things were taking another turn. Paru was going hard on him, and he didn’t want to cum right then and there. Another hand went onto the wall. He started whimpering, trying to think of something to stop his urge to cum from building.

Paru sensed it, and she knew what she had to do. She kept bobbing her head up and down, licking him and sucking his cock as if it was a lollipop. It was to her, and she loved this one. She wanted this in her so badly, but she had to do this. She loved it when Suraj struggled hard to bear the pleasure she gave him.

Suraj started moving back, taking his cock out of Paru. This was a lost game, and he was wise enough to accept defeat. As he was about to take his cock out of Paru, she bit him with his teeth and held his cock in place.

“What the fuck?” He stopped midway as Paru’s tongue started rolling all around his head. The urge was building more and more in his body. It was seconds before he burst out in her mouth.

“No, don’t,” Paru pushed the tip of her tongue into his slit. It was the final nail in the coffin. Suraj’s body was hit with an intense orgasm that made him weak in the knees. He shot his load into Paru’s mouth while she kept sucking him hard. Her cheeks collapsed into her mouth as she sucked him with force.

The pleasure made him bend a little. His legs were giving away. Finally, it stopped. He was panting, sweat dripping from his forehead, and looked at the girl below him.

Paru was rolling her tongue all around her lips, licking the remaining traces of his cum left on her face. She gulped them down and gave a naughty smile.

“Done already?” She asked him mockingly.

He was filled up with anger at this woman who made him cum like he was her whore. He knew he had to show her her place. And so, grabbing her top, he made her stand up and walk to the bedroom. He threw her onto the bed and lifted her hips up. Her pants came down soon after, and he started spanking.

“Oh. Make sure you lick my pussy clean, baby, ” She mocked him. She knew he was going for her pussy. She was going to be ready this time. Suraj grabbed her ass cheeks and gave her asshole a nice lick from bottom to top. The smile vanished from Paru’s face.

She did not expect this. It was her weak spot. If Suraj kept on with this, she knew she was going to squirt like a firehose. That would make her lose control over him. She hated it.

“No, don’t,” she said to him, but it was too late. Suraj started eating her ass. Spitting over her asshole, he proceeded to lick it with his tongue and suck on it. Paru started moaning hard. It was not like the moans in the car. These moans were more like sounds from an animal.

Her body went into a state of uneasiness, and she couldn’t stay still. The pleasure was hitting all her nerve endings, and it was getting too much. She didn’t have the energy. Suraj started pushing the tip of his tongue into her ass and kept wiggling it.

Her hands were tied, and there was no way she could move on the bed to control it. She bit the pillow as hard as she could and waited for the pleasure to subside. Suraj pushed his tongue slowly into her tight asshole. Paru started shaking with pleasure.

She started crying. It was too much for her to bear. Begging him to stop, as his tongue went deeper in her, and he curved it up and started scratching the roof of her ass. He had hit the spot. She arched back so much as if it was going to break, and she cummed. She cummed like a firehose, just like she feared.

Suraj did not stop sucking her ass. Her breath stopped throughout her orgasm. Finally, she fell onto the bed with her eyes barely opening and gasped for breath. Suraj stood up and took his shirt off, and started cleaning his face and his body. She smelled great.

His cock was hard again, and he wanted to finish it with a bang. He started climbing onto Paru, her back turned towards him and his face over her shoulder. His cock was rubbing over her ass. He moved it below and started rubbing her pussy. Paru moaned ever so slightly to the touch of his head over her wet cunt.

She turned her head towards him, and he kissed her. He took her lips into his, and their tongues went into each other’s mouths. They exchanged saliva. He took his hand to the bottom and spread her legs slightly apart for his cock to enter her pussy. He pushed it into her.

Paru stopped exploring his mouth and moaned into it. He did not break the kiss and took her lower lip between her teeth, biting it and pull it back. He started fucking her from behind. His thrusts were increasing in speed. Soon, the bed started moving along with them, and her tits getting rubbed against the bed.

He started pumping his cock in her, taking it out and shoving it with force. He let go of her lip. Paru looked at him with eyes half-closed and moaning. His hard, strong thrusts were making her hair messy, and she had trouble focussing on his face.

He started going faster now, faster than a guy ever did her. His cock was literally drilling her pussy. She turned her face, and the sound of her screams increased exponentially. She screamed and begged him to not stop. He caressed her hair and started kissing, sucking, and biting her neck.

She bit her lip and tilted her head back. He bit her just below the chin and sucked on it, leaving a mark for her to remember her by. She was on the verge of cumming. Her pussy clenched on his cock, and it was milking him hard.

Pleasure built up inside him, and he was not wearing any protection. The hotness of her pussy and her soft insides literally were melting his cock, and it started throbbing. He wanted to take it out and not make a mess in her.

“Don’t take it out. Cum in me, please, ” For the last word, “please,” she bit her lip and moaned that word out loud. Suraj couldn’t take it anymore and gave her a hard, deep thrust. It went deeper than before, and his tip touched her g spot and started rubbing on it.

“Fuck, I’m cumming, baby,” She screamed into his ear, and together they screamed out like animals and cummed at once. His cock filling her pussy up with his load while she gushed out once again like a firehose.

Suraj fell on her, his body tired and exhausted. Paru put her hand on his face as she panted, trying to stay conscious. But her exhausted body drifted into sleep. They both lay there all night, naked after their hot make-up sex.

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