Sex With Best Friend Pooja

Hello people, I am back with another story which happened to me with one of my best friend Pooja. She is 6 ft tall and has good assets. She is married for the last 5 years and has a 2-year-old son. We work together in an MNC company. We were on the same team and stayed nearby so we use to go and come in the same cab to our office.

We use to interact a lot and were working together for almost 3 years and that too almost 9 hours a day. Including traveling time, we use to spend 11 hours daily together. This made us come close to each other, being frank and sharing everything (even the most personal stuff).

People who are new in our office first thought that we are a couple and then they come to know that we are best friends. We had that kind of bonding.

Pooja’s husband was a businessman and use to travel a lot.

I remember it was a day of Diwali when this happened. I was invited by my best friend Pooja for Diwali celebrations at her place. As it was nearby and I had nothing to do that day, I went to her place in the evening at around 7 pm. I thought there would be many people, but to my surprise, it was only me and Pooja and her 2-year kid.

I inquired and she said that nobody wanted to come as all were busy with their personal celebrations. I replied saying, “It’s okay, we can enjoy ourselves.” I inquired about her husband and she said in a low tone, “As usual, he is out of town for 3 days for business purpose.”

I somewhere knew my best friend was sad but was hiding it. I gave her a hug and consoled her by saying, “I am here, so we will enjoy to the fullest”. I also kiddingly told Pooja to consider me her husband for that day and forget everything and winked at her. She naughtily replied, “Umm, my husband for a day? Okay.”

We had some snacks, juice and then I started playing with her kid, burst some crackers and played music and all. Pooja was happy which was visible in her smile. Time passed and it was almost 9.30 pm. Her son was feeling sleepy so she fed him and made him sleep.

I and Pooja then started our dinner. While passing on dishes and stuff on the table, I saw my married friend’s bare boobs and cleavage many times. But I had no bad feelings of doing anything.

We were done with dinner and were just sitting and talking office stuff and all. It was around 11 pm and I told Pooja that I should leave now.

Pooja: Can’t you stay here tonight?

Me (in a shocked tone): How can I.. I mean..!

Pooja: You asked me to consider you as my husband today..So..

Me: I said that to cheer you up.

Pooja: Then don’t make sad halfway. I am all yours, your wife for the night.

Me (again shocked): Are you ok and in your right senses?

Pooja: Yes, I am and that’s why I am asking you for this.

Before I could utter a word, Pooja came close and kissed me on my lips! I was a bit surprised, but the taste of her juicy lips made me mad. I responded back passionately. We were on cloud nine kissing each other passionately.

While kissing, I was rolling my hand in her bareback over her blouse and moving forward to her waist. She let out a soft moan and whispered in my ear, “Let’s go in my bedroom.”

We reached her bedroom, kissing each other and locked the door.

I quickly locked the door. I pulled her pallu and rolled her saree off. She was standing there in just her green petticoat and matching blouse. In that dim light, my best friend was looking gorgeous and sexy.

I went on to her back and hugged her tightly from behind. My tool was erect by now and was getting hard on her ass.

I pushed her on the wall, stretched her hands, pinned on the wall and started kissing all of her bare body. Pooja was moaning softly and was enjoying every touch of mine. I unhooked her blouse from the back and untied her petticoat which immediately fell on the floor.

She was standing there only in her lacy green color bra and panty. I turned her around and kissed on her lips, followed by her neck, earlobes, and shoulder. My married female bestie was moaning and scratching my back over my clothes.

Pooja then took off my kurta and pajama in one go and I was there only in my underwear. She was too horny, she pinned me on the wall and sat down on her knees and lowered my underwear and in no time, she started blowing my penis.

Pooja was sucking my dick like a pro and I was enjoying a lot. My best friend sucked and licked my cock for almost 15-20 minutes and made my penis completely wet.

I then made her stand and pushed her on the bed, went on top of her and started kissing her all over. I reached her shoulder and pulled down her bra strap with my teeth and exposed her boobs. Her dark brown erect nipples on that fair body was like toppings.

I started licking her nipples and she was oozing out breastmilk. Pooja asked me to lick it hard and I obeyed and licked her dry. She was enjoying and calling my name, “Ahhh..oohhh..yes.. Suck it harder.. Come on Raj.. Suck it.. Aaahhh..ouchhh..”

Kissing all over, I reached her navel. I licked Pooja’s navel and filled it with my saliva. She was moaning and screaming by now.

I went between her leg and kissed her pussy over her panty. She went mad and forced my head hard on her pussy.

I tore off her panty out of excitement and started licking my best friend’s pussy as hard as I can. With my hand, I stretched her pussy lips more and went deep, licking and tongue fucking it. Pooja was now shivering and bouncing like crazy and was moaning heavily.

Then I turned her around and kissed all over her back. I kissed her round ass and licked her asshole. She was enjoying like anything. Without wasting much time, I placed her in missionary position and entered her wet pussy. With the first push, I had my complete penis inside Pooja and she screamed. I asked if she was okay?

Pooja: I am ok, it is just that I am taking a penis inside me after a long time so a bit paining.

Me: Don’t worry, I will be gentle.

Pooja: I don’t want you to be gentle. Fuck me as hard as you can, I want to feel that pain.

Hearing this, I started fucking the married girl hard. Pooja was following the pace and was moving her hips with every stroke, which made my penetrations deeper. We both were in ecstasy.

I asked her whether she wants to be fucked in a new way? She was ready for anything. So I tied her saree on the fan hook and placed one rod at the bottom. I rolled the saree in a way that when you hang on it, it will rollback.

I Iied down with my erect penis and asked Pooja to come on top and sit on my penis in a way that my penis would be deep inside her pussy. She obeyed. I asked her to hold the rod which was tied on top with the saree. She was holding the rod with my penis inside her pussy.

Then I asked her to raise her legs as much as she can and free her body. Pooja did that. She was rolling with my penis inside her pussy. It was kind of like drilling her pussy and she was enjoying like anything with loud moans.

Pooja took almost 30-40 penetrations till the saree was completely back to the normal position. She was in heaven and came twice.

She was then exhausted. She left the rod and fell on me.

We took a 5 minutes break. Then I placed her on the bed and went back to missionary position and started fucking her hard. Pooja was screaming more loudly now and was moaning as well,

“Aahhhh… Ooohhh.. Fuuucckkk.. Harrrdddeerr.. Tear me apart… Aaaahhh….”

I fucked her for almost 20 minutes and told her that I was about to come. She said that she was about to come as well. She asked me to come inside her. I obeyed and filled her pussy with my cum. She came at the same time and let out a sigh of relief.

We laid there for some time and then cleaned ourselves and got dressed. I wore her husband’s night suit and she wore her nightie.

Pooja thanked me for this wonderful and satisfying session and asked if we can have many more such sessions later. I agreed and we had another session after some time in her balcony under the lights of crackers and lantern which I will narrate the next story.

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