Sex, Blackmail And The Real Estate Deal – Part 1

Delhi was becoming overpopulated each month. There was a requirement for Delhi and the adjoining areas in the neighboring states to grow and develop. Dwarka, a newly constructed township in Delhi, was already an example of the booming real estate sector.

Kukreja Developers did well in Ghaziabad. They were already constructing sectors with a total of 150 flats. Praveen Kukreja was the owner of the company. He was around 48 and looked like a typical old-school real estate guy.

He usually wore grey safari suits. He was 5.5 feet high and had a potbelly. Chewing pan masala and consuming alcohol had swollen his cheek that protruded out of the face and hung downwards. He had two college-going boys.

His wife Sarla was a fat, illiterate lady who walked tilted towards her left because of arthritis. Needless to say, Kukreja had a miserable sex life. Kukreja developers had their office in Kaushambi.

His wife was a director in the company. But she had signed a power of attorney, allowing her husband to take all the decisions. It was around 3 pm, and Praveen Kukreja was in his office. He was just about to put a spoon full of pan masala in his mouth.

A navy blue Jaguar (luxury car) stopped in front of his office. A lady got down from the Jaguar and walked into his office. She wore a typical corporate suit, a tight grey skirt, and a coat over a cream shirt. Her hair was neatly and tightly tied behind her head into a big, long ponytail.

Her eyebrows were properly shaped. She wore glossy lipstick on her shapely lips that were shaped with a lip liner. There was a tiny mole under her chin.  Praveen Kukreja was used to young couples entering his office. But this kind of corporate honcho was the first of its kind to enter his office.

“Hi, I am Oozmi Khan,” she said as she sat on the guest chair in front of his table. Kukreja’s office boy offered her a tray with a glass of chilled water on it. She sipped the water slowly, leaving marks on her lips on the glass.

She said she represented a corporation that wanted to buy 5 flats and a commercial plot that Kukreja developers were constructing.  She said her company wanted to buy 5 top floors and turn them into penthouses for the company’s big shots to stay.

She said the average cost of each of the top floors was 30 lacs, but she would pay only 15 lacs. Before Oozmi Khan could complete her offer, Praveen Kukreja interrupted her by saying that the offer was too low to consider. Even if it was for 5 flats.

Oozmi Khan smiled and very sweetly said, “Hear me out, Kukreja Saab. I will pay 15 lacs in cash and 15 lacs in a cheque for each flat.” Kukreja accepted the offer. Oozmi Khan suggested that they visit the site and show him which flats she exactly wanted.

Kukreja suggested that since it was almost sunset, they should visit the site tomorrow. Oozmi Khan expressed dissatisfaction. She fiddled something into her phone and sent a missed call to the driver. The driver entered the office with a trolley bag and handed it over to her.

Oozmi Khan said sternly said, “Kukreja Saab, the deal will be today or never. This case has 75 lacs. Keep it or leave it. “Praveen Kukreja had never been dominated by a lady before. The fragrance of money changed his mind. Praveen Kukreja asked, “Your car or mine?”

Oozmi smiled back and replied, “Let it be my car, Kukreja Saab.” They both got into the Jaguar, which the driver was driving. Oozmi Khan was Iranian by birth and had married Shahdaab Khan. She now had Indian citizenship. Shahdaab Khan was an Indian but a partner of a renowned Middle East-based builder.

They soon reached the site. It was 4 pm. She got her car stopped in front of the 1st building of the plot. All the blocks had 20 stories, and she would be buying 5 top floor flats in each of the first five blocks. They both got onto the construction lift and reached the top floor.

Once the lift stopped at the top floor, they both got out of the lift, one after the other. Oozmi Khan looked around the flat. She took out a cheque-book from her laptop bag. She looked for a place. An old table used by the workers was kept there. She bent over the table to sign the cheque.

Her back was towards Praveen Kukreja. While she was writing the cheque, Praveen Kukreja was watching her bums. His mind was filling up with lust for Oozmi Khan. Suddenly Oozmi Khan stood up and turned around. She saw Kukreja watching her arse.

She smiled and handed him the cheque of another 75 lacs. Praveen Kukreja saw that her signatures were strangely seductive. The first two Os in her name were perfect circles and had two dots in their center and resembled boobs.

Praveen Kukreja suggested leave. But Oozmi Khan took out papers from her laptop bag and asked him to complete the formalities. Kukreja agreed as there was still some light. The construction was on the shelf throughout the week as the laborers had gone to their villages for Holi.

Kukreja took the papers and bent over the same table to sign them. He strained his eyes, trying to read what was written. Suddenly his expression changed after reading the papers. Each of the five papers was to buy all the 150 flats that Kukreja developers were building.

After buying all the 150 flats, Oozmi Khan wanted to revamp them into luxurious apartments and sell them at a much higher price. They would name the area as ‘Necropolis,’ and no one would remember Kukreja developers.

Praveen Kukreja declined to sell off all the 150 flats. Oozmi Khan pushed him to the wall and pressed herself on him. She whispered, “Kukreja Saab, I will pay you 15 lacs for each flat. Don’t miss the chance.”

Praveen Kukreja had never been this close to a sophisticated lady before. Oozmi Khan smelt beautiful. The fragrance of expensive cosmetics and ‘ittar’  was enchanting Praveen Kukreja. He never got this close even to his wife in years. He found himself mumbling something, which still was a dissent.

Oozmi Khan pulled herself away from him. But kept Praveen Kukreja pressed to the wall with one of her hands. She pulled out her rubber band from the ponytail and let it fall loosely on her shoulders by briefly shaking her head. She bent down slightly and inserted her hand inside her skirt.

She pulled down her lacy red panty till her knees. She lifted each one of her legs to remove it completely. She unbuttoned the top three buttons of her shirt. Oozmi Khan again bent over and pressed herself on Kukreja. She got her face close to his big mouth.

Although she didn’t like the stench of pan masala and gutka, she wanted to close the deal desperately. She whispered to Kukreja, “I will allow you to touch each part of my body for each signature of yours.” After saying these words, she left Kukreja and took a step back.

Kukreja was sweating and thinking about what to do. She took Praveen Kukreja’s hands and placed them on her boobs. Praveen Kukreja had never fondled such soft and boobs before. He lost his patience and signed one set of papers for 30 flats.

After signing the papers, he started unbuttoning the remaining 3 buttons of her shirt. After parting the sides of her shirt, he placed his hands on her boobs partially covered with a red lacy bra. He fondled the boobs over the bra to feel their softness.  He pulled out the boobs from the cups and groped them.

The boobs were large, and the portions of the boobs he squeezed went pink. Even his wife had big boobs. But they were shaggy. His wife’s nipples hung upside down from her big boobs. Oozmi Khan’s boobs were firm. The hard but small nipples were pointing to the front.

They were hard and pink in color that covered only a small portion of her white boobs. On the other hand, his wife had big nipples that were dark brown and were spreading out.  The nipples on his wife’s boobs were too fat and soft enough to get him turned off.

Praveen Kukreja bent down to suck one of her boobs. Oozmi Khan covered her boobs with one hand. She wanted him to sign another set of papers before sucking her boobs. Lust had overpowered Praveen Kukreja’s business sense. He quickly signed another set of papers for another 30 flats.

Once the signatures were done,  he left the papers and held both boobs of Oozmi Khan in his hands.  He lifted one of the boobs and put it inside his mouth. He started sucking her right boob and fondled the left one. He dribbled on her nipple with his tongue.

Then he changed sides and fondled the right one while sucking her left boob. He pressed his face between her boobs and licked the cleavage with his tongue. While Praveen Kukreja was playing with Oozmi Khan’s boobs, he inserted one of his hands underneath her skirt.

He was blindly searching for her crotch. After a while, when he had rubbed the entire stretch of her firm thighs with his palms and was just about to reach her pussy, Oozmi Khan stopped his hand, gripping his wrist with her hand. She wanted him to sign another set of papers before he touched her pussy.

Praveen Kukreja frantically signed the third set of papers giving away a total of 90 flats to ‘Necropolis Estates’.  After completing the papers, Oozmi Khan pushed him against the wall, putting her entire weight on him. She pressed her soft but big boobs on the area over his chest and just below his chin.

Praveen Kukreja gladly rested his chin on her white boobs. Her hard and pink nipples were pricking him on his throat. Oozmi Khan tightened her grip on his wrist and guided his hands on her pussy. Praveen Kukreja simply placed his hands on her crotch to feel its difference from his wife’s crotch.

Oozmi Khan had a beautiful pussy that Praveen Kukreja never dreamt of in his entire life.  Praveen Kukreja was a fan of Mallu porn. But usually, those videos had fat and fleshy females with whom he could relate to his wife.

On touching Oozmi Khan’s pussy, Praveen Kukreja realized that she had shaved her pussy around a week back. New pubic hair was growing over her pussy and felt like a brush with super soft bristles. The muscles on her vagina were soft, and the clitoris was much tighter than his wife’s.

Oozmi Khan held his hands with both her hands. She pulled out his middle finger, bending all the other fingers towards the palm. She got his finger inserted inside her vagina. Praveen Kukreja closed his eyes, feeling mesmerized as his finger slowly entered Oozmi Khan’s moist clitoris.

She grabbed his wrist and began moving his hand up and down with his finger inside. Praveen Kukreja’s fingers were proportionately thick. He had small, thin hair on the upper side of the fingers. Oozmi Khan’s pussy was tight even to his fingers.

Oozmi Khan began to enjoy and get aroused by his finger moving inside her cunt. She closed her eyes in pleasure but opened them again very soon. She got out of her high heel shoes, fearing to get imbalanced in pleasure. Oozmi Khan left his wrist after providing him the cue.

Praveen Kukreja excitedly entered two fingers together, inside her cunt. He began to vigorously move his fingers inside her pussy. A current of pleasure ran through Oozmi Khan’s body. She lifted her heels, stretching her legs and toes due to extreme pleasure.

She swayed her head from right to left and then back to the right, keeping her eyes closed as Praveen Kukreja continued finger fucking her.  Shortly after experiencing some real pleasure, she got back to her job. Praveen Kukreja was finger fucking Oozmi Khan, the horny bitch.

She worked with her hands to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his trousers. She dipped her hands inside Praveen Kukreja’s underwear to grab his dick. She brought his dick out of his underwear and gently massaged it. His dick was already hard. It was small but thick.

Strands of pubic hair came out of his balls and also grew around his dick. Praveen Kukreja was still fingering her pussy. She bent over forward and said after holding his hand and stopping his fingers from moving, “Kukreja Saab, your dick could replace your fingers. Sign the remaining papers.”

She continued while slowly stroking his penis, “Sell off the remaining flats to Necropolis.” Kukreja argued that he would be at a loss if he accepts the deal. Oozmi Khan lifted her skirt above her thighs and squatted on the floor.

From a higher altitude, the view of Oozmi Khan’s white boobs with a tinge of pinkness. Her white knees and thighs looked even more awesome to Praveen Kukreja. She saw fragments of lint deposited under these mushrooms like a dick head. She rubbed the underside of his dickhead to clean it off the lint deposits.

After cleaning, she took her tongue out of her mouth and placed Kukreja’s dick on her tongue. She took his dick inside her mouth and sucked. Praveen Kukreja closed his eyes. I lifted his face upward to feel his dick getting wet with Oozmi Khan’s saliva.

She gripped his dick with her lips and sucked to give him the utmost pleasure. After sucking for a while and enchanting Praveen Kukreja with her blowing, she replied, “I will allow you to keep 10 flats after our construction is complete.  You can sell them at a higher price and can make up your loss.”

Hearing the condition, Praveen Kukreja suddenly got out of a trance and began to rethink the offer. Oozmi Khan continued sucking. Unable to hold himself any longer, he signed the third set of papers. After signing the papers, Praveen Kukreja closed his eyes to experience the wonderful blowjob by Oozmi Khan.

After Oozmi Khan was done and she stood up, Praveen Kukreja realized that the damage was already done. He had already sold  120 flats to Necropolis by signing most of the papers. He started to cry like a child. He kneeled down on his knees and begged Oozmi Khan for help.

Oozmi Khan came closer to Praveen Kukreja. She covered his head with her skirt and rubbed her pussy over his face. He grabbed her legs and lifted his nose to sniff her pussy.  He was again getting weakened from the smell of her pussy and pre-cum that his fingers had brought.

Praveen Kukreja slowly took out his tongue and touched her pussy with it. He started to lick her pussy slowly. He rubbed his tongue on the puffed-up vagina of Oozmi Khan.  She started to sway her waist sideways, responding to his tongue touched on her pussy.

He searched for her clitoris by moving his tongue around. Soon as his tongue located the clitoris. He inserted his tongue between the two labia. He found that the love tunnel or the cunt was narrow. His tongue had to push itself inside them. Slowly most of his tongue was inside her pussy.

He began to flicker his tongue, trying to taste the pre-cum trapped inside the moist love tunnel. While Praveen Kukreja’s tongue explored Oozmi Khan’s vagina, she turned her face towards the parapet and the window. She looked at the setting sun.

For some unknown reason, she wanted to complete the paperwork before it got dark. Since she was also getting pleasure from Praveen Kukreja’s tongue job, she allowed some more time for this. She lifted her skirt up to her waist. Now both  Praveen Kukreja’s head and her pussy  were in the open.

She inclined her thighs, lowering herself a little to enable Praveen Kukreja to explore deeper inside her pussy. Now she began to sway her waist back and forth, grabbing Kukreja by his head.  She kept his face pressed tightly to her cunt while he inserted his tongue deeper inside her clitoris.

Praveen Kukreja had never licked a pussy in his entire life. He tried doing this with his wife once. She got turned off, thinking it was unhygienic. Considering his first time, he was undoubtedly doing a good job. After getting satisfied, he pulled his tongue out of her pussy. He grabbed her thighs and sucked her labia.

He tickled her by touching the lower ends of her vagina with his tongue. They were much more sensitive than the other areas.  It was getting late.  Oozmi Khan stopped Praveen Kukreja from sucking her delicious pussy and asked him to sign the papers.

Praveen Kukreja argued it was getting dark and they should do the remaining formalities later at his office. Oozmi Khan knew that he was looking for an excuse to buy time. She pulled away from Praveen Kukreja and turned around. She walked towards the table on which the laptop bag was kept.

Her back was towards Praveen Kukreja. She bent over the table and lifted her skirt to expose her buttocks. Very seductively, Oozmi Khan moaned, “Kukreja Saab, there is sufficient light for you to sign the documents and put your dick inside my pussy.”

Praveen Kukreja was wonderstruck at the sight of her buttocks. She had a pair of round swelled up bums. He walked towards her like a zombie, with his pants down to his ankles. He placed his trembling hands on Oozmi Khan’s ass cheeks. They were as soft as molds of cotton.

There was another tiny mole on her right ass cheek. Her shirt and skirt were lifted over her waist. An Arabic inscription was tattooed on her lower back, just above her hips. Praveen Kukreja could not hold himself any longer. He frantically signed the 4th set of papers.

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