A Little Spice In Our Marriage

We are married for close to ten years and frankly, sex was not that great. As lovers, we did our share of kissing in parks and groping when no one is around but after marriage, things turned out to be a bit dull. Having a four-year-old kid and IT jobs, all that we could do was early morning fingering sessions and halfway sloppy blow jobs.

My wife Shruthi has a healthy physique with meat around the right areas. Her breasts are larger than most women of her age at 33 and dark nipples just add to the beauty. We try talking fantasies while foreplay which mostly includes threesome or her with a male escort in Thailand, which are all my way of doing the routine differently.

One day, while our son was busy watching his favorite cartoon with granny, my wife came over to our bedroom to take shower. The mornings are usually filled with office calls but that day, I felt an urge to join her. We don’t normally have sex to the extent that I enter her, more scared of conceiving a kid over pleasure and ecstasy.

My wife was naked with water running through her body when I knocked. I was greeted by a smiling face eagerly asking if I cared to join. My eyes were glued to her breasts and erect nipples. Within no time, I was with her, drenching my body in the warm shower.

The sense of naked bodies touching each other under showers is always refreshing. In no time, I was kissing her. Her lips, soft like butter, were melting in my mouth and I knew she was all mine when her tongue came in to meet mine.

My hands were running all over her back and buttocks, occasionally rubbing the butt hole and outer vagina. We took a break to shampoo each other and I took good care of her hair.

I usually love applying soap to her and today was no different. My fingers ran through my wife’s breasts to her thighs, legs and buttocks, the smell of Shia butter and the womanly scent was enough for me to get back to kissing her.

A couple of minutes to kissing her, I went down her neck making her wiggle and turn her back to me.

The running water on her neck felt sweet like honey while my hands were groping her breasts. Her nipples, erect and hard were dancing between my fingers. Occasional rubbing down her clit made her all wet down there and I could already feel the stickiness on my fingers.

The hard water from the shower meant we had to wrap up before either of us caught a flu.

We carefully cleaned up and while she was drying her hair, I glanced through my emails to keep my head clear of work. She sitting at the corner of our bed drying her hair was enough to walk my lusty senses.

I took the role of a hairdresser and dried her hair but before she could pick her panties, I had her pinned down and kissing on her voluptuous lips.

My hands were quick to go down and grope my wife’s breasts but this time, I gave her a nice pinch on her nipples. It was painful but before she could express her agony, my fingers were on her vagina. It was enough to make her horny and she responded by holding my penis and jerking it.

We kept kissing for a while but the routine sexual foreplay and the thought of how this would end made me uncomfortable and I felt slowly losing my heart in it.

A sudden thought hit me and while she had her eyes closed and feeling every touch of my fingers on her body while we were kissing, I broke the kiss to another fantasy. These fantasy stories and circumstances made her horny and I have found this to give her a faster orgasm. This time, it was different.

What I asked her took her by surprise but the built-in sexual urge from the past hour in the shower and now in bed made her agree. The idea was to open the bedroom curtain while I was fingering her!

My wife was on the bed all naked with her breasts pushing up with nipples as cherries. I was happy to hear her ask if someone would see us but I assured her that no one was around.

We stay on the eighth floor of a large community apartment and 70 odd meters away is a construction site developing the next phase of apartments. I knew I can’t lose her and can’t move away from kissing her to keep the excitement alive.

I managed to pull the curtain away by my legs, a bit of struggle but did the job. I was naked with my wife holding my penis and her left hand covering her eyes to keep away from the sunlight. The sight of her sleeping naked is beyond words.

While I assured my wife that no one could see us, I knew I had the attention of three construction workers. They could locate our apartment and maybe recognize us outside one day but today, even if they took a video, no one can tell it was us. That was how we were placed on the bed but, they could see all that I wanted them to see. My naked wife, her breasts, beautiful thighs and us kissing while she was jerking my penis.

I wanted to take this a bit forward and while I pushed my fingers in her vagina, I told her what if people were actually seeing us do this? And she squeezed her thighs pushing my fingers deeper.

I knew she was enjoying this adventure, not knowing people were actually watching us. I kissed her deeper and breaking the lip lock, told her that people could see her breasts and erect nipples. I don’t know if she knew that was true but each time I told her something, her hips responded with movement.

I asked my wife to spread her legs and show them her vagina and I was surprised that she did, kept her legs wide apart for almost a minute letting me run my fingers, spread the vagina lips, rub her clit and take two fingers deep inside.

In this whole process of voyeurism and my wife’s moaning, I had an orgasm and my cum running all over her hands.

It took only a couple more minutes and what I felt on my fingers and her expressions, an orgasm like never before. I saw tears running through her eyes and a low moan with a shiver lasting good 30 seconds.

When she settled, I swiftly closed the curtain with my leg not giving her a chance to peep out and see if someone was around.

I still feel there are eyes locked on to our bedroom window and I plan to do a similar act at night with lights.

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