Loyalty – Part 1 (Love Of My Life)

Hello! My name is BisX, and this wonderful story about the love of my life is my first work of art on this website. Enjoy!

Date: 12th July 2021
Time: 7:28 PM

We stood hand-in-hand at the railway station in Bangalore, facing towards the tracks as the train arrived. The crowd rushed in along with us into the semi-packed-up train. The bell rang, the doors closed, and off we went on the journey towards home. And the person still standing hand-in-hand with me?

That’s Manisha. The one and only childhood friend who turned into my college crush, office colleague. Now officially, 2 years of being my beautiful wife. She giggled as she sweated and asked me about the boss’s work.

Manisha: Hey Arjun, don’t you think the boss is too bitchy right now? I mean, the honeymoon plan was ruined, and now this? Don’t they expect a wonderful couple to have a da-

Me: Date night? Of course, he does! Just the fact that he is jealous.

Manisha: Of whom?

Me: Of me. Having you. As my sweet wife.

An elderly couple sitting opposite to us giggled and shook their heads. Manisha slapped me on my shoulder with her beautifully sculpted right hand. Slowly, the packed train became a little empty.

And I could adore her, just like I used to adore her back in my college days. But this time, I was tired and dazed into the naughty abyss.

38C firm breasts, with a 32 size waist and a peachy 36 size butt, was the perfect combo for any woman. I still remember the first night we had intercourse. We stayed up all night on the lovely decorated queen size bed. The sex we had for the first time was like a dream come true for both of us.

She sucked my 7 inch penis like a champ, covering the whole size. She was gagging by hitting the end of her throat. I was slapping the penis from outside on her cheeks a few times, then bringing it out with a bunch of bubbly, sticky saliva running down her chin and my shaft.

All without using her hands as support. Because they were busy fondling my balls and rubbing my thighs. The ‘titty fuck’, as she exclaimed, was as good as seen in a porn movie. But this was reality, and this was a thousand times better!

I could never forget kissing her navel. And then turning her around like a toy and chewing on her munchy, fleshy butt cheeks. The mounds of flesh could hardly be not chewed on or spanked by me whenever I saw them at home.

The first time I ever saw a vagina, I was mesmerized. I was scared at the fact that she was truly my first time. She came on top of me as I saw her underboob. Then she covered my face with her vaginal lips. I sucked from top to bottom – from the clitoris till the cute, little butthole.

The pleasure I felt while entering her vagina was more than just ecstasy. She even let me discharge in her mouth like she secretly planned. Such a sneaky girl! But later on, what took me by surprise was her first ever anal sex. She was prepared. And by all means, she WAS.

If she could be described in a phrase, it would be – a form of Goddess with expertise in sexual intercourse. Her butt was tight. But through intense licking and lubing with oil, we managed to perform it. What she thought was ‘incredible at the first go.’ And we repeated this.

6 times, throughout the night, in so many different positions, like a cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, 69, and many more. The screams and moans were loud enough to keep the neighbors awake. Thanks to the air-conditioned room, the sounds were dampened a lot, but still not enough.

I bet the in-laws were surprised by our stamina through some eavesdropping. It is quite common in Indian families. Later on, she explained her first-ever ‘pussy pounding’ to be exceptionally better than she had imagined.

Soon, she snapped me back into reality by giving me a peck on the cheeks through the mask.

I never imagined her as a dirty girl because I truly loved her. I was more into her personality. A personality, which defied all human beliefs. Kind, rational, and even a little humorous. The perfect wife from every aspect. Never did I look at any other girl like I looked at her.

But little did we know, that lovely evening was the last evening we ever had together. While returning home, we were walking on the sparsely populated evening streets and cracking jokes like casual Indian comedians. She suddenly collapsed to the ground in my arms.

She told me that she couldn’t feel her legs and her head was hurting. I immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital. Her ears were bleeding. I feared the worst, and it happened.

The doctors confirmed it. It was a brain hemorrhage, and I recalled that she slipped and fell on the bathroom floor while bathing in the morning. And that evening, she left me forever.

Date: 14th August 2021
Time: 7:42 PM

I was at the same railway station, drunk after work. Never did I drink this much. But that evening, I did. I could feel my head getting heavy. I couldn’t stand up anymore. As soon as I was about to collapse, a soft pair of hands caught me from the back.

I remembered only a tiny bit of information before passing out. The fragrance that covered me among people rushing in to save me was a sweet jasmine scent. The one that Manisha always wore.

The next time I opened my eyes, I was in a small apartment, lying on a couch. I was covered up with a blanket, and my clothes weren’t on me. Just my boxers since I never wore a vest. I was a bit skeptical as I struggled to get up.

Suddenly a sweet voice squeaked from on top of my head. I tilted my head back and saw a short, petite girl. Standing in front of a window filled with pouring golden sunshine, she was looking like a guardian angel.

Stranger: Sorry, Sir, I didn’t think you would be awake so soon. Are you feeling alright?

Me: Can you tell me who you are? And why did you save me? And where are my clothes!?

In the next chapter, find out who the stranger is. And what becomes of them when they get to know each other?

If anyone has any feedback related to my work about my unexpected love story or has any fantasies, creative ideas, etc., do let me know through my email: [email protected]

Thank you for reading!

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