Married neighbor wants me to satisfy her lust

Hello to all the lovely readers. This is Kumar writing again from Bangalore about my married neighbor. As always, I would appreciate the support from the readers who share the feedback and comments via my email.

The story I am sharing today involves my neighbor who has just got married a few months ago. Her name is Vaishali, and she had come back to her parent’s house for a few days.

We used to smile at each other and have small talks. She was not a cheerful and smiling person anymore. She smiled at me and talked to me like normal, but I knew that she was not happy.

She told me that her husband spends most of his time at work. That made me realize that her husband was not taking her good care. My neighbor Vaishali was an attractive and hot-looking woman.

When I sensed trouble in her marriage, I started to have dirty thoughts about her. I wanted to make her happy and help her get back to the cheerful person she was.

One fine day, her parents had to go out of town for an emergency. But Vaishali chose to stay at home. She was sitting on the balcony and having tea. It was a good time for me to chat with her.

We exchanged our numbers and started to chat on WhatsApp. Then it became private chats. She told me that her husband would have his orgasm within minutes when they had sex, and there was no foreplay. That would leave her unsatisfied and eventually make her sad.

I tried my best to console her, and she invited me for dinner the next day. After finishing dinner, she suggested watching a movie. We watched a Hindi movie while being seated on the sofa. Throughout the movie, we kept chatting as the movie was boring.

Sometimes, she would hit me casually, and I would take that opportunity to feel her soft hands. Once I held her hands, and we made direct eye contact. This was the ice breaker moment, and I had to make full use of it.

Then I pulled my neighbor towards me and hugged her tightly. She hugged me as well and held me tight. I went for her lips and started kissing her hard. I could feel the deliciousness of her sweet lips.

Vaishali was responding well to my kiss and started to bite my lips. Then I started squeezing her boobs, for which she started letting out soft moans. We then moved to the bedroom.

She wanted to be blindfolded, and I tied a scarf around her eyes. She was happy to be trying one of her fantasies. I tied her hands to the bed after removing her top. I used a dupatta to tie her hands and also removed her pant.

My hot neighbor was in her black bra and panty. Then I removed her bra and panty to make her completely naked. I started licking her boobs, also pulling her nipples which were getting erect already.

Then I went down, licking to her navel and eventually her pussy. She was shaking in excitement, but her hands were still tied. After few minutes of wildly licking her pussy, she let out her juices over me, which I drank happily. Then I entered my dick into her pussy in missionary style to give her a good fuck.

She needed it desperately. We fucked in this position for a few minutes and had our first orgasm. Then I made her turn around and tied her hands again with her back towards me. Her ass was looking sexy, and I decided to fuck her virgin ass.

I climbed on top of her along with cream in hand. I massaged over her back and neck with the cream. That was giving her some kind of pleasure, as evident from her moaning. In between, I used to cup breasts gently, and that was driving her crazy.

Going down, I started to squeeze her ass then applied some cream on her ass in between her ass cheeks. In between, I used to insert my fingers in her asshole. She would moan when I did that. I would take more cream and push my fingers deep into her hole. It was tight in there, and I told her to relax.

Initially, she experienced some pain, but after some time, she started liking it. I was also massaging and spanking her ass. Then I went to lay over her back, and my dick was above her ass now. Vaishali started raising her ass when she started feeling my cock.

She was expecting my dick in her pussy, but I started entering my dick into her asshole. She started screaming. She had tears rolling down from her eyes. She was hesitant, but I succeeded in pushing my cock more into her asshole.

It was so tight in there, and I started feeling the walls of her hole gripping over my cock. I had to kiss her over her back and shoulders to make her relax. I kept telling her that the pain will go down soon.

Then I started humping her ass with gentle strokes to make her comfortable and also enjoy ass fucking. Slowly she started enjoying and moaning as well. Finally, I came inside her ass and completely drenched her ass hole with my juices.

After some time, I made her stand in the doggy style and started fucking her from behind. I was also fingering her pussy and started massaging her clit that was driving her crazy like anything.

I kept humping her for few minutes, and then her ass started loosening up. I was able to feel the pressure building in my neighbor’s pussy. Also, I was about to hit my climax. I feel over her back, and I was squeezing both her boobs.

She started shaking and had a big orgasm. That made her ass become tighter, and that lead me to cum big time inside her. I squeezed her boobs really hard while I was letting out my juices inside her. I untied her hands and fell next to her.

She was resting on my chest with her boobs touching me nicely. I was running my hands all over her body, and she was enjoying that kind of touch. Vaishali then told me that she never had a proper orgasm with her husband. She was happy to have it with me, along with losing her ass virginity.

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