Fucked My Girl Best Friend in College

Hi Ladies and Gents, Today I’ll tell you guys how I had sex with my girl best friend in college.

My name is Ram. I’m 5 feet 9 inches and consistently have a muscular build from weight lifting. My cock is 6 inches long and 2.5 inches wide which satisfied my neighbor aunty, maid, and best friend (which I’ll talk about today).

Let me introduce you to the heroine of the story, Alisha. She’s 5 feet 2 inches, slim, toned, with a little bit of fat on the hips. My favorite part is her boobs. They look like perfect, ripe mangoes.

Now, let’s get to the story. Alisha and I both study in the same college in the US. I was never attracted to Alisha in any sexual way until recently. We had a project to work on together for a class. Since it was a final project, we had to spend many hours together.

Two days before the assignment was due. We were working in my suite. When she came to my suite, I was stunned. Alisha was wearing a tight white t-shirt and black sweatpants. Even then, I didn’t look at her sexually.

It wasn’t until we started working next to each other on the couch that I saw her deep cleavage. This was when I started getting sexually attracted to her. While working throughout the night, I couldn’t stop staring at her cleavage.

However, I was careful not to get caught since she’s from a conservative family. Since we were working until 3-4am, I insisted on staying at my place.

Alisha – No, Ram, it’s okay. I can walk back.

Ram – No, it’s not safe to walk back home late at night. I’ll set some sheets up in the common area, and you can leave first thing in the morning.

After a lot of insisting, Alisha agreed. She stayed the night, and I went to my room. All night I was only able to think about her hot cleavage. The next morning, I woke up before Alisha. So, when I came outside, I saw her sleeping with her boobs pressed against each other.

I just stood there and stared at it while rubbing my cock over my pants for 5 minutes. Then, I saw movement and hurried back to my room. After an hour, she woke up and headed back home.

After this day, I knew I had to fuck her no matter what. So, knowing that she’d come back later today to study, I made a plan. Before meeting to study, I asked her over text:

Me – Hey, you want to go to the mall before studying?

Alisha – Yeah, sure, that’ll be fun! But don’t we have to study?

Me – Yeah, don’t worry, we’re ahead of schedule. We’ll do even better if we take a break before.

Alisha – Okay, sounds good. Pick me up whenever you’re ready.

I was extremely excited after hearing this since it’s a part of my plan. I picked her up, and we went to the mall. At the mall, I brushed her boobs while we were searching for clothes. After multiple times, she must’ve noticed something.

After shopping, we went back to my dorm. Instead of studying in the common area, I asked if we could work on the project in my room. She had no problems, and I quietly locked my room once she came inside.

We were working on the project in my bed. This is where my plan started to take its course. Before the mall, I placed some Black rough porn on the different desktops on my laptop. Through my AirPods, I could play it without her hearing the sound. Hearing the hot, sexy moans of Tori Black getting fucked by a BBC.

While the sound of porn was playing through my AirPods, I got close to Alisha so that our bodies were touching. Then, I pointed at some work on her laptop. I pushed my elbow onto her right boob as I brought my hand back.

Alisha – Ouch, that hurt Ram!

Me – Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. Stop being so sensitive.

Then I winked at her.

Alisha – Oh, so that’s how it is.

Alisha smirked and elbowed my arm. As that happened, I elbowed and pushed her boobs again and again. After a few minutes, we went back to work, enjoying what had just happened. I decided not to continue my plan until a few hours later, to make it natural.

After a few hours, it was 1 am, and I decided to move forward with my plan. Through my AirPods, I played the porn again and waited until the porn got to the rough part. Then, I told Alisha to look at the work I completed on my laptop.

As I was swiping through the slides with two fingers, I accidentally used three fingers and moved them to my next desktop. Alisha jumped and looked at me, with her eyes wide.

Alisha – Ram, what is this? Why are you watching such things?

Me – Alisha, I’m so sorry you saw that. Please don’t tell anyone or my family. They will scold me and never trust me again.

Alisha – But you shouldn’t be watching such things in the first place.

Me – No, Alisha, it’s okay. Everyone watches this. It’s natural.

Alisha gave a confused look.

Alisha – What do you mean?

Me – Have you ever masturbated before?

Alisha – No, what’s that?

Me – Masturbation is a way to relieve stress for our bodies. Doctors say it’s very healthy.

Alisha – Wow! How is this done?

Me – I don’t think I’m the right person to talk to you about this. (Trying to act innocent)

Alisha – Ram, please explain this to me. You’re my best friend. You’re the only person I can trust with something like this.

After giving it some thought, I said okay. I told her the best way to masturbate and get in the mood is through porn. I explained porn to Alisha and suggested she watch some porn right now. Then, I opened the porn on the other screen and started it from the beginning.

Through each part, I told her how you should be seduced slowly and how foreplay is crucial for good sex. As the porn was running, I put the laptop on the table to have the bed to ourselves.

Alisha – How is foreplay done properly?

Realizing this was the perfect opportunity, I put my hands on her waist and started caressing her.

Me – Like this.

When I put my hands on her hips and moved them around her back, her breathing increased. I understood that she was getting turned on. I slowly moved my hands to her navel, and Alisha let out a soft moan.

Hearing this, my cock started throbbing inside of my sweatpants. I moved my hands up to your beautiful boobs and squeezed them, causing her to moan louder.

Me – Now you know what I mean by foreplay, right?

As soon as I said this, we made eye contact. We both knew what we wanted. And we kissed. At first, it was slow and passionate. After 10 minutes, we started kissing wildly.

Well, that leaves it for part 1. I hope you guys enjoyed my story of sex with a hot college girl. If I receive good feedback, I’ll be happy to continue with part 2. Ladies, if this got you wet, please write to me at [email protected]

To any college girls or older women, if you’re in New York, New Jersey, or Hyderabad (will be there for one month), please let me know if you want to meet or get in touch.

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