The Doctor And The Housewife – Part 2

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This is the second part of the story. If you haven’t read the first part, I suggest doing so.

Now coming to the story, a week had passed since Rajesh’s last encounter with Neetu. Though they have had exchanged their phone numbers, Neetu still hadn’t messaged Rajesh. Rajesh was also hesitant. Rajesh, Neetu and Naman were also business partners, and he didn’t want things to go down south.

After another week of nothing, Rajesh received a call from Naman asking him to come down to his house to discuss pricing issues. Rajesh agreed to visit him to sort out the issue.

Rajesh went to Naman and Neetu’s home on a weekday early morning. He was busy most other times throughout the week. When Rajesh reached Naman’s home, he was a little thinking about how Neetu may react to him. But to his relief, Rajesh opened the door and asked him to come inside and sit down.

Rajesh and Naman then sat down to discuss and sort out business. Some time had passed, and there was still no sign of Neetu. So Rajesh decided to enquire about her.

Naman told Rajesh that Neetu was busy with house cleaning work as it was morning. But he will go and ask her to come outside. Rajesh told Naman not to disturb her, but Naman insisted and went inside to look for Neetu.

He returned after a few minutes and told Rajesh that Neetu was going for a bath and so couldn’t come out. Rajesh told Naman that it was ok. Suddenly Rajesh received an important phone call. As the cell reception was weak, he went outside to talk.

Rajesh was talking outside. Suddenly Naman tapped Rajesh from behind, telling him that he had to leave urgently as some important work had come up. Rajesh also told Naman that he would also be going after picking up his bag from Naman’s home.

Rajesh finished his call and then went inside Naman’s house to pick up his bag. As he was picking up his bag, he heard the sound of water falling down the shower. Rajesh knew that Neetu was presumably completely nude taking a bath, and there was no one else in the house.

Thinking all these things made Rajesh super horny, and he couldn’t control himself any longer. Rajesh put his bag back on the sofa and proceeded to lock the main door. He then removed all his clothes and proceeded towards the bathroom. He knocked on the bathroom door.

Neetu asked from inside, “Haven’t you left, Naman. What do you want?” Rajesh didn’t say anything and knocked on the door again. This time Neetu opened the door slightly and was shocked at Rajesh standing there nude.

Before Neetu could react, Rajesh pushed the door open. He entered the bathroom, slamming the bathroom door behind him. Rajesh was mesmerized seeing the nude curvy body of Neetu, which was covered with tiny droplets of water, shining like a diamond.

Neetu tried asking him what he was doing there. But before she could finish her sentence, Rajesh started kissing her. Neetu tried to stop him initially but then gave in to the pleasure.

After kissing for a few minutes, Rajesh moved down and started kissing and sucking Neetu’s melon breasts. He was sucking them so hard that Neetu was overtaken by pleasure. She began moaning heavily.

She couldn’t take it any longer. She told Rajesh that she missed him and asked him to fuck her hard right now in the shower. Hearing these words made Rajesh even hornier.

He turned Neetu’s back towards him and pinned her to the bathroom wall. He put her one leg on an upside-down bucket and started fucking her from behind. He slowly increased his pace.

The sound of Neetu’s moan and their bodies thrusting against one another filled the bathroom. Neetu was in heaven, and she told Rajesh to fuck her like a whore. This made Rajesh lose all control, and he started ramming her like a mad dog.

Soon they were both covered in sweat with their nude bodies were ramming against each other. Neetu then asked Rajesh to lie down on the bathroom floor. This surprised Rajesh as he thought of Neetu as an innocent woman. But he anyway went ahead and laid down on the floor.

Then Neetu got on top of him and started jumping on his cock even though she could only do it three or four times. Clearly, she had never done anything like this before. For that brief period, Rajesh was in heaven.

Rajesh then grabbed Neetu’s neck and pulled her closer for a kiss. Then he put her down on the floor with him. He started ramming her from the side, lying down on the floor. Neetu was moaning heavily, lying on the wet washroom floor.

Rajesh was fucking Neetu like it was the end of the world. Fucking her from the side while lying beside her on the bathroom floor, biting Neetu’s neck in between. Soon she had an orgasm and was cumming hard.

But Rajesh kept pounding her hard, making her cum multiple times till he couldn’t control himself and was about to cum.  Rajesh released his cum on Neetu’s ass. Then he playfully slapped her ass.

They both were fully exhausted and were lying in each other’s arms on the floor. They kissed each other and kept lying there for some time. As Neetu would get up to clean herself and go out of the bathroom, Rajesh too got up and grabbed her hand.

Then he put her up on his shoulders, still naked and drenched in sweat. He told her that it was not over yet. He took her to the adjoining bedroom and slammed her on the bed. He grabbed her melons and started sucking on them.

Soon Neetu’s nipple turned red from all the biting and sucking. Neetu grabbed Rajesh’s dick and started stroking it. This made Rajesh rock hard again. He turned Neetu around. He started fucking her from behind while pushing her head into the bed mattress.

Neetu started moaning heavily and was overwhelmed by pleasure. Rajesh started ramming Neetu even harder. Soon they both cum, and Rajesh collapsed on a nude sweaty Neetu. Neetu turned around and gave Rajesh a long kiss.

They both looked at the clock. It was already noon. They both got up and had a quick shower. Then Rajesh left. But as he was driving back to his office, he received a love emoji from Neetu.

What happened next, how they fucked next, is in the next parts to come.  For feedback and anything, feel free to mail me at [email protected]

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