20 Minutes Fuck Challenge By A Married Lady

My name is Rohit (30 years old), I am from Bangalore. I got married exactly 1 year ago when corona was at its peak. I work for a software company and earn a very decent salary to take care of myself and my family. I am 5ft 5, not so lean or not so fat and I have got good stamina. I hadn’t put on weight due to the lockdown, unlike other people.

My married life went well for 6 months and I was having almost regular sex with my wife, maybe 4 times a week. But my wife won’t let me fuck from behind (doggy style) which was one of my favorite positions. There are so many other things that she won’t let me do.

So I wanted to spice up my sex life and that was when I have met this lady who was also married. Let’s her call her, ‘Shruthi’. She was also from Bangalore and her age was about 33. She was married for 3 years and had a 2-year-old boy.

Her hubby was not interested in sex. He fucked her once in a week or once in 2 weeks. That was why Shruthi started looking for someone who could help to get her desires to come true like a friend with benefits.

I forgot to tell you that, I have connected with her from an adult site. Initially, we chatted on hangouts and created fake accounts on Instagram to chat and do video calls. This went on for 2 months.

We use to do nude video calls and share pics very regularly. One day, Shruthi told me that her husband won’t lick her pussy or he won’t let her lick his dick. He just keeps his dick in her pussy and cums in less than 5 minutes. The married lady was not satisfied and she tried telling him many times that she was not satisfied but he was stubborn and won’t listen.

So she asked me if I was okay to lick her pussy and fuck her for at least 20 minutes continuously without cumming or taking the dick out from her pussy. Our desires exactly matched and I told her that I will help her with all her desires and wishes. But I also had one condition which we both agreed.

I told her that she should lick my dick at least for 20 minutes after pouring honey on my dick. She told me that she can put almond ice cream on her pussy, boobs and get fucked for 20 minutes. Basically, it was a 20 minutes challenge for both of us. We agreed. I decided to meet her at her place which was at JP Nagar.

We planned it over the weekend. Shruthi would send her son to her sister’s place and tell her sister that she was going to a movie with some of her office friends and her hubby has gone to his hometown to see his parents.

We had planned for a 3-5 hours long fucking session from 10 am or 2 pm. I had bought dotted condoms, dairy milk chocolates, honey, and ice cream.

I arrived at the horny married lady Shruthi’s place around 9:45 am. By then, she had left her son at her sister’s house nearby. I stepped into her apartment and she made me feel comfortable.

(By the way, I forgot to mention her details. Her height was 5 feet 6 inches, she had boobs size of 34 inches and 36 inches ass.)

After having a cup of coffee, we decided to start the action. We made each other comfortable. She was in a black top and blue jeans.

We entered her bedroom, we sat next to each other. Slowly, I placed my hands on her shoulders and I moved them to her boobs. She closed her eyes and was enjoying it. I had removed her top and she was in a red bra. She unclipped her bra and made herself nude.

Shruthi then started removing my t-shirt and jeans. Soon, we both were in undergarments. She had worn a black color panty. She started placing her hand on my erected dick and took it out and tried to stroke it. But, all of a sudden, she stood on her knees and started taking my dick into her mouth instead.

I was watching and enjoying how the horny married Indian lady was doing it. It was the first time in my life that someone was giving me a blowjob. While she was licking my dick aggressively, her boobs were swinging left and right and it was a feast for my eyes.

I had not cummed so I asked her to lie down on the bed. I poured ice cream Shruthi’s boobs and started licking them for almost 20 minutes. Then she asked me to melt the chocolate that I had brought and asked me to pour that on her pussy and lick it from there.

We both went to the kitchen and started to melt the chocolate. After that, we were back in the bedroom. I poured the chocolate on the married lady’s pussy and started licking her pussy like anything. Meanwhile, Shruthi came very heavily.

We both were very much exhausted that we wanted to take a break. Shruthi started reminding me about the 20-minutes challenge saying that I should not cum in less than 20 minutes and at any point of time, I should not take the dick out or I should not stop for more than 5 seconds. She mentioned that I had to do all these without a condom.

I was very happy when she told me not to use a condom. Shruthi said that she will take pills the next day or evening to avoid any complications. The surprising thing was I fucked her for almost 25 minutes because we had put a timer when we started.

When I was giving strokes, Shruthi was moaning like hell. And in between, I had to tell her not to shout or scream as her neighbors might hear it.

In the end, I fucked the horny married lady in doggy style for 5 minutes and cummed inside her. (I cannot hold my cum for not more than 5 minutes if I am fucking from behind.)

We both were satisfied to the core and we decided to do this when time permits and there would be no strings attached. Later, we met 3 times in 6 months. But her hubby got transferred to Canada and we are not in touch with each other anymore.

Please feel free to provide comments on the above story and if any married woman is looking for a fuck or a forget session, please ping me on hangouts. If we both are comfortable, we can have sex. Hangouts id – [email protected]

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