Lonely IT Girl Gayathri Given Some Sexual Comfort

Hello guys, this is Vinayak from Chennai here with my first story. It is gonna be long as there is more depth in the lady’s feelings than just sex. If you’re here for the sex, please go to the last paragraph. If you’re here for a good read, then please read the entire story.

About me: I am tall, 24 years old, not too handsome but decent looking. I used to be fit since I used to hit the gym but had to leave due to personal reasons. I have been going again since the past month.

I am not very fat, I am soft, chubby and cuddly, as my girlfriend says. She always says that hugging me is a stress buster. My tool is 6 inches long and it’s pretty thick and I can stay erect for a long time.

This story isn’t about my girlfriend. Our encounters and affairs (both individual and together) will be shared later based on email suggestions and requirements.

This story about a lonely IT girl who was facing depression. Her name is Gayathri, 29 years old, and with a village background. She has 32-28-30 figure, black straight hair, coffee brown eyes, and a sharp nose.

Gayathri is very pretty and is used to guys looking at her body but she needed someone who would actually listen to her.

I have been offering paid services for a while now for both sexual satisfaction and for simple talks on dates. I was surprised to find that there were so many women who wanted someone to just listen to what they had to say.

One of my clients had recommended me to her saying that I was a very good listener. So, she contacted me on Whatsapp. As she was my client’s friend, I didn’t mind.

Gayathri told me that she was in need of my services. We discussed her requirements and my price. She wanted to only talk and didn’t mind the price as she was earning enough. So we decided to meet on a fixed date at a restaurant and I recommended at T Nagar.

So on that day, we met for lunch. The IT girl was there already when I arrived. Wow, she was looking stunning. Gayathri saw me and smiled and I realized why my client had to give my number to her. Her eyes looked dead.

Gayathri smiled but it was one of those practiced smiles that you give to ensure people don’t pester you too much. She was tired, lonely and in pain.

We sat together and we introduced ourselves again and we started to talk. I smiled at her. I wanted to fuck her initially but after looking at her eyes, all I wanted was to help her.

We ordered our food and we talked. I tried to make her as comfortable as I could. She talked about her childhood memories, about how her dad had abused her, and when she confided in her brother, he too used her in a cunning way.

She talked about her fake friends, the stress in the job, the boyfriend who physically harmed her, the insecure feeling that she always has when guys look at her body. We talked about all this in Tamil. She told me much more and I felt she was on the verge of giving up upon life.

I talked to her, made her calm, tried my level best to deliver motivational speeches. But all she wanted was someone to listen to her and she was content after sharing her secrets and burdens of her heart.

By the time we were done, Gayathri was tired. She paid the bill and we decided to leave. I felt her pain. I told her that I’ll go with her until her apartment and it took 40 minutes to reach her place. We were holding hands and sitting close to each other in silence for the rest of the journey.

She was lonely and in hell and I wanted to show her heaven. She took out her purse to pay me. I took the money and told her to take me to her room for a glass of water. We went in.

As we went in, I slowly hugged the lonely girl from behind. Gayathri was silent. Her eyes started to light up. I told her not to cry, assured her that I will be there to always listen to her. Her slender neck was in my view. I placed my lips on it, it was cold. Gayathri took in a deep breath.

I hugged her around her tummy and moved my lips towards her ears. I slowly bit them and turned her towards me. We hugged for about two minutes. She was holding me really tight, crying silently.

I took her to the bed, made her lie down, and kissed her forehead and cheeks softly. With eye contact, I placed my lips on hers and held her neck with my hand. I slowly and softly felt her body over her dress with my hands. Gayathri moaned. She was getting comfortable. That’s what I wanted.

I went to her neck and my hot breath made her hug me tightly. I took off her clothes and kissed her everywhere very slowly. I took her nipples in my mouth and was sucking them. She was holding my hair really tight.

I took my hand to her thighs and caressed them well. While my lips were working on her upper body, my fingers played with her thighs and pussy. She was gasping by now.

I went down on her, started to softly bite her clit while fingering her. My one hand was on her boobs, pinching her nipples and the other was inside her pussy. My tongue and teeth were playing with her clit at the same time. She couldn’t last more than a minute and she came.

Gayathri was sweaty and tired. When I looked into her eyes, there was peace. I felt content and laid next to her for about 15-20 minutes. She hugged me tightly and cuddled up to me for that entire duration. And then I got up to leave.

Gayathri asked me to stay so that she could return the favor but I told her it’s okay. I told her that she didn’t have to pay for this either and asked her to consider this as my gift to her. She wasn’t okay with it but I was happy that she looked more alive than before.

Now, Gayathri is cheerful and is working with her full energy and we meet occasionally whenever she wanted to talk. If not for the payments, I would probably be the friend she ever wanted in her life.

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