Friend’s Sister Role Plays Doctor-Patient

Hello, friends and readers. This is my first real story. I have read so many sex stories and thought that I should write about my experience on this site.

Before beginning the story, let me tell you about myself and my friend’s sister. My name is Vishal and I am from a village of Maharashtra, now living in Thane because of my service.

My friend’s name is Ranjeet and he was about my age. His elder sister’s name is Ranjana. She was very beautiful and pretty also has the right amount of flesh at curvy places.

Here names have been changed to maintain privacy. I was about in my late teens (18 years old) and an average looking boy. My height was about 4.75′ to 5′, my penis is circumcised. The size was 3.5″ long and 1 and 1/2″thick when flaccid and when erect it was 4.5″ long 2″ thick. My genital area was bald and I was just starting to have small thin hair growth around it.

My friend’s sister Ranjana was doing her graduation. She was 20-21 years old,5’4″ height, weight about 45 kg and body stats of 30-26-30, with very fair skin color.

She had long, straight hair, a thin nose, lotus petal-like very bright and black eyes. I had a crush on her and always dreamed that my wife would look like her – pretty and fair.

Ranjana was very friendly to me and teased me every time as I am her younger brother’s closest friend. I used to always visit my friend’s house during my study and she would help us in our studies.

I used to go to play with my friend Ranjeet at their house. During the summer vacation at about 2.00 pm, we were playing ‘Lagori’ along with Ranjeet and 4 other friends.

Ranjeet told us that his parents had gone to the nearby village to attend a relative’s marriage and would come back by evening. During our play, my friend’s sister Ranjana was watching us sitting on a chair inside the house near the door.

She used to wear a hip-length, colorful designer blouse and a matching skirt which reached up to her feet, a bra, stretchable half slip, and panty as inner wear when she was at home and formals with slack when she used to go to college.

After about one hour of play, we were thirsty. She called out to us and told us to stop the game and come inside. She prepared lime juice and served it to us with ice cubes.

We all drank 2 glasses of juice and felt our thirst quenched also felt cool. Ranjana suggested that we play an indoor game like non-scripted role-play.

My friend’s sister told us that she will play the role of doctor and all of us will be patients. Checking time will be 10-15 minutes and medicine distribution of 5 minutes.

The dispensary will in the self-contained bedroom which had an individual door with a latch. She told us that everyone should tell her about their make-believe illness like fever, cold, stomach ache, etc.

At first, Ranjana took her brother, Ranjeet inside the dispensary and took her scheduled time for checking and medicine distribution. As a medicine, she gave toffee and chocolate. I knew that there were lots of confectionery like toffees and chocolates at their home as Ranjeet’s parents always served us when we visited their place. The other 4 boys also got candies.

When my turn came, I went inside. Ranjana was sitting on a chair and there was a table in front of her. There was a king-size bed which I had to lie down there for checking.

She asked me about my sickness and I told her that my stomach was paining. Ranjana told me to lie down on the bed. She checked me from head to toe and asked me various questions like when the pain starts, what you ate, how often stomach pains etc.

I was stunned by her attitude and style in her role. She checked my stomach and asked where exactly the pain was? I was mesmerized and a little bit hesitant to answer.

Ranjana was waiting for my answer and I was looking at her face and body. I didn’t expect such questions from her and now she was very close to me.

Breathing fast, my heart beats had reached its peak. I was speechless as I could smell her aroma. Ranjana then asked me to lower my underwear and pant to check me down there.

I was shy to lower my pant and underwear, but Ranjana took the initiative and started to unbutton my pant. She put both her thumbs in the waistband as I closed my eyes.

I was frightened and shivering. She slid down my underwear. My circumcised 3.5″ long and 1 and 1/2″ thick penis had shrunk to half its size.

Ranjana exclaimed, “Wow, it is so small.” I couldn’t make eye contact with her eye and continued looking at the ceiling. She grabbed my tool and checked it in her hands.

She asked me, “Does it pain here?” I answered, “Yes,” in a very low voice. I couldn’t imagine what would be my friend’s sister’s next move. She starts caressing my testicle with one hand and held my tool with her other hand.

I was unable to move but was surprised to see my dream come true. Because of shyness, my tool was not responding to her act. She was aroused and I was speechless, my mind was empty.

What was she thinking I don’t know, but I was curious to know what would happen next. It was like reading an interesting novel. Suddenly, Ranjana took my tool into her mouth started sucking and licking it. Her tender warm mouth tickled me and by her soft tongue rotating around my flaccid, soft penis she wanted it to come to life. She was making sounds like, “hum!!!!! ha!!!!”

After some time, she moved away to take a breath and warm air was coming out of her nose at speed. She slept beside me hugged me tightly, pulled my head, and kissed my lips. She slid her tongue into my mouth and its taste like salty glue started swirling against my tongue with a light moan, “Hmmm!!!!!” She started to suck and lick my tongue and I began to respond.

Ranjana’s one hand was around my neck and with her other hand, she started to slide her blouse and slipped it upward. After her blouse, the slip was pulled up to her neck, then she unhooked her bra.

While kissing me she held my one hand and kept it on her breast and directed me to squeeze them gently. Her areola was pink and her pink nipples were erect and hard as she started moaning, “Aahah!!!!!! humm!!!!.Ha!!!!! Oh!!!!!”

Fondling my friend’s sister’s very soft and firm breasts, I was in heaven flying high on cloud 9. She started to fondle my testicles and tool as it began to come to life and started growing, as pre-cum started oozing out. I was squeezing her boobs and my tongue was fighting with hers.

Ranjana took her mouth away, unbuttoned my shirt, and threw it away. Then she pulled off my trousers and underwear.

Now, I was completely naked. She slept on her back holding the waistband of her slack and pulled it off together with her panty. She told me to come over her head in 69 position and took my tool in the mouth.

Then she held my back and pushed it towards her pussy. I was seeing a girl’s pussy for the first time, which was clean shaved, with a tiny skin hood on top, and a small slit going towards the anus between her legs.

Some glistening liquid was oozing out from her slit. Ranjana took my 3.5″ erect tool in her mouth as she spread her legs and gave me a good view of her rose pussy lips.

I stretched her little pussy lips some more and saw a little erect button called clitoris under the tiny hood. There was her pink labia inside the pussy folds.

I started to lick and suck her salty pussy and teasing the clitoris with my teeth. She started to moan loudly, “Aahaha!!!! Eeee!!!!! auch!!!!!!! hamm!!!!”

Ranjana started to press my head more and more towards her pussy as she reached her orgasm and squirted with a loud moan in my mouth. At the same time, I also shot my juice in her mouth and she drank all my semen.

Then we rested for some time, but it was not over. Ranjana took me between her legs and gave her boobs in my mouth to suck. She was moaning continuously, “Aaum!!!!!! Ahah!!!!! Ouch!!!!!!!”

She started caressing my shrunk tool and testicle as my tool started to grow bigger 1″ thick & 3.5″ long rock hard. Ranjana was pressing my head hard against her breast left-right, scratching my tool head on the clitoris with one hand.

My friend’s sister was moaning and I was suffocating while sucking her boobs as I couldn’t breathe, so bit her nipple hard. She slapped hard on my back and my mouth opened so her nipple slipped out, as tears came in my eyes.

“Sorry,” she said and gave her nipple in my mouth again. Then she set my tool against her love-hole holding my waist. She was pulling my waist between her legs.

My penis was paining as the mushroom cock-head entered my friend’s sexy sister’s pussy little. I started to move back but she held me hard and tight, between this movement my tool entered 1.5″ inside and she screamed out loud.

Ranjana held my waist and asked me to suck her nipple hard. I obeyed her orders, after some time she stroked my tool in-out in her love hole. Suddenly, she pulled my waist hard and my tool entered full length as she reached orgasm.

Ranjana put her legs behind my waist as we stayed in this position for some time. I was not as exhausted as Ranjana was. She started to kiss me on my lips and bite my lips.

I also bit her lips as we separated from each other. She took me to the attached bathroom, cleaned me and herself. I put on my clothes, and she changed her dress gave me lots of chocolates.

My friend’s sister said goodbye with a kiss on my cheeks. I immediately left Ranjeet’s house.

This was my first sex experience. Friends, readers, girls, women, bhabijis, write a few words of suggestions. Did you like my story? Please send your messages to [email protected]

Awaiting your reply.

Vishal from Thane.

See you again in the next story.

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