The Laundry Man

So, this incident occurred in December month when we were having lots of marriages back to back. I love to wear different sarees for every occasion. So, for one of my relative’s marriages, I had planned to wear a sari which I purchased a few months ago. I gave it to a laundry shop for its polishing.

He was eyeing me twice or thrice on my figure but not that much. Just like checking out my measures through his eyes. I ignored it completely. But somehow, I forgot that date. He called me just before a night when I was supposed to wear that particular sari.

So, I thanked him on the call for the reminder. I requested him to keep his shop open as I was too far in another social function from that area. He also agreed. My hubby was out of the town. I went in the function alone in my brand-new Honda Grazia which I got on my anniversary few just a week ago.

I was wearing a backless net lehenga choli in red wine and cream combination. I had already received many compliments of looking ravishing in that outfit. As soon as I finished dinner, I started my Grazia to reach that laundry shop. Intending to reach there, I drove it a little faster.

I felt too cold on the way. In the back of my mind, I was feeling awesome due to those compliments. It was an extremely cold atmosphere out-side. So the majority of the shops were closed and the rest of the shops were about to shut. Just that laundry shop was open.

His shop was the last one in the corner of the basement. And I was thankful to that owner for keeping it open and wait for me. That sari was important for me to wear the next day. Because of him, I will be able to wear that sari.

So, I parked my vehicle in the parking of that shopping complex. I wrapped my dupatta, made my hairs a bit okay and rushed towards the laundry shop. The laundry shop’s half shutter was down. So I entered the shop by bending. I saw there was only that man.

He was waiting for me to come and get that sari so that he can also shut his shop and go home. But to my surprise, he got a wonderful view of my full cleavage and part of my semi-naked breast when I bent down to enter his shop. His eyes were stuck on my breast.

I thanked him to wait for me and asked for my sari. He asked me for a bill which I didn’t have at that time. So to remind him, I said, “Bill to nahi hai par aapko main to yaad hun na? Apne hi mujhe call karke bulaya tha aur aap mera hi wait kar rahe ho.”

(I don’t have the bill right now. But you remember me, don’t you? You called me to take that sari and you are waiting for me.)

He: Aapka number batao ya us se mujhe call karo. (Give me your number or make a call from your number.)

I did it and he said: Aapki itni mehengi sari hai is liye confirm karna zaroori hai. Warna aapko itni taklif nahi deta main. (your sari is too much costly that’s the reason I need to confirm otherwise I would not bother you)

I: Sahi baat hai aapki. Koi aur le jata toh? Bahut mehengi sari hai. (True. What would I do if someone else might take it away? It’s too costly)

He: aap ne abhi jo pehna hai us se mehengi nahi ho sakti. Yeh to material bahut hi mahenga lagta hai. (It can not be costlier than the lehenga choli you are wearing. It’s completely different material)

Then he started to search for my sari but we kept chatting with each other. Somehow I felt that he also wanted to praise me, so my naughty mind thought let’s check it out. So, I put my purse, mobile, and keys on the table and surprisingly asked him.

I: Aap kaise keh sakte hai ke yeh lehenga choli us sari se bhi mehenge hai? (How can you tell that this lehenga choli is more expensive than that sari?)

He: Madam hum log to kapde ko chhukar hi bata dete hai ki mehenga hai ya sasta. Yehi to hum logo ka roz ka kaam hai.

I: Woh kaise?

He: Kapde ko do tarah se mehsoos kiya jata hai. 1, jo pahente hai woh feel karte hai aur 2, jisne pehna ho usko kapde ke through chhu kar mehsoos kar sakte hai. Dusra wala tarika aisa hai jise dono feel kar sakte hai.

It was the first time I heard something like that and I really could not understand. So, I asked him to say more about it in detail.

He: Shabdo se samjhana mushkil hai. Aap ke paas waqt ho to practically he bata sakta hun.

I: Thik hai batao. Mere paas waqt hai.

This is where I took a wrong turn and he got his chance. Then he asked me to come inside the counter where there were lots and lots of clothes. He gave me 2 sarees one by one they both were looking almost similar. To my surprise when I touched them they were really different and very much different.

He caught my shocked face. Then I also took a chance to look at my cleavage closely as now we were standing near each other. I felt something different when I looked at his face. He was breathing from his mouth and his tongue was moving on his lips. But I showed that I didn’t notice it.

Then he gave me shirts and dupattas also and I became somewhat clear in my mind that he has a point. In this process, our hands also touched a few times but I tried to ignore it too. He was about 8-10 years elder than me. He was also looking normally built up guy and was having a Virat-style beard.

Suddenly he found my sari.

He: Ye lo aapki sari bhi mil gayi. Ab sahi mein difference pata chalega aapko.

I: Okay bataao.

He: Dekho aapne jo pehna hai woh dupatta bhi net hi hai. Aur aapki sari bhi net hai. Aap aapki sari ko touch karo aur aapke dupatte ko touch karo.

I did it not so much different.

I: Thoda farak hai par utna nahi

He: Oh, aisa? Thik hai kya main dekh sakta hun?

I: Thik hai.

He: Mere dupatte ko chhune ke liye maine dupatte ka thoda part unke hath me de diya.

But he was having something else in his mind. He came very close and was peeping inside my cleavage. He was acting as if he was feeling my dupatta. This teasing should be stopped right there and then. But my naughty mind decided to let him go further. I was thinking the maximum what can be done.

Let’s have some fun. So, I let him feel and then he was charged. He told me to just close my eyes and feel the touch of my dupatta. I did very dumbly. He put his hand on my waist but over my dupatta. Some current passed through my entire body. I didn’t open my eyes.

He kept moving his hand for just a few seconds. Someone blew a car horn and I came to my senses.

I: Okay. Samajh mein aa gaya mujhe.

He: Arey abhi kahaan khatam hua hai? Aapne jis material ka chaniya pehna hai usi material mein main aapko difference dikhata hun.

I was about to say, “No no it’s okay, I understood.” But my evil mind said something else.

I: Oh, is material mein? Dikhao.

With lustful eyes and a teasing smile, he said.

He: Bilkul dikhata hun. Kyun nahi?

Then he took a chaniya from the clothes and gave them to me. I touched it but found almost similar to mine.

I: There is no difference between this one and mine.

He: Yahi to galti kar baithe aap. Aapka wala bahut hi mahenga lagta hai par hai ki nahi wo to aapko hi pata. Par yeh wala to bilkul sasta wala hai.

This was surprising to me and exactly at the same time, he put his hand directly on my right butt. It made my eyes wide open and confusingly looked at his face. But my heart started to get on high. He moved his hands slowly on my butt.

I was closing my eyes. I was not getting why I am being aroused. But I was feeling that I am losing control over my mind. And allowing him to touch my entire butt and he also understood it. He used his other hand as well and put it on my left butt.

He came very close to my face. I could even feel his warm breaths. He came closer and I could sense that his tight bulge has also touched near my lower belly. I opened my eyes in shock. He also removed his hands from my ass. I could not make eye contact with him.

But I looked at here and there and found that the shutter is still half-open. I talked to him while looking at it.

I: Aap sahi the. Mera lehenga to mujhe feel ho gaya ki mera lehenga costly hi hai.

I don’t know why I said so. He took the meaning of it that I want to try the same with the other lehenga.

He: Bilkul sahi mujhe bhi yahi feel hua. Ab aap ek aakhri kaam kijiye ki mere paas jo lehenga hai use pahen kar try kijiye fir aapko sahi difference pata chalega.

I: Aisa kya? Isi ke upar pahen lun to chalega na?

He: Aise to pata nahi chalega aap badal lijiye to hi pata chalega asli difference.

I was completely blank on how to change my clothes in front of him. There wasn’t any curtain or anything. He understood this and said.

He: Aap ek kaam kijiye main bahar jakar shutter gira deta hun. Aap badal kar knock kar dena fir main aa jaunga.

I thought for a while but he said.

He: Chalo chalo jaldi ab aur mat socho. Main jata hun bahar.

He left. I saw that the shutter is closed completely. I removed my lehenga but I found my panty very much wet. So I thought let me take it off or else his lehenga might get some wet. So, I removed it and put it in my purse without thinking anything. Put on his lehenga and knocked the shutter.

He opened it, came in and pull down the shutter fully. I thought its 11 pm so might be due to fear of police he closed the shutter fully. Then we went to the place where I removed my chaniya. It was at the end of the shop where there were so many clothes on the floor which were to be washed.

It was a little darker side of the shop.

He: Chalo ab aankh bandh kardo aur mehsoos karo.

I: Hmmm

He put very erotically his one hand on my right butt. This time he touched the lower portion of my butt and moved on the entire butt. And also on the very upper thigh of the right side. He understood that I am not having my panty this time.

I came to know that I have given him a clear cut signal that I am ready although I wasn’t sure about it. And then he put another hand on my left butt. This time he checked my entire ass, ass crack, both the sides and upper portion of my ass crack. Then suddenly his hands touched on my bareback.

This was enough to ignite a fire in my body. I made up my mind that let’s do it my hubby is not coming till next afternoon. His hands were rolling over my entire back and coming forward towards my belly button. As soon as his fingers met in my belly button(deep navel) I leaned over his chest.

He started licking my ears, neck, back, lower back. I grabbed very tightly his hands. As soon as I loosened my grip as if I gave up, his hands grabbed both the boobs. I gave up on all the ways. I lost my balance and we both fell over the mountain of clothes.

We looked directly in each other’s eyes and I again closed my eyes. We started a series of smooches. Then he opened my choli and started to suck my boobs, lick them fully and pressed them as if they are ripe mangoes. Oh gosh, it was feeling so good.

I was about to say him something. But he said don’t say anything let our bodies talk to each other and we should only feel it. He continued playing with my boobs for a long time. I think his wife would not be having such heavy boobs. I held his head and directed it towards the lower parts of my body.

He licked it till my navel. Again he stopped there and entered his tongue at the deepest point of it and I felt amazing. I pushed his head to let it go deeper. Then he left it fully wet and kissed my love hole, licked it and then did tongue fucking there. It was the first time I got orgasm on tongue fucking.

That was amazing. Then my body got loose but he again started. I also got aroused but he didn’t have a condom. So I accepted his proposal of giving him a blowjob to make him satisfied. But he asked me to do it in a doggy style so I did it. But my mouth became tired of giving him a blowjob and he didn’t come.

I gave up. I said I don’t have the energy to do it(blowjob) anymore. I lay there naked for a few minutes and then got up to leave. I dressed up fully (but not my undie) and asked him to open the shutter and let me go home. But he was having something else in his mind and he did it.

He caught me from behind ruthlessly and pointed his fully erected, hard like an iron rod dick in my ass crack. He was pumping from above my lehenga. That made me aroused well. I didn’t realize when he pulled up my lehenga from behind above my waist and started to insert such a big monstrous dick in my asshole.

Let me tell you that I love to be fucked in the ass but I rarely get that pleasure. So, automatically I made some space between my legs by bending down at the shutter. I let him go as deeper as he could. Oh my God, he made me almost cry in pain as he had a very thick and long dick.

And he vulgarly said, “Teri gaand maarne mein jo maza hai woh kisi mein nahi.” (The pleasure in fucking your ass is the best thing.)

My mouth was wide open. I could not utter a single word properly. I just kept breathing heavily and kept screaming. Initially in pain but after some time with pleasurable pain. He again grabbed my boobs and kept pressing them wildly with one hand.

With the second hand, he started to give a finger fuck in my cunt. His dick has started pumping my ass with no mercy at all. He kept fucking me just like that in the same position for more than 12-15 minutes. He suddenly increased his speed after that.

By that time, my juice came in his three fingers which were fucking me from the front. He dropped his load fully in my ass and we both fell on the floor. My heart said to me that this is exactly what I wanted to have for a long time. We were there in that position (lying naked and satisfied shamelessly).

We took rest there for a few minutes. Then I adjusted my clothes and asked him to let me go. This time he gave me a passionate smooch and opened the shutter.

As soon as I came out of his shop, he said: “Main chahunga ki aap roz aao aapke kapde dhulwaane aur collect karne ke liye. Par aise hi time pe zyada se zyada time le kar aana.”(I wish you come daily to clean up your clothes and collect them. But at such a late time only.)

I didn’t say a word to him just gave a little smile and left that place. But let me confess that my heart, my body, and my mind all were having an answer to his question. And that answer was, “Yes, yes, yes.”