Geeta’s Sexual Escapades With Hubby’s Friend

Hi, I am back with another story. But this time, I am writing the story of Geeta’s sexual escapades. She wanted me to write on her behalf. I have put the story with as many details as possible but in Geeta’s own words.

Hi, my name is Geeta. I am from Karnataka’s Malnad region, and naturally, I am beautiful. I have an oval face with sharp features. My lips are thin and perfect, you could say like the bow of an archer. When kissed, my lips become so sensitive that they turn red. When I am at the zenith of horniness, they start shaking.

I have a well-shaped nose too, but the best feature is my eyes. Somebody who has a good knowledge of a woman’s body can feel the lust just looking at my eyes. My boobs are the most sensitive. They are not big but round and well-shaped with taut nipples.

The story dates back to October 2018. There was a festival fever due to Dussehra and Diwali. I got married a year ago but was staying alone in Bangalore. My husband works in the Gulf, and due to Visa restrictions, I had not yet moved in with him.

I used to stay in a PG accommodation in an upscale residential area of Bangalore. The building had 5 two-bedroom apartments, each occupied by 4 or 5 girls. All the girls had left for their hometowns to be with their families.

But I chose to stay back in Bangalore. I don’t know if it was the right decision or bad. Because what followed has been etched in my memory and would remain so for many years to come.

My husband called me and informed me that he had sent a gift with his friend Suraj. He asked me to collect it from him as Suraj would call me as soon as he becomes free. A couple of days later, Suraj called me and informed me about the gift. I thanked him for the trouble he had taken.

I requested him to drop it off at my PG. That weekend, he called me, and I told him I would wait for him and gave him the directions to my PG. I wondered what the gift would be.

In the afternoon, after a heavy lunch, I dozed off. I got up at 6 PM, and when I checked my mobile. I saw 5 missed calls from Suraj. I called him back and apologized and explained that I had got into a deep slumber.

I was in a black top and a skirt. I asked him to come up. Though men were not allowed into the living quarters, cousins and close relatives were permitted. I told the security that my cousin had come to meet me, and he could let him. Suraj came up to my apartment after entering his details at the security.

I welcomed him with a smile and asked him to feel at home. I offered to make coffee and went to the kitchen to prepare it. The top two buttons of my top were open. I had not realized it until I bent down to keep the coffee on the table. Suraj’s eyes did not miss such a treat.

I felt the change in his facial expression after watching my beautiful valley. I tried to adjust the top, but it was a futile attempt since the buttons were broken. He handed the gift and a Cadbury silk chocolate, which he had bought for me.

We spoke for an hour about life in the Gulf. He kept saying how much my husband missed me. I was sad but put up a brave face. All the time we were conversing, his eyes kept checking me out. Due to the lack of a man’s touch for almost five months, my body was heating up just by his gazes.

I offered to cook, but he said he would treat me to dinner at a nearby restaurant. I agreed and asked him to freshen up while I changed my dress. I showed him the way to the restroom in the adjacent room that was empty. I wore a nice top and tight jeans, which showed the curves of my ass well.

I had a strange feeling, and my heartbeat was more than normal. Was I going to do or experience something? Only time would tell that. We walked to the nearby restaurant and had a good dinner. Even during dinner, we spoke a lot. But his eyes were constantly devouring my beauty.

He said that my husband was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. It was sad that he was missing my attention. I just blushed and thanked him for the compliments.

It had started to rain, and the rain had become intense. Suraj stayed quite far from the area where I lived. I asked him to come to my flat and go after the rain stops. He hesitantly agreed. We ran towards my flat, but we were drenched. When we reached the flat, there was a power failure.

I was a little uneasy with the situation. We sat down to relax, but Suraj insisted that I change into dry clothes. I moved towards my room, but I hit my foot against another chair due to the darkness and slipped and fell.

Suraj rushed to my rescue and helped me get up. He held my waist and shoulder and pulled me up. A man’s touch after a long time sent shivers through my body and made me hot. I told him I was fine, but he insisted that he help me move to the room. He took me inside and helped me sit down.

I was not so hurt that I could not move on my own. But I wanted his touch very badly and allowed him to help me. He told me to remove my wet clothes, but I denied it. He said it’s dark and that he would not be able to see anything. He even offered to help me remove my clothes.

Then, without warning, he started helping me pull the wet top out. I was completely hot now and let him do it. While removing the top, he moved his palms against my boobs. I felt wetness creeping down there. After removing my top, he gently put his hand on my right boob and gave a slight pump.

I tried to push his hands away. But I had become so weak with lust that I could not get enough strength to move it away. He then made me stand and put his lips on my burning lips and started kissing me. But his hand continued to maul my boob. He inserted a hand inside the bra and took control over my nipple.

He started tweaking my nipple. Without notice, he pulled the boob outside and started sucking my nipple. Without realizing, my hand had moved to his head. I started pulling his head towards my boobs.

His next target was my jeans. He started fiddling with the button of my jeans and managed to remove it. He began to unzip my jeans slowly. When he was done, he massaged my cunt over my panty for some time and then inserted his hand inside.

I had shaved my vaginal region just a couple of days back. It was a clean playground for his fingers. He inserted a finger into the pussy and started jerking it. I now had resigned to my fate. I knew I had no choice but to enjoy the moment and fulfill my burning lust.

The jeans had now fallen to the ground. I lifted my legs and removed it completely. I have now left with just a black designer bra and a V-shaped panty. Suraj also removed his T-shirt and jeans and was only in his jockey. He made me sit on the bed.

Even as I was trying to say something, he closed my mouth with his and started chewing my lips. I forgot to protest. He put his hand at the back and unclasped the bra and threw it on the ground. I was now sitting on the bed with only a panty which was wet with my juices.

He made me lie down on the bed and started removing my panty. When the last piece of cloth that held my honor was also out, I knew it would end in awesome sex. He pulled his jockey, and then when I thought he would insert his dick, he put his mouth there and started licking my pussy hole.

I started moaning and lifting my hips to reciprocate to his verbal onslaught. I could no longer control and said, “Suraj, please, ollage haaki.” (Please put it in.) He adjusted his dick at my cunt hole and gave a push. My glory hole had not been serviced for four months since my husband left.

It was a little difficult for him. But he pushed it with vigor and filled my cunt with his massive dick. He started giving gentle pushes and slowly increased the pace. I had now wound my legs around his waist and held his shoulders and aiding him in his push and pull service.

After 7 to 8 minutes, he increased the pace and unloaded his semen. I froze as I remembered he had released it directly into my womb without any protection. His baby-making fluid could make me pregnant. The thought that I could be carrying a baby, which was not my husband’s sent shivers through my body.

We lay in each other’s arms. At 1 AM, the power was restored. Since the light was on, he could see my fair naked body lying under his magical spell. Seeing me like that, his manhood stood up again, and Suraj did not waste time.

He gently inserted his tool inside and started the magical journey again. He kept pumping with a lot of energy and reloaded my cunt with his protein shake. I had no choice but to keep receiving his fluids inside my womb.

The next morning, he wanted to leave. But I stopped him and asked him to stay until the evening. The whole day we were making out and had sex another 2 times. In between, I was trying to cook lunch, and he slowly crept behind me and started fondling my boobs from behind.

He turned me around and started kissing me on my lips. He then knelt down and pulled up the nighty, which I had worn after getting up in the morning. He then lifted it and pulled my panty down and started licking me down there. I was mesmerized. I started pulling his head towards my glory hole.

He then wanted me to return the favor. He threw the towel he was wearing. As he had no other dress, I had given him a towel to cover himself. He then held my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. Then holding his thick member, I put it on my lips.

I was hesitant but somehow mustered the courage to open my lips and took it in my mouth. I started to blow on his dick, and after some time, with a moan, he emptied his thick fluid in my mouth. I got up and spit it in the kitchen sink and washed my mouth.

The count was four now, and I must have had taken in liters of his organ fluid.  He told me that he had seen dozens of inner wear in the bin when he had visited the rest room the previous evening. Those inner wears were which my flatmates had discarded before leaving for their hometowns.

He said that was the trigger. Having seen so many at one time, his manhood had started aching. The next trigger was the vision of my cleavage in my black top, which kept coming back to haunt him. We sat cuddled to each other, and when it was time for him to leave, both of us felt extremely guilty.

I had broken my marriage vows in just over a year of marriage. He convinced me that it was purely accidental and that we should forget it. We decided never to be in touch with each other again.

I still remember every inch of Suraj’s body. When I think of the pounding he gave me, my cunt becomes wet even after almost two years of this happening. I am thankful to my friend for putting my experience into words.

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