Met Mallu Lady Online And Fucked In Her Apartment

Hello all, this is my first real-life story which happened 6 years back when I was 22 years old, and the lady of this story was around 30. About me, I am currently working in Bangalore. I am basically a mallu. And about her, she is separated from her husband and is having one kid.

She is a teacher by profession. She is from Calicut and I am from Kochi. I met her through online chat and our chat led to a real meet, followed by Sex!!

As it is my real experience, I have split this narration into 2 parts, which some of you may feel is a bit long, but I hope you guys will like it. Now let’s get into the story.

This happened during my semester break. I was bored and so logged-in to some online chatting site. One female responded and we had a good chit chat and she shared her hangout ID. Then for many days, we were chatting in hangout she told me that she is separated and she lives with her kid.

Initially, we were chatting about her college days, then her passion, hobbies and then she felt more comfortable with me and she shared her life tragedy as she felt that I was a good listener (she told me this later). I gave her courage, mental support and later she shared her personal number.

Then we started calling, texting, and sharing pics. Initially, we didn’t chat much about sex but she shared about when she had her last sex and her satisfaction and likes and dislikes.

After we chatted for 1-2 months, I told her that I was visiting Calicut as it was my parent’s native place. We agreed to meet for the first time.

I was waiting for her near the Calicut bus stand and she had told me that she is coming by auto.

We saw each other and we were in shock for a second, we were both a bit nervous to talk. Let me describe her and her physique. She looks gorgeous, slim, and fair with good curves and she was wearing a top and leggings.

No one could tell that she was a mom having a kid. She looked so young, and about me, I am slim, fair, and good looking. I was impressed by her and she looked the same as I had seen in the pictures she had sent me. We spoke for a while and then decided to have coffee and later we decided to go to a movie.

We went to watch, “Ok Kanmani,” and after reaching there, we came to know that it was the first day, first show and we got balcony tickets, though we had to pay for them in black.

Friends, till entering the theatre, we didn’t have any intention of sex. The movie started and in between, we were talking, commenting on the scene. Then in the movie, some romantic scenes came and there was some silence.

Our hands were very close and slowly I put my hand on hers and suddenly she held my hand tightly, then we looked into each other’s eyes and we were looking at each other with lust.

Slowly I put my hand over her thighs and she was responding well. As you know it’s a first-day show there was a bit of crowd so we can’t do many crazy things, but I don’t know where I got the courage?

I went very close to her and suddenly kissed her lips and we had a wonderful smooch, it was one of the all-time great kisses. The way we smooched each other was full of lust and we were horny.

From the backseats, some were making comments and we didn’t wait to complete the movie, we went out and she told me that let’s go to her apartment. We took an auto and I felt like it was the longest journey because it’s not reaching her place.

Our naughtiness continued in the auto too as we both were looking at each other, holding hands so tight. I’m squeezing her thighs and the expression on her face made me so horny and crazy and it feels like we are communicating our wildness and horny feeling through our eyes.

When we were about to reach the apartment, she told me that she will introduce me as her cousin. But to our luck, no one was there. After entering her apartment, I remembered that the door was open, so I closed the door and hugged her tightly.

Then we looked into each other’s eyes and without wasting time, I sucked her lips deeply and passionately. I pressed her towards the wall and was kissing her madly. She sucked my lower lips and upper lips and I inserted my tongue into her mouth and damn she is so wild.

She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth and friends, for the first time, I understood that kiss have a great role in romance and sex. I started to press her boobs and kissed on her neck from neck slowly. My lips moved towards her neck.

Then I moved towards her ears. When I sucked her ears, she was holding me tight. An electric current passed through her and suddenly, she held my face and kissed my cheeks, eyes, lips madly. Finally, she gave me another deep lip lock.

Then we moved to her room and we both fell on the bed looking at each other passionately. We started to kiss slowly and enjoying it to the fullest. I held her face in my hand. My lips move towards her chin, then to her neck. I then slid her top and kissed on her bare shoulder and gave a small bite.

Then I removed her top. She was in her red bra. The way she looked at me was so lustful and it gave me more energy. I again started kissing on her lips and this time, I was pressing her boobs. I removed her bra simultaneously.

She was removing my shirt as I started to play with her tits and my face came in between her boobs. I squeezed her boobs and started to suck them so passionately. I was sucking both boobs and she started to hug me tight.

She was making moaning sounds and started to call my name and asked me to suck and press more. Hearing that made me crazier and I was sucking her wildly and biting her nipple. Meanwhile with her nails, she held tightly on my back.

Then slowly I came down by kissing and when I reached her stomach, I put my tongue in her navel and licked it. She was enjoying it and making horny noises. I grabbed her belly and kissed her pussy over her leggings.

When I was trying to remove her leggings, suddenly she rolled over. She was lying down like she wanted to show me her ass. She helped me to remove her leggings in that position and when I removed them, her ass was damn sexy and well-shaped, which was more than I had expected.

I grabbed her ass and gave a kissed on it over panty. She then rolled back and was looking at me. I spread her legs, went down to her leg ankle, and from there, I started to give a kiss. Slowly, I reached towards her thighs.

She felt like I was tickling her. I slowly spread her legs. Then I was in between her legs and started to kiss on both her thighs and gave a bite on it. At last, I reached her panty. Oh man, it was damn wet. I was looking at her wet panty and I smiled and winked at her.

She – Look at my panty, you made it so wet. Now do you need an invitation to eat it? Come and taste it!

Me – Before eating your pussy, I wanna tease you more and make you wild and crazy.

She – I can’t tolerate anymore, please touch my pussy. Do something.

Me – Wait, honey.

Then I kissed her pussy over the panty. It was so wet. I bit her pussy over her panty. She just held my head and pressed it towards her pussy. I removed her panty. It was well-shaved pussy and juice was dripping from it.

When I looked at her face, she smiled and asked, “Can I taste your pussy juice?” In reply, she just pressed my head in between her legs towards her pussy. I slowly rubbed my face over her pussy. Then I was rubbing her pussy with my beard and started to lick her pussy juice simultaneously.

I rubbed her clit with my fingers. She was enjoying this and slowly started to moan, which made me so mad. I started to suck her pussy and sucked her clit too. She was pressing my head and she said, “Don’t stop, keep sucking and play with my clit.”

I was keeping on doing it. And while licking, I just pressed and squeezed her ass. She was too enjoying it. She pressed her boobs and was moaning. She was damn horny and while sucking her clit, I put 2 of my fingers inside her pussy. I started finger fucking her horny, wet pussy.

Then I came up and kissed her on the lips. I gave her my fingers to lick. She licked them like a pro and again, I kissed and went down. I gave a kiss on her clit. I came down and started to lick her pussy and play with my tongue and licked hard.

Then I sucked her pussy lips deep inside my mouth. While sucking, I was pressing her ass and squeezing her thighs. I spread her pussy lips, started to lick, and sucked her juice. She was moaning and shouting to eat her pussy.

Then I licked her pussy from bottom to top. I started to suck her pussy lips deep inside my mouth and during that time, she kept pressing my head towards her pussy. She was pressing my head in between her thighs at that time.

She kept moaning. The room was filled with her moaning. Then I entered my tongue into her pussy and started to lick and twist my tongue inside it. She started to increase her sound and told me to keep doing it and not to stop. I felt like she had forgotten her surroundings and enjoying to the fullest.

She kept pressing my face towards her pussy and at some point in time, I felt difficult to take a breath. While fucking her pussy with my tongue, I tried to rub her clit. At some point, I was not able to rub but with her hands, she was rubbing it.

She kept saying, “Fuck me with your tongue, suck it, drink my pussy juice. Don’t stop, keep doing it.” Then she told me she was about to cum and in a few seconds. She exploded. I tasted her juice. I was licking and then suddenly, she came towards me. She held my face and gave a deep french kiss.

She was licking my lips, my cheeks, chin, and licking me. Then she gave a tight hug and said,

She – Now, I’ll give you one of the most memorable feelings in your life.

Then she pulled me down and she removed my inners and after seeing my dick she said,

She – Wow, it’s straight and fucking hard. Can I keep it with me always? I’m seeing a foreskin removed dick in real for the first time (my dick foreskin was removed when I was a kid). I like your dick so much, it’s stiff, long, and strong.

I hope my story made you guys feel entertained. This is my first effort. I expect your support, suggestions through comments, and mails. It will give the energy to upload the 2nd part. My mail id is [email protected]

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