Rekindling Sexual Passion With Married Friend Raima

This is a story about my married friend, Raima, whom I met after a long time.

Raima and I have known each other for a long time. We used to chat and meet once in a while before we got married. There was some connection between us. Maybe we were attracted to each other, but neither of us confessed to it.

I used to flirt with her whenever I got the chance. She was very beautiful and her figure was to die for. I used to admire her beauty and catch glimpses of her sexy body whenever I had the chance. She looked especially hot and beautiful in a saree.

She had caught me admiring her beauty many times. She would just give me a naughty smile. Maybe she used to like me too.

Once, she met me after a function at her office, to which she had worn a black saree. She was looking too hot to handle and I complimented her on her sexy looks.

I said, “You are looking extremely hot in your black saree!”

To which she responded, “Thanks buddy. I have wanted to hear this compliment from you for a long time.” And then she winked.

I didn’t know whether it was a hint; whether she was also interested in me, or not. I just took it as healthy flirting.

Though I liked her and wanted to feel her, I could not confess this as I was afraid that this might end our friendship.

Then one day she got married and moved from Pune to some other city.

Marriage changed our lives and we both got busy in our own lives. But we stayed in touch on WhatsApp and would chat every now and then.

One day, Raima pinged me on WhatsApp and said, “Hey buddy, how are you? Bhool hi gaya tu toh mujhe.”

I replied, “Tujhe kaise bhool sakta hoon yaar?! I am good. You say. How have you been? When are you coming to Pune?”

Raima said that she was in Pune, staying with her parents for a few days. She suggested we catch up sometime over the weekend, whenever I was free.

I was very excited and said, “Sure! Why not? Let’s go out for dinner this weekend.”

So, that weekend, I went to pick her up from her place. She was wearing the same black saree, and in the sexiest way she could.

The saree was tied just above her thighs, giving a good view of her navel. The blouse was backless and low-cut, showing ample cleavage. She had left her hair open.

She looked like a beautiful model walking the ramp. I kept looking at her, admiring her, and I did not even realize when she had come and sat in the car.

Raima laughingly asked, “Bas dekhta hi rahega ya khaana bhi khilayega aaj?”

Coming to my senses, I responded, “Oh! I’m so sorry. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Look at you! Yaar, tu toh shaadi ke baad aur hot ho gayi. Lagta hai pati bahut mehnat kar raha tere par,” and I winked saying this.

Raima hit me on my shoulder saying, “Haha! Chal abhi baaki baad mein dekh lena.” Then she winked.

I did not understand what she meant by that, but I was happy.

We reached the restaurant and ordered our food and drinks. We were enjoying ourselves a lot, just like we used to in the old days. We did not realize how the time passed, and it was already 11 pm by the time we left.

By the time we reached her home, it was already 11.30 pm.

She asked me if I was up for a few more drinks. I was happy about the offer, but I asked her what her parents would think.

She said her parents had gone for a wedding in a nearby town and wouldn’t be back for two or three days.

“So there is no one at home,” she pointed out, mischievously smiling.

I was on cloud nine when I heard this.

We went up to her flat and the whole time I was thinking, “if only I could feel her in my arms today. If only I could make love to her tonight.”

We reached her flat and closed the door.

Raima asked me, “Kya piyega? Wahi, tere wala brand?”

“Haan yaar. Wahi sahi rahega.”

Saying, “ok, cool,” she came up with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses and some ice-cubes.

She fixed drinks for both of us while we were sitting on the sofa.

When we were having our drinks and chatting, my eyes were on her sexy stomach. She understood what I was looking at and said, “Kya dekh raha hai kab se?”

“Yaar, sorry but aaj tere saath aise akele drink kar raha hoon, and you are looking like a bombshell. Toh control nahi kar paa raha. Sorry yaar, nahi dekhna chahiye aise.”

She teased, “Maine kab bola nahi dekhna chahiye?”

And I replied, “Oh… I mean sirf dekhna nahi chahiye.”

She asked me, “toh roka kisne hai tujhe?”

I thought that this was my golden chance which I would never get again in my lifetime. So I just went near her and kissed her lips gently.

Oh my god! The aroma of her body was making me crazy.

Our lips were exploring each other while my hand was on her sexy waist. She was also responding as if she had wanted this for a long time.

We were exchanging our saliva as our tongues were fighting inside our mouths. My married friend was kissing me more rigorously now and held my face in her palms while I held her waist.

We were so engrossed in each other that we did not realize that the kiss went on for some 15 minutes.

We broke the kiss and she was blushing. I was lost in her deep eyes, looking at me as if there were many more things to come tonight.

We both got up and started kissing again. This time it was even more intense.

I removed the pallu of her saree while we were kissing. She was pulling me towards herself and hugging me tightly.

After kissing her mouth for some more time, I started kissing her neck and shoulders.

Wow! It felt like I was in heaven.

She was also liking it a lot. Her beautiful waist was still in my hands while I was kissing her neck, then her shoulder, and  I was coming down slowly.

I started giving her kisses just above her boobs, which were still in her black bra. While kissing her, I started removing her saree and blouse.

There she was, my beautiful Raima, in her black underskirt and black bra.

Her boobs were of a healthy size and wanted to come out of her bra. I too wanted to kiss them, but was taking things slowly. I was busy kissing her neck and shoulders, while my hands were exploring her back.

I picked her up in my arms and laid her down on the dining table. I started kissing her whole body. Her neck, her boobs above her bra, her navel, and her waist.

Wow! What a feeling it was. She was moaning a little.

“Aah… Baby! Feeling hot,” she said.

I went down and dragged her skirt up and started kissing her legs. I went further up and kissed her thighs. She was in ecstasy.

Raima moaned, “umm umm… Wow… You are driving me crazy!”

I assured her that there was much more to come.

“I love you yaar,” she whispered.

I replied, “I love you too, Raima.”

And then I pulled her skirt down and threw it on the floor.

Now she was in just her black bra and black lacy panties. My penis was hard enough to come bursting out of my clothes.

She suddenly sat on the dining table and started removing my shirt. After that, she started kissing my lips and then shoulders. Then she moved down to my chest to kiss and explore more.

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

While I was still in my jeans, she pushed me onto her bed and she came upon me, kissing the whole of my body.

I breathed, “Aaaaah! Raima… l love it, yaar.”

Then she started to take my jeans off, and I helped her get them off. Now I was in my underwear and my penis was super hard as if it would tear through the underwear and come out.

Raima was busy kissing me all over, and she then took my penis in her hand over my underwear. It felt like a current ran through my body.

I got up, excused myself for two minutes, and went out into the hall. I took the box of ice-cubes and went back to the bedroom.

Then I laid her on the bed and started kissing her whole body again. I undid her bra and those beautiful pair of boobs came out.

I went crazy seeing them and started kissing them gently. One of my hands was pressing her boobs, and the other hand was on her thigh, exploring.

I took one ice-cube from the box and kept it between her boobs. And then I started moving the ice-cube on her body with my mouth.

Her waist was shivering and she was moving her legs in the excitement. She was very excited by now.

We both sat on the bed, and she climbed into my lap and wrapped her legs around me. Our lips were exploring each other, while our hands were exploring our backs. She was hugging me tightly and kissing me intensely. We were both lost in our own world of love.

Her boobs were being crushed by my chest, my hands were caressing her thighs. I was kissing her neck, which was exciting her even more. I bit her earlobes, eliciting a “haaaah.”

I laid her back on the bed and started kissing her body again. When I reached her navel, I started to take her panties off, while kissing her lower and lower.

I took her panties off completely and saw her fully naked.

What a sight it was! I was looking at her naked body for quite some time.

She came up and pulled me towards herself and began pouring kisses on me. She pushed her hand inside my underwear and touched my bare penis.

I removed my underwear and we were both naked.

She pulled me onto herself again, and now our naked bodies were melting in each other’s arms. We were just kissing and our hands were exploring each other’s body.

I went and took one of her boobs in my mouth, and pressed her other boob with my hand. Her head was going from side to side when I started biting her nipples.

I went down and kissed her on her love hole, between her legs. She let out a loud moan, “Ohhhhhh wow! Baby, please don’t tease me now.”

I went down and kissed her thighs. My hands were busy caressing her naked body while I was kissing her love hole and inner thighs.

I came up again and started kissing her. She took my penis in her hand and started stroking it slowly. I was feeling so excited.

I exclaimed, “Wow Raima. Haaaaaah. My love, you are so beautiful”

Raima responded, “I love you baby… anything for you!”

Then I went into missionary position and Raima took my penis in her hand and tried to guide me into her love hole. But I was teasing her and not pushing my penis inside.

Raima asked, “Kyun tadpa raha hai yaar… please daal de… I want to feel you inside me.”

I answered her saying, “You will feel it like never before, my love.”

Then slowly I pushed my penis inside her and started stroking her gently.

My penis was inside her, going in and out, to and fro, and my hands were pressing her boobs. I was kissing her. Her hands were scratching my back.

Raima asked me if she could get on top of me, and I said, “Sure.”

She climbed on top of me, straddling my legs and inserted my penis inside herself. She started moving up and down on my penis while I held her boobs and pressed them gently.

After some time, we both came, exhausted in each other arms. We just lay there, naked for some time.

I apologized, “Sorry yaar, I did not use a condom…”

And she replied that it was okay. “I will take care of it. I also wanted to feel you without that…”

I exclaimed, “I love you Raima,” and she replied, “Love you, always.”

And we just slept like that for the whole night.

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