First Rough Sex With A Cab Driver

Hi readers, I am Jahnavi living in Hyderabad. I am working in a reputed MNC.

Before starting to share my experience, let me describe my body. I am 5″4′, 36-34-36, age 26, fair, and a little chubby. My boobs and my back will make men crazy.

Coming to my experience, I am a girl who is most active in online sex chat sites. One day, I felt very bored in the office so I felt like having some fun in online chat. I went into a telephone booth in my office where I can stay alone and have some fun.

I have logged into the site. So many men started pinging me and waiting for me to reply. But my eyes struck on a person who named his profile as ‘Cab fucker’. I got into the mood on seeing his name. This is because I had a fantasy to get fucked by a cab driver in a cab.

So I pinged him in private chat.

Me: Hello
Him: Hi madam, are you horny?

Me: I want to get horny. Can you do that?

Him: Are you a software employee?
Me: Yes.

Him: I love fucking software girls. They are soft and sexy. Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes but why?

Him: Did you have sex with him?
Me: Yes. Did you have sex with anyone?

Him: Yes, with 26 girls.
Me: Omg!!! Do you know them?

Him: I will pick them from the pub. When they are drunk or when they are out of money or out of cigarettes, they will respond for sex. Haven’t you ever been to a pub?
Me: No, I haven’t.

Him: Then please come with your boyfriend. I will fuck you when your boyfriend is watching us.

Me: How you will fuck me?
Him: Let me know when your office is done. I will pick you in my cab and take you to the hotel room. Then I will fuck you the whole night.

This made me so horny.

Me: But I don’t want to get fucked in a hotel. I want to get fucked in a cab.

Him: I love fucking in the cab because it has less space. If space is less then, we can attach tightly, and then I will press you harder and harder. I will eat your boobs and squeeze your thighs. I look like a rowdy and I won’t handle you smoothly. I will shoot my cum in your mouth. Are you interested in this fun?

I started rubbing my pussy when he was saying that. I completely got into the mood and I felt I should get fucked right then.

Me: Okay, let’s meet tonight. I will give you my address. Come and pick me. Where will you take me to fuck me?

Him: Sure madam. I will take you to ****** lake. That place will be dark and there will be fewer people around. I have fucked many girls at that place.

Me: That sounds good. How do you want me to dress up to make you horny?
Him: I will get horny if you wear a mini skirt and a tight sleeveless top.

Me: Okay, pick me at 8:30 pm.

Then I got up and went home. I removed the hair from my body and then had a hot shower. I took a black mini skirt. It was too short. If I sit or bend, my pussy will be visible. I chose a red thin panty that would tempt men and a red transparent bra that makes my big boobs look bigger. Finally, I got a red sleeveless blouse which I usually wear on my sarees. My red blouse was very tight and deep that my cleavage was revealed.

I got ready and was waiting for the cab to come. It was my first time having sex with a stranger. I was feeling tense and also excited.

Meanwhile, he pinged me saying that he was waiting in front of my building. I wore my black high heels and started going to the lift. To my bad, the lift was not working and I was on the 5th floor. I started climbing down the steps. My boobs started bouncing and one old owner on the third floor was staring at my body. The old owner made me horny.

Then I reached the ground floor and checked into the cab. He opened the front door for me. When I got into the cab, he started staring at me and said, “Madam, you are looking super hot. I will fuck you harder. Get ready.”

That got me started. I climbed over him, hugged him, and kissed him. In return, he kissed me on my lips and pressed my ass hard. Then I sat back in my seat. He started driving.

While driving, he put his hand on my thighs and rubbed there hard and asked –

Him – Are you nervous, madam?
Me – Yes. But I will try not to be nervous.

Him (rubbing my thighs): No, madam. You have to be nervous because I will crush and drink your wetness. You have to be worried, then only your body will become hot.

He was making me more tempted. I was enjoying his touch and started moaning a little.

Me: Mmmmmhhh mmmmmm mmmm..
Him: Madam, you have a sexy voice. I will make you moan more.

Slowly, the cab driver moved his hand towards my panty. I spread my legs to give him more access. He slowly rubbed my pussy over the panty. I was in heaven, “Ahhhhhh!!!”

I started holding my seat tightly and moaning a little louder. At that time, we got into a red signal. He turned toward me and with the other hand, he rubbed my boobs over my red blouse.

Him: You are looking so hot, madam. You are a damn hot chick tonight.
Me: I am your slave today. Show me heaven with your wild fuck show.

Him: Then come my chick. Do whatever I want. You are my slave now. You should listen to me.

The cab driver pulled me toward him. He hugged me, squeezed my pussy, bit my neck, and licked my cleavage. Suddenly, he tore my panty. I was shocked and looked at him.

Him: What are you watching, my dirty chick? I am your master.

He changed his tone from respectful to vulgar. Even I was shocked. Still, I was enjoying his dirty words on me.

He started removing my blouse. I stopped him and said, “We are in the traffic.”

He pinched me on my stomach and said, “Don’t dare to stop me, my dirty bitch. Let people see you. Enjoy their eyes on you.”

He removed my blouse. Now he can my transparent bra and folded hot navel. I felt so shy because people outside may be watching me. To my luck, the green signal came and all vehicles started moving.

He started pinching my things, my navel, and my breast. Suddenly, he grabbed my navel and pulled me toward him. Now I was partially over him,

I have opened 3 shirt buttons of his shirt and started caring his neck and licking his lips. He was caressing my ass.

Then he slowly drove to the lake. It was so empty and beautiful. He stopped the car. But still, we were in the car. I got over him. He was squeezing my ass roughly.

He brought his hands toward my boobs over the bra and tore my bra. My 2 melons popped out. He grabbed my melons with both hands and squeezed them harder. I moaned amazingly!

“Ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhhh..”

The cab driver kissed and licked my body. Later he removed his pant zip and his tool came out. He made me insert his cock in my pussy. I started jumping on his cock. Suddenly, he tore my skirt. Now I didn’t have any dress to wear.

We fucked in the car for some time and then he asked me to get out. I felt shy but I stepped out of the car naked. He came out and removed his pant and asked me to drink his cum. I bent down and kept his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. The cab driver pushed his cock completely into my throat.

Then he opened the back seat door and pushed me onto the seat and jumped over me like an animal. He spread my legs and started licking my pussy. I felt like heaven.

Then he came up and pushed his cock into my pussy hole. He gave rough stokes and I was shouting louder, “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh mmmmmm ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh.”

Then he released his cum into my pussy. Like that till 2, the cab driver fucked me in different sex positions.


I hope you all enjoyed my story. This is not the end of my story. I will release the next part of this sooner which will be juicier than this.

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