Fucked Rich, Married Client Woman In Hyderabad

Hello beautiful ladies and girls, myself Rahul, 5’10” in height. I am 26 years old. I have moved to Hyderabad a year ago. This is my story which happened in August 2021.

I have been reading stories here for a long time now. So, I decided to submit my recent experience with a rich client.

After the lockdown, I moved to Hyderabad and rented a flat at banjara hills, Hyderabad. One night, I got a message on my Instagram. That was how it began.

We chatted till late at night. She was a married woman whose husband was a businessman and had affairs. She was unsatisfied with her sexual life. Let’s call her ‘Kalpana’. She was 33 years old and a mother of 1.

The next day, we talked a lot of stuff and that night, we had a romantic experience where we played truth or dare. That game made our thoughts go wild. That game ended up with a dare in which I had to make my rich, married client horny.

We sexted like crazy and shared our pictures too. It happened till 3 am and then she slept. I masturbated and slept too.

I got a message from my married client in the morning asking if whether I was free that day and ready for a sexual encounter! Reading the text, I immediately got a boner. I applied for emergency leave and texted her ok.

She shared her WhatsApp number and asked me to call when I reach the GVK mall. I reached there by 2 pm. I called and informed her about my arrival.

The married woman came in her Audi to pick me up and oh god, she was flawless. She wore a light blue saree and was looking stunning. Trust me guys, I even got a boner then and there itself.

After sitting in the car, we hugged and her perfume made me go crazy. I complimented her saying that she was beautiful and her eyes, nose, and lips were stunning. She blushed and thanked me.

We reached her home by 3 pm. I enquired about her husband and she said that he was out of town for a business trip. And her baby was 1-year-old and she had slept. We entered her duplex house and she went to freshen up. Then I sat in the hall and was looking at my surroundings.

Then my rich, married client came from the first floor. She was inviting me with her transparent nighty. I could see her legs below her knees. I slowly went up, enjoying her beauty in the transparent nighty.

I then bent and held her left leg with my hand and kissed her knee. I rubbed her leg from the bottom to her thighs while standing and kissed her lips. Kalpana hugged me tightly and we started smooching hard. She was sucking my lower lip.

I inserted my hands under my rich, married client’s nighty and held her waist. I took her to the wall and was pressing her waist. She was kissing all over my face and moaning. I held her boobs and was pressing gently. She wore no bra and panty.

While pressing my client’s boobs, I knelt in front of her and kissed her clean shaved pussy inside the nighty. Her pussy smell drove me crazy. I was licking the unsatisfied married woman’s pussy like a mad dog.

Kalpana spread her legs and sat on my face. I inserted my tongue deep in my rich client’s pussy. Her hot and wet juices were tasty. She took a 180 degrees turn and unzipped me. She held my cock and started giving blowjob. Oh god, that feeling was amazing!

Kalpana took my cock deep in her throat. By the way, my cock is 5. 5 inches long with a pink tip. We were in 69 position for almost 20 minutes and I came.

Then we shifted to the bedroom. She removed her nighty and tore away my shirt. She was asking me to fuck her hard.

I made her lie on the bed. I spread her legs and was rubbing my dick on her pussy. I was teasing her with my dick rubbing in her wet pussy. My rich, married client’s pussy was in light brown and pink. She asked me to fuck her hard and satisfy her. Listening to her words, my dick started ramming her pussy.

Her moans increased. My balls were hitting her ass and my cock was going deeper and deeper in her pussy. Her legs were on my shoulders and I bent forward to kiss her lips and press her melons.

We fucked for almost 15 minutes and then we moved to doggy style. The cheating wife was moaning, “Aah aaahaa aaaah Rahulllll..Fuckkk me..Fuckkk me hard Rahullll.. Fuck my pussy hard. I am yours. Fuck me daily. I am your slave..”

These sounds were circulating in the room and my cock became harder. Wet juices were dripping from her pussy. After 10 minutes, I sat on the bed and she took my cock in her pussy, facing me. My face was well in between her boobs.

I took her left boob in my mouth and was licking it. She started taking my cock in her pussy deeply, moaning all loudly in my ears. My rich, married client cummed twice in that position and asked me to cum in her.

After 25-30 minutes, I came inside her pussy. Then I lied on the bed naked and spread my hands and legs. She went and washed her glory hole. She came back and started kissing all over my face, my body, and took my dick in her mouth. Within seconds, my cock was ready for another round.

The businessman’s horny wife sucked my cock for 5 minutes while I was just enjoying watching her curvy navel, sexy boobs, and her big white butts. Then I held her ass and started licking her pussy. I was fucking her throat deep with my dick and she was pushing her pussy on my mouth.

I inserted all my tongue in her pussy and was fucking her throat hard. I increased my pace and cummed in about 20 minutes. I gave a few bites on her ass. Even though I cummed, my cock was still hard, and was looking at her. She was happy with that and we moved to another position.

Kalpana was sitting at a table. I lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulder. I started inserting my cock in her pussy and giving her hard strokes. Tears rolled from her eyes.

I fucked her for about 20 minutes and I cummed in her pussy. She said that she liked the taste and smell of my cum.

We then went to clean ourselves in the washroom but ended up having one more session. While the shower was on, I stood under it. My married client knelt and took my cock in her mouth, looking straight into my eyes. Her cheeks became red and she started blowing my cock hard.

After 10 minutes, it was my turn to lick her pussy so we exchanged our positions. I was licking all the water coming from her boobs to her navel to her pussy. Then she turned toward the wall and was slightly bending forwards. I stood behind her and kept my cock in her pussy. That feeling was heaven.

Then she raised one leg onto the commode. We fucked hard for almost 30 minutes, trying all the angles we know. It was 7 pm by then.

We slept hugging and woke up at 9:30 pm. By then, I woke up and she was preparing food. I found her in the kitchen. My rich, married client wore a short and a loose t-shirt. I held her from behind inside her t-shirt and was kissing her neck. She held my cock and was rubbing it with her ass. My cock was kissing pressing on her butt.

I lowered her shorts and the married lady invitingly pushed her ass onto my cock. I inserted my cock in her pussy was fucking her from behind, pressing her melons with my left hand, and inserted my right hand in her mouth. She was licking my finger like a crazy mad chick.

Then we turned the gas stove off. She sat down and started giving me a blowjob. Within minutes, I came.

Then we had food and she went to breastfeed her baby. I gave her privacy and was watching TV. After about 30 minutes, she made her baby sleep and came on my lap. I was only in my boxer and she was completely nude.

We hugged and enjoyed each other’s touches. We flirted and at night, I applied ice cream on her boobs, navel, and pussy. I licked it all like a mad bull. I gave hickeys on her boobs and her ass. I licked my rich, married client’s pussy hard.

In 69, she applied ice cream on my cock and balls. She sucked my dick deeper and deeper. The way she sucked my balls was amazing. We fucked 7 times that night and her pussy was paining. She asked me to fuck her slowly.

And I was completely exhausted after that. Then again my energy was restored and we fucked for the next 2 days. She fell in love with my dick and asked me to be her unofficial husband.

Before leaving, she gave me some money and a few kisses. Also, she dropped me off. I met her thrice till now.

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