Fucked Hot Tinder Girl Maya In Hyderabad Oyo Room

I forgot to mention a few details about me in my previous story. I am Rahul, 26 years young gun. I am a handsome guy with 5’10” in height and a lean body who loves working out in the gym.

Let’s get into the story. On 1st November evening, I got a Tinder notification that I got a match. Her name was Maya. Soon, I messaged her. Maya was seductive in pictures. She was white and a little chubby. She resembled actress Hansika.

We then chatted for an hour and after getting comfortable with each other, I invited her for dinner and she readily accepted. We exchanged our WhatsApp numbers and she sent me her location. I reached Madhapur around 8 pm and was waiting at her location.

After 5 minutes, my hot Tinder date came and we hugged. Her perfume was so strong and I wanted to have her in my bed right then and there. Somehow, I controlled and greeted her and we started searching for a Punjabi restaurant.

Maya complimented about my attire and perfume and we didn’t see each other as we were wearing masks with shields on.

As I was driving, I could sense that her warm boobs were rubbing my back. As I was not sure whether she was doing it intentionally or not, I enjoyed it silently and rode the bike. Then, in the restaurant, Maya was completely impressed by my looks and she whispered in my ears that this place should have been a private one.

This statement turned me on instantly. We got into the mood and started playing truth or dare. (With truths only as we were in a restaurant.)

So I asked her about when was her last sex and she answered, “2 days back.”

I was a bit shocked and chose ‘truth’. She asked about my longest fucking session to which I roughly answered, “2 hours.”

(And ladies, I am not kidding. I love sex and I know the techniques to stay long and satisfy my partner.)

Then I asked about her panty color to which she answered, “Black.”

Again I chose truth to which she asked for my dick size. I replied, “6 inches.”

Later she chose truth and I asked for her sex partners’ count. She said that she don’t remember the exact number and the count must be more than 30.”

I was shell shocked by this statement of hers. Also, the intensity in our questions increased and we became horny as fuck. She started rubbing my thighs and all. I teased her more.

Finally, I invited her to have a good fucking session. Then we decided to take an Oyo room. We booked a hotel room and checked in.

Sorry, I totally forgot to mention this. As it was before Diwali, she was leaving for her hometown tonight by bus. Her bus was at 11 pm in Ameerpet (local area in Hyderabad).

So it was already 9:30 pm by the time we reached Oyo. As we went in and locked the door, I just held her sexy waist and started kissing her like a wild dog.

I then inserted my hands in her top and was squeezing her belly sides and also sucking her lips.

We helped each other in removing our clothes and within seconds, we both became completely nude. Her extra-sized boobs were swinging down and were making me wild. Her measurements read 36-30-34.

The hot Tinder girl’s nipples were thick brown. She had a clean shaved pussy and her pussy lips were black.

Soon, we lied on the bed and she was on me biting my neck, sucking my lip. Maya became fucking wild that she was biting my chin with the beard on it. Even though I was hurt, I was enjoying her wildness.

I started squeezing her big ass. She was sucking my nipples and then took my cock in her mouth deep. The Tinder babe took the pink tip of my cock in her throat. She made me cum in her hot mouth after 10 minutes and drank all my juices.

Even though my cock was down, she again sucked my cock and later held my cock and rubbed it on her pussy. I moved down and started licking her wet pussy and giving her shivers by inserting my tongue in her glory hole.

Soon, we moved to 69 and fucked her pussy with my tongue deep in her pussy. She was sucking my cock, taking it deep in her throat as if there was no tomorrow.

I enjoyed her pace. Her lips were super soft and had red lipstick on them. Her pussy was oozing odor that was making my senses go wild.

Even though her pussy was salty, it was tasty. I licked her whole wet and she returned the same favor.

I was slapping her ass all this while and she was enjoying by moaning hard. Soon, the sounds increased. She wanted it hard. I could see my hand marks on her milky white ass turning red. She was sucking my cock wildly.

Maya later said that she liked the taste of my cock. She started kissing my balls and licking them while squeezing my ass. She took my balls in her warm mouth. I felt like I was in cloud 9. (As I’m typing this, my cock’s growing big. Thanks to, Maya!)

Then we changed our position to missionary. She was completely wet down there. I fucked super horny Tinder girl’s glory hole hard and her moans got louder. My balls were hitting her big ass down there.

I then lifted her and was stroking her pussy deep and hard. She held my face hard and was pressing my face in between her melons.

We then moved to doggy style and I fucked her in her ass which was very tight. She started to moan hard and was abusing me as I was banging her ass from behind while holding her hair.

We fucked for 1 hour in all the possible angles. Finally, at 10:30 pm, I fucked her in the shower and dropped her off. Later, when I reached my flat, she again WhatsApped me from the bus that she want my cock again next week.

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