Fucked Saloni in train

Hi, Roger again. This is a story of me having another adventure with Saloni on the train. It was around April when everything was going great, no COVID and everyone was enjoying life.

I enjoyed it at a max level great job, a girlfriend and a sex friend from my organization. I described in my previous story. After a lot of stuff, Saloni and I thought of planning a trip so that we could chill out together and have more time with each other.

However, we wanted to keep it a secret from our partners and definitely with other colleagues. Since we’re in different teams at the office, we made a perfect plan about going family function out of state. We will use the same plan for our partners as well. This worked out smoothly.

We tried booking tickets for Delhi, but it was hard luck for us. So I asked Saloni if she had ever been to Kolkata. Her response was no. Since I have many close relatives in Kolkata, I have visited the city for quite some time. I knew about the great locations too.

So we booked our tickets and waited for our day. On the day of the journey, her Bf came to drop her and help her with the train boarding. I sat there acting like a total stranger. It was an A/c 2nd tier with curtains where in my side it was only me.

Opposite my side was Saloni, and above her was a middle-aged man in his late 40’s. After around 8-10 minutes, the train blew the horn as her bf left. I looked at her and gave her a devilish smile as we left the platform. She came to my seat, pinched me and said, “Nice acting, asshole.”

From there, we played a movie on the laptop and sat close to each other inside the blanket we got. We were watching ‘Deadpool.’ There comes a scene where both the actress rides the actor hard, grinding her boobs. Watching that, Saloni got charged and whispered in my ear, “I want to ride you, too, babe.”

I kissed her and pressed her left breast with my other hand. I was caressing her neck. We stopped after 3 minutes as we felt a sudden jerk in the journey. Around 11 pm, everyone in our compartment was asleep. Even the stranger above was sleeping peacefully.

So I slid down and placed my head on Saloni’s lap. I started kissing her tummy. She was laughing as she was feeling ticklish. But as I involved my dick with the kiss, she started breathing heavily and said, not on the train. But how can I let that opportunity go?

I lifted her t-shirt and pushed my head inside, and kept kissing her soft skin under her boobs. I kept moving my hands on her neck. When I noticed her taking a deep breath, I made her sit as her back faced the window with her legs open. I pulled her top with the bra.

She was topless on the train, and I started kissing her neck. Then her collar bone and her boobs and gave her a hickey. She was frightened and excited. I kept my right hand over her mouth and shoved my left hand inside her track pant.

I started sucking her left boob lightly while making circles on her pussy over the panty. After a couple of seconds, she started getting wet. Her wetness was easy to feel above panty. The train stopped around an empty place. Only the moonlight was falling on us.

I was sucking a Punjaban with 34dd in an A/c train. Damn, that is hot. I took her hand and put it over my dick. She came forward, opened my jeans taking out my 6.6-inch dick. She stroked my dick while looking at me. I was running fingers on her lips.

Then she kissed my dick from bottom to top and gulped the head of my dick. Damn, I closed my eyes in pleasure and pushed my dick inside her mouth more. She paused, kept my dick in her mouth and made circles on my dick head. She started tying her hair (pro sucker).

She resumed the sucking by directly going for a deep throat and fuck. I moaned lightly and started pushing her head deeper so that she could choke on my dick. After 10 minutes, she was done blowing me and was wearing the t-shirt. I stopped her and removed her track pant to lick her pussy with the panty.

She was buck naked in the train. I went down on her and started licking her clit slowly. Going bottom to the top slowly but powerfully. I parted her pussy lips with every lick and made a circle on the clit while ending it. And then, as soon as she started enjoying it, I shoved 2 fingers inside her.

I fingered inside her upper pussy wall alternatively. After this slow adventure, I went rough on her. She was trying hard not to moan loudly, or we would have been doomed. So after 10 minutes, she came and was excited.

I made her sit like a doggy and started rubbing my dick between her huge ass cheeks. Later I put the dick inside her and started fucking her slowly. She was enjoying and moving her hips too in excitement.

After 3- 4minutes, I increased the pace. We kept doing it. Suddenly, I smacked her butt hard. She instantly pulled me and made me sit. And said, “Do you want to wake everybody up, duffer?”

I apologized and asked her to blow me again. She was slurping down my dick happily. After 10 minutes, I made her sit normally. I lifted her legs and pulled her closer to me. I went deep inside her pussy in one go. She grabbed my waist and dug her nails into my waist.

I wanted to shout but couldn’t. So I pulled my dick out and shoved it deep again in her. She closed her mouth with her own hands, and I kept ramming her slowly. After 20 minutes, I came inside her, and later I checked if the stranger was sleeping or not. We forgot about the stranger completely.

As soon as we were done, she wore clothes. After 5 minutes, she went to the washroom. I went with her and was waiting outside. She came back after that, and we slept.

However, we both were not satisfied and wanted to do more stuff. But since it was a train, we did the best, I believe. We were waiting to reach Howrah station. So we slept peacefully and reached Howrah the next day in the afternoon.

Rest will be shared on how I made her wear sexy lingerie, and we had sex in the hotel room.

Till then, keep up and enjoy. Please do share your feedback at [email protected]

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