My First Experience With A beautiful Married lady

Hello friends, I’m a huge fan of XIS. For a long time, I thought of sharing my experience but couldn’t make it out. This is my first-time sex, where I lost my virginity. It happened when I was in college.

My self Rajesh, I’m a tall and good looking person. I used to play a lot of sports and maintain a healthy body. I stay in Hyderabad city.

One day while I returned from college, I saw some family friends in the house. My mom introduced them saying he is your father’s friend and his. I told about myself and looked at aunty. She is so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes from her.

I came to know that they had shifted our city and they didn’t have any home yet. So they stayed in our house for a few days. I must tell about my aunt. her name is Vijaya. She would be around 25 years and by that time it would be 5 years of her marriage.

Her structure details 34-32-36. (I came to know later from her). She is fair in complexion with long hair. While she walks her hair moves on her butts, which I liked the most. Without wasting time, I will come to the point. They were been almost 1 month in our home.

Initially, I was very hesitant to talk with her. She used to talk and slowly I gained confidence and started the conversations. As time passed, we became close friends. She used to share all her college memories of how she used to be naughty and how she became silent after marriage.

I used to share all the things which were happening in college. Unknowingly I became very close to her. But I never had any bad intention on her. Once my parents went to a marriage. My uncle also went to another city for office work, I came from college.

As usual, we started talking on various topics and making a lot of humor and laughing like hell. Then all of a sudden she asked me whether I have any girlfriend. I said no. She was like, “Don’t tell lies. You are smart and handsome.”

Then I told her that I was waiting for a girl like her who cares and always makes me happy. For a few minutes, everything was silent. Then she said, “Come let’s have dinner.” She had prepared a nice dinner. I praised her saying, “Uncle is a lucky fellow to have you.”

She became shy with my words. After that, we had a few normal conversations. I told her to sleep in the bedroom and I will sleep in the hall. She refused and told that both shall sleep in the bedroom. I, somehow, told her that I will sleep in the hall and she went to the bedroom.

I slept in the hall and many thoughts came into my mind. I could not sleep properly. Maybe the inside person has been awakened and dreamt of having sex with her. The day ended nothing had happened. From the next day onwards, I noticed a lot of changes in her.

We were getting closer and closer. She used to sit very close to me and touch my hand. She was seeing directly into my eyes. These were happening and her behavior is changing when no one there in the home. I was enjoying all this but couldn’t dare for anything.

Meanwhile, they got the house for rent and shifted. I was missing her a lot in the home a few days passed. My desire for her is getting increased day by day. A few weeks passed and I couldn’t control myself. I decided at any cost I need to have sex with Vijaya.

But the lucky part is that they took a house near to my home. A few weeks later, I came to know that my uncle went to the office tour for 3 days. He informed my parents to take care of her. He called me asking to stay with Vijaya after your college gets over.

I said ok and felt very happy, excited, overjoyed inside and made up my mind to have sex with her. That night I could not sleep properly. I was waiting for the morning so that my uncle will leave the city. The morning I got up and started acting like I’m not feeling well to bunk college. My parents believed and said ok.

I got up and told mom that I’m going to aunty house and left for her home. I reached there around 9 am. I opened the gate and went to the main door. It was closed but not bolted. I went in and sat inside the home with a little fear. I was searching for Vijaya but couldn’t find her.

Meanwhile, the water sound was coming from the bathroom. I understood she was taking her bath. I went to the bedroom and hid below the cot to give her a surprise. She was singing a song and entered the bedroom with a towel from her breast to the knees.

I slowly got out of the cot and was facing back she didn’t notice me. I could see her milky legs which are sexy. An electric shock came to my body. She is beautiful no words left to explain. Slowly I went behind her. I closed her eyes asked if she could identify me.

Then suddenly she shouted. I got scared and said, “It’s me, don’t shout.” She came to normal and said, “When did you come?” with a smile on the face. I couldn’t take my eyes from her. I was staring at her for a few seconds. Then I explained to her how much I missed her.

I told her, “I may be wrong about what I’m doing. But this is my real feeling for you. I love you,” and hugged her tightly. For a few seconds, she was silent. She took my face into her hand and said, “I was also feeling the same,” and kissed on my lips.

I took her lips sucked exchanged saliva. Slowly we moved to the bed and started kissing. From the forehead came inch by inch down. I kissed her neck and removed the towel with my mouth. I took one boob into my mouth and another in my hand. I sucked and pressed at the same time.

She removed my dress, shorts, and a t-shirt. We both were completely naked while my both hands pressed her boobs my mouth came to navel area and kissed hard. I moved to the heaven hole pussy of Vijaya. She was wet by that time. I sucked it like there is no tomorrow.

She was moaning. Then I kissed her legs which I loved a lot. She could control herself and said, “Fuck me hard, I’m dying.” Then I kept my dick on her pussy lips and rubbed from top to bottom. Her pre-cum was all over my dick. I slowly inserted my dick into the pussy.

She was screaming my name loudly and making sounds. I pushed with full force. My entire dick went inside. I gave heavy strokes for a few seconds and then looked into her face. I gave deep kisses and said, “I love you.” I increased my speed. My naked dick was touching the walls of her pussy.

After a few minutes of silence, tears rolled out of her eyes. She pulled me into her arms and kissed on my lips. I increased my speed to cum inside her. Later she told me that she had cum many times during our sex. We slept holding each other tightly.

I asked her, “How come you got such a tight pussy even after marriage?” She told me that uncle doesn’t satisfy her. He has a very small dick, almost half of mine. She felt sad but then I consoled her.  Meanwhile, my dick got ready for the second round.

I told this time you take charge. She climbed on me kissing all over my chest. Then she turned into 69 position. I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my dick like a lollipop. Now my dick got the full form and she took it inside her. In one go it went completely inside.

She started moving up and down by closing her eyes and feeling my dick deep inside her. I was pressing her boobs and giving strokes from the bottom. This continued for 10 minutes and I released my full load of cum inside her. She slept over me with my dick inside her pussy.

She said she never experienced this before. Then for a few years, we maintained the relation.

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