Hot Encounter With A Married Woman

Hello guys, here’s a small intro about me. I’m 25 years old single working in Bangalore. I love sex. (Lol, who doesn’t). I’m an adventure freak so I love trying new things both in life and sex. So here I’m with my recent experience.

The Accident:

So this happened last week. I was sexting with some random strangers online. And I came across this married women Harika. She is 28 years old from Hyderabad. She got married 3 years back and is not satisfied with her sexual life.

Initially, she was complaining that her husband does sex only once a week that too in a mechanical way. He doesn’t do any role-play and directly fucks her. He doesn’t care if she’s satisfied or not. I felt bad about her and I tried my luck. We started talking about our favorite things in sex.

So, I told her I love eating pussy and mad about it. Her reply to this shocked me. It is – she never got her pussy licked. (Come on, who doesn’t lick a girl’s pussy while making love.) I explained how I’ll smooch her pussy lips, suck her clit and do tongue and finger fuck.

Slowly we moved to Hangouts and started talking over Hangouts call. All our conversations were about sex. I was hungry about sex and she was dying for it. We became comfortable and exchanged our pictures. It seemed like the stars were aligned.

Within a week we started planning about our meeting. We decided to meet in Hyderabad on a weekday as it won’t create any doubt for her husband. I was very excited as that was the first time I’m going to meet a woman who’s elder than me. That too she’s married.

The Room:

So finally we met in a coffee shop as we decided to let it be casual. She’s pretty and a typical South Indian girl in churidar. She’s about 5’5″ and chubby. So we exchanged some talks. She was also excited and tensed just like me. Then we took an Ola and went to the hotel (which I checked-in earlier that day).

I touched her hands and teased her as we reach the hotel. Once we are in the room she went to the window and looked at the view. As she’s not happy with her husband’s mechanical sex I wanted to take it slow and intense, just the way she likes. I locked the door and went behind her and walked towards her.

All I can see is her busty ass. Woah, I felt like jumping and eating that ass like a wild tiger. Her ass was getting all my attention. I went and hugged her from behind. She’s didn’t say a word and I kissed her neck and gently took her ear lobes with my lips and pressed her waist. And she released a soft moan.

This made me super horny like some electric current. I felt like turning her towards me, lifting her up and fucking her like an animal keeping her against the glass window. I came back to my senses and took her lips and smooched her lips passionately.

She started giving her tongue (I loved this one) and we sucked each other’s lips, tongues like hungry dogs. I reached her ass, grabbed them hard and press them hard as we smooched. Slowly I went down kissing her neck and licking all over her shoulder.

I grabbed both her boobs with my hands and pressed them and kissed over her clothes itself. Then I rubbed her pussy over her dress. I saw she’s losing control and started moaning. I immediately kept my hands in her dress in her panty and rubbed along her pussy lips. They were dripping.

I rubbed her pussy and took my fingers and kept them in my mouth looking at her and tasted her cum. This made her crazy and she started kissing all my face. And I kept my hands in her panty and started rubbing her pussy. I later removed her panty.

Then I lifted one of her legs and went to my knees.  I smooched her pussy lips wildly and licked her pussy from bottom to top, played with her clit. She was releasing her moans and said, “Baby, suck it hard. It’s awesome my husband never licked my pussy.”

This made me go crazy. I ate her pussy even vigorously. She held my hair and pulled me even closer to her pussy.

The Wild And Dirty Sex:

What came after that was a wild, horny, dirty tigress from a shy innocent housewife. She made me lie on the bed. She climbed on me and sat on my face. I was shocked to see this. She started riding my face and all I can smell is her pussy. Ah, that erotic smell.

I held her ass cheeks and started licking her pussy lips, slurped her juices and sucked her clit. Slowly she became even hornier and pressed her pussy on my face. She lifted her hip and kept her ass hole and make me lick that. Ah, she was moaning like anything.

Then I reversed her, sat on her and kept my long and thick dick on her face. I slapped her face with my dick. She took it in her mouth and licked the dick head at the beginning. But then she pulled my foreskin and sucked it like a lollipop. She was like a pro. She’s that desperate to suck one.

Then I turned her around in doggy position and ate her pussy and ass from the back. She was like, “Now fuck me, baby. I can’t wait, It’s been a few months since I got fucked hard.” I turned her into a missionary position and started rubbing my cock on her pussy lips.

It was all wet and she was not in a position to wait. She took it with her hand and guided it into her pussy. Even though it went in with no effort her pussy felt great and I banged her hard. Then I even lifted her, kept her against the wall and fucked her like an animal.

She was gasping and moaning. We spoke in dirty Telugu and that was a huge turn-on for both of us). I then made her in doggy and rode her pulling her hair. This is the best doggy style experience for me to date. She then took my cock into her mouth and sucked till it was hard.

I told her I’m about to cum. By her lustful look, it was very clear that she wants me to cum in her mouth. Even I fucked her mouth deep throat as she sucked it. I exploded in her mouth. She licked my cock like a choco bar. And in no time, I was hard and I fucked her in missionary.

We spat in each other’s mouths and fucked till she cummed. I licked her pussy dry and then we did 69 position. The whole day we fucked like hungry animals till we were tired. She left that evening. But we met the next day and did even more dirty sex.

All ladies who are looking for some fun and wild and dirty sex can ping me at [email protected] You can also share your feedback. I respect your privacy.

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