Sex With Office Colleague In Dubai

Hi everyone. My name is Ajil. I am a 34-year-old software engineer basically from Kerala but working in Dubai. I am 5ft 8 inches tall with six-pack abs and 6-inch rock solid dick. Please respond with your comments on [email protected]

Coming back to the story. I work in an MNC software company in Dubai. We have 6 ladies and 4 guys working in our department. All are between the age of 30 and 45 mixed nationalities. It was in 2019. Our boss assigned a project to one of our senior staff (Satish, age 43).

The boss asked him to choose a group and get it executed. Satish formed a group of 4 people. Myself, age 34, Neha (Indian, age 40), Katherine (Indian age 36). We three had 1 month to complete the project and submit to Satish. He will review and submit that to our boss.

Neha was a serious lady. Much dedicated to working but a lot of commitments in the family. She had grown up kids and always left the office on time. Katherine was basically from Goa. Her husband is an auditor and always keep traveling. Katherine likes traveling too. They traveled to many countries.

Katherine was a real hot lady. Her figure was 34-28-36. And had a lustful expression face. I have masturbated thinking of her hot ass. And she used to wear mini skirts in the office. She loves flirting and parties.

I used to be very friendly with Katherine and Neha. We worked together for the project and started having group discussions almost every day. Katherine and I used to leave together from the office. I used to drop her near her apartment which is in Dubai. Then I drove to my apartment in Sharjah.

One day Katherine asked me to come to her house and just have a coffee. Her husband and daughter (3 yrs old) and mother-in-law were in the house. I went with her to the house. I had a chat with her husband. He asked me, “Ajil, why are you not getting married? Don’t you have any girlfriend?”

I told him that I had many girlfriends. So I am confused about finding someone good to marry and we laughed. After 2 hours of chit chat, I went back to my apartment in Sharjah. The next day morning again we started our work and Katherine started chatting with me on our company web chat.

Katherine: Hi Ajil. Good morning.

Me: Hi Katherine. Good morning. How are you?

Katherine: I am good yaar. Where are you with the assignment?

Me: Going on. I can complete my portion before time. What about you?

Katherine: Mine is ok too. If you complete your portion fast then you will have some free time to search a lady to get married. Haha.

Me: Haha. I am not interested in marriage. Just parties, clubbing, and friends.

Katherine: I didn’t know you go to parties as you maintain your physique good. So I thought you don’t drink.

Me: I drink occasionally. I go to clubs to dance and this helps in maintaining my abs.

Katherine: I am sure you would have received a lot of female attraction in clubs.

Me: Haha. I have but they are not good for marriage.

Katherine: What? So what are they good for?

Me: You know. No offense but I want someone who doesn’t do clubbing for marrying.

Katherine: Hey. I do clubbing. Does that mean I am bad?

Me: Sorry. That’s not what I meant.

Katherine: Ok ok. I am not embarrassing you. Next week my hubby and mother-in-law are going to our cousin’s place in Bahrain for a wedding. Since I am busy with the project I won’t take leave. So we can go to a party together.

Me: Will your husband make trouble?

Katherine: He only told me to help you in finding someone good for marriage. He liked you.

Me: ok.

Next Thursday evening.

Katherine: So are you ready to go to the party. There is a good club in Jumeirah where I go with my husband always.

Me: Yeah, I am all in.

Katherine: Are you going to wear this dress?

Me: No. I have it packed in my bag. Are you going to change yours?

Katherine: Of course. After work, you come to my flat we can change there and then we will go together.

Me: Sounds good.

Evening 6:00 we left the office and went to Katherine’s flat. She made some snacks and tea and then went to her room to take a shower. After 30 minutes she came to the hall in a bathrobe. She told me to take a shower in her room if need to and get dressed. As she will take another 30 minutes to get dressed.

I said ok and went to the bathroom. She gave me a towel too. Her bathroom was beautiful and really clean with a good fragrance. I went inside removed my clothes and took a shower. After the shower, I wore the dress and hanged the towel back in the bathroom hook.

After finishing my dress I saw that the towel fell on the wet floor. So I took it back and looked around. I saw a laundry box under the washbasin. I opened the box to keep the towel and saw her office dress along with panties and bra. I took out the panties and smelled it.

I saw a wet patch on the panty which gave me an immediate hard-on. Then I closed the box put the towel in the laundry bag and came out. Katherine was already dressed in a short miniskirt and tight top. Her cleavage was clearly visible.

Wow, what a view it was. My dick was getting hard. I then walked back to the hall. I was wearing a tight low neck t-shirt and slim fit jeans.

Katherine: Wow, Ajil. You look hot.

Me: You look super hot.

Katherine: Thank you. So shall we leave?

We came out and as she was locking her door. I noticed her ass. So round and sexy. We came to our car and left for the club. It was trance music and we started dancing together. She asked me for drinks. I agreed and took whiskey. She had few whiskeys too. In between, we took a couple of tequila shots.

We both were drunk and dancing. Katherine was so close to me rubbing all her body parts on me. She asked me.

Katherine: So you notice any good looking girl?

Me: Not so far. I think you are the best looking here. So people are looking at you.

Katherine: Shut up yaar. I know what people are looking at and I get that look a lot.

Me: They are looking at ur ass. Can’t complain as you have a hot ass.

Katherine: Hey don’t flirt with me you look for someone around. Maybe you will find your dream girl.

Saying this she turned and rub her ass on me. I enjoyed it and rub back. Slowly my hands moved from her hips to little above her ass. She did not mind at all and continued dancing. I gained little courage and started massaging her ass softly. She did not mind at all and was facing me and dancing.

It continued for another 10 minutes. The dance floor was full of smoke and I grabbed an squeezed her ass fully. She still kept dancing as if nothing happened. I kept enjoying her ass. After some time she started holding me tight and gave a kiss on my neck. This was the signal I wanted and kissed back on her neck.

She pushed me away this time and said its getting late let’s leave or you won’t be able to drive. She was really drunk and shaking. I held her hips and walked with her outside the club and we left for the parking. I took our car and was driving back home. She was drunk and while driving her head fall on my lap.

I was getting so hard and so I removed my zip and took my dick out. And now my dick was right in front of her lips. She just lay on my dick and did nothing. Before reaching her flat I took my dick back in my pants and held her and went to the flat. I asked her for the keys. She asked me to take it from her purse.

I searched in her purse and took the key opened the door and took her in. I walked with her to her bedroom and asked her to lie on the bed. She removed her shoes. Wow, she was so hot and her skirt was a little up. I controlled my self and thought that it’s not right to take advantage of a drunk woman.

I was about to leave. By the time she called my name.

Katherine: Ajil.

Me: Yes?

Katherine: Come here

I went near her

Katherine: Don’t leave me incomplete. I want to get fucked hard

I was so happy and without any delay, I started sucking her pussy from the top of her panties. She started shouting, “Oh Ajil. Eat my pussy.” I removed her panties and sucked it for 5 minutes. Then I removed my pants and gave her my dick to suck.

She sucked it for 10 minutes like a hungry bitch. Then she lifted her legs in the air and said, “Screw me.” I immediately jumped on her. I inserted my dick in her pussy and fucked her hard for 5 minutes. Then I made her in the doggy style. I pulled her hair and fucked her for another 15 minutes.

Then again changed position. I took her in my lap and fucked her for another 15 minutes. She had multiple orgasms in between. Finally, I took out my dick and came on her boobs and faces. She was so tired and satisfied and slept like that only. I slept on the same bed with her.

The morning I woke up and saw Katherine sucking my dick. She saw me and told that yesterday was lovely. She never had such sex in her life. Asked me to give her some cum for breakfast and kept sucking my dick hard. After 10 minutes of sucking, I turned her around.

I fucked her in doggy style for 15 minutes then came in her mouth. She drank it all. Then we went to take a shower together. After the shower, she covered herself with a towel and started preparing breakfast. I got myself clean and walked to the kitchen. I stood behind her and started rubbing her ass with my dick.

She told me to go sit on the dining table as she will come with breakfast. She also asked me to stay there today with her as she wants more sex. Within no time I was hard again. I rubbed my dick on her pussy. She got so hot and bent a little. I raised her on the leg and kept it on the kitchen tile.

I fucked her from behind for at least 40 minutes. That day lunch and dinner was a hot fuck session which I will explain in another story.

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