First Cuckhold Experience With Butcher

Welcome to my first story about my first cuckhold experience. I am Raj, a 27-year-old software engineer. I am married to Priya, who is 25 years old homemaker. She is a beautiful fair woman with a figure 34-25-34 and can outperform any model.

It’s been one year since our marriage, and we have become more close to each other. But somewhere down in my heart, I feel that I can’t sexually satisfy my wife. My penis size is 4.5” when erect, and I cum in under a minute.

My wife was a virgin before marriage, which is why she doesn’t know what real sex feels like. I have always dreamt of some muscular man who can fuck her for hours.

Ok, let’s not waste time and come directly to the story. It was Sunday, and Priya decided to prepare mutton. Every time only I go to the market to buy mutton. But this time my wife also insisted on coming with me. I remember it was 7 am, and there was barely anyone in the market.

I usually buy mutton from a Muslim butcher who might be in his late 30s. He is a well-built 6-foot hunk with a dark complexion. I also admired his muscular body.

That day as it was early morning, he had barely opened his shutter and went for the bath. I took my wife inside the shop. We waited there for 10 minutes for him to arrive. As he arrived, my wife and I were both astonished by his looks. He was half-naked, soaked, water dripping from his big hairy chest.

He was wearing a thin towel around his waist. Due to the water, the towel was wet that made it a little transparent. We could see the shape of his dick under his towel. It must be around 6” flaccid. Compared to my penis, which is 1.5” when flaccid.

I turned to look into my wife’s eyes and saw they were shining as she had never seen a real man half-naked. He greeted us, and my wife and I suddenly came to reality. He asked me, “Is this madam your wife?” and I said yes. He complimented that she is looking good in her red dress.

Hearing this, my wife started blushing. He asked, “How shall I help this beautiful couple today?” Hearing this, I was stunned and a quick thought of him fucking my wife came to my mind. But I gathered my words and said, “Please give us 1 kg mutton.”

Without putting his clothes on, he picked up his cleaver and started chopping the mutton. As he was chopping the mutton, his body started to look more tuned, and his muscles were glowing. My wife wasn’t taking her eyes off him, which made me more excited.

The butcher asked us whether we have children, which was like adding petrol to the fire. My wife and I were trying for a kid, but I wasn’t able to impregnate her till now. She replied with a flat voice, “No.” My wife asked him the same question, to which he replied he had 7 kids. Priya was shocked to hear that.

The butcher packed the meat in the bag and gave it to Priya. Instead of grabbing the bag, Priya grabbed his hands in nervousness. She said sorry and took the bag from him. After that, he was looking at Priya’s cleavage, and we noticed something moving under his towel.

It was his penis that was starting to become hard. Without wasting any time, I asked him, “Will you put your seeds in my wife and make her pregnant?” He immediately agreed to it, but Priya was shocked hearing this. I somehow convinced her of this, and she also couldn’t resist for long.

The butcher immediately went and closed the shutter. He took us inside, where he used to sleep. He grabbed Priya by her hands and made her sit on the bed. He first undressed her. Now Priya was in her bikini in front of a strange man she had met just 15 minutes ago.

Priya was so horny by then that she didn’t even look at me and removed his towel. For the first time in her life, she had seen such a big monster it was 9” in length, very thick and hard as a rock.

Seeing this, my heart started to race and pound. I also undressed. To my bad luck seeing a real man naked in front of my wife, I wasn’t able to make my penis erect. It had shrunk more and became 1”. Both Priya and the butcher saw it and started laughing at me.

Priya said to the butcher, “I have married an impotent man and that I deserved someone better.” Hearing this, the butcher grabbed Priya’s hair and thrust his cock inside her mouth. Priya, like a pro, started to suck his cock. I could see his precum filled in my wife’s mouth which was drooling on her breast.

The butcher then removed her bra and panty and threw them on my face. He said, “Now look and learn how real men satisfy their women.” Priya then turned to doggy style. The butcher first licked her pussy which was very wet by then. He looked at me and said, “Bring her to me every day.”

He then took his long cock in his hand spit on it to lubricate it. Next, in just one thrust, he pushed his entire dick in Priya, and she shouted like hell. I could understand her pain as she had never taken such a big cock into her pussy.

Listening to her, I was so aroused that I cummed immediately without even touching my penis. He first started fucking her slowly, but then he increased his speed. Priya was moaning so loudly that the entire market would wake up. Priya was saying, “Yes baby, fuck me harder, fuck me harder.”

The butcher was fucking my wife for half an hour, and Priya had cummed multiple times since then. Her legs were shaking, and there was a pounding sound all around. She told me that, “You are a loser in front of this butcher.”

As of now, the butcher was also very horny, and he cummed inside Priya. His load was so big that it started to drip from Priya’s pussy. The butcher said to my wife that, “It’s now your turn to service me.” He slept on the bed and asked Priya to be on top in a cowgirl position.

Priya immediately jumped on top of him, took his big rod, and inserted it back in her pussy. Usually, in this position, I cum in 30 seconds as she rides the cock very fast. But this butcher had such great stamina that he cummed after 20 minutes. Priya was very tired by then.

The butcher told Priya that it was the best day of his life and said thank you to me for letting to fuck my wife. We went home and didn’t have sex for the next 3 months and suddenly got the news that Priya was pregnant. We both were sure that it was that butcher’s child.

After 9 months, my daughter was born, who looked similar to that butcher. We went to thank that butcher for giving us this child.

This story of the cuckold came from my imagination. If you want to connect, kindly mail me at [email protected]

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