Movie With A Friend On February 13th

Hi. This is Ram from Chennai. I am going to narrate another experience of mine. I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends.

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Let’s move on to the story.  Life was going on smoothly. I had some friends who were girls. It was like we knew each other through someone. Like my friend’s friend joined us and became our friend. Then her colleague and then her friend. It was like a chain reaction.

We became friends and we used to talk about anything and any subject. We use to go for movies in groups or sometimes only with one girl. I used to accompany them for movies, shopping, and restaurants. I was always their go-to guy for anything.

Some of our friends were either married or had a partner. They had plans for February 13th and 14th. I didn’t have any plans. Around 5 pm one of the girls called me and said that she is bored as everyone has plans. I asked her what I should do. She asked whether we could go to a movie.

She wanted to watch the Tamil movie that was released that week. I said fine and told her that I would pick her up from her hostel and would go to the nearest theater. I went to her hostel. She came in a top and jeans and went to the theater. It wasn’t crowded and we took the topmost row.

We were talking about general things and the movie started. I didn’t have any thoughts as she was a friend who joined our gang recently. We were watching the movie interestingly. We smiled at the jokes and likes each other. I kept my arm on the hand rest and it touched her arm.

I took it away and she asked to keep it. Our arms were touching each other. After a while, our singers interlocked and we were catching each other’s arm. She rested on my shoulder. I released my arm and put it over the seat. She moves forward a little and I took the cue and my arm rested on her shoulder.

We continued watching the movie like this. Till that time I dint have any thoughts. Friends rest on your shoulder and its normal. I thought I shouldn’t proceed and spoil the friendship. After a while, the interval came. She said that she wanted to use the restroom.

I also wanted to use and we both went to our respective restrooms and I came to the seat before her. When she came she was smiling. She told that the theater looks deserted and only 15 people were there to watch the movie.  The movie started and we continued watching it with our hands on the armrest.

After a while, I raised my hand and she saw that and moved forward and I put my hands on her shoulder. She rested on my shoulder.  I put the fingers on her arm just below the shoulder. She looked at me and smiled. I bent a little and she raised her head and kissed me.

That was the spark that we were waiting for. We turned to face each other and we started to kiss deeply. I took the arm and put it over her neck such that my palm would be over her boobs. While we were kissing, I kept the palm over her boobs and felt it.

After a while her she put her arm over my neck and pulled me close. I bent down and kissed on her boobs over the dress. She started pressing my head. I inserted my hand inside the kurti and caught her boobs and kneaded it. I slowly lifted her kurti.

I lowered myself to kiss her navel and then on her boobs over her bra. I inserted my finger under the bra and lifted it over her boobs. I could see the twin melons in the dim light. I kissed her boobs and took the nipple and sucked it. I alternated between both the boobs.

She was pressing my head more and I was stuck on her boobs. I released her hand that was on my head and I lowered myself to sit between her knees. She moved her ass forward to the edge of the seat. She fell back to rest her shoulder on the seat. I lifted her kurti above the boobs and was feasting on both of them.

She was excited and she put her legs around me and pulled me more. I thought of taking it forward and I unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zipper. I caught the jeans on either side and pulled them down. I didn’t know what she would react but luck was on my side.

As I started to pull the jeans, she raised her ass and I pulled the jeans till her knees. I made her spread her legs wider and I started to lick her pussy that was nicely trimmed. While licking her pussy, I used my one hand to access her boobs now and then. As I was licking, she pressed my head towards her pussy.

I continued licking her for a while alternating with fingering her pussy. I used the mobile screen light to see her pussy. She was shy and took the mobile away from me. After a while, I came back to my seat.  She turned towards me to kiss me while she kept her hand on my erect dick.

I unbuttoned my pants and lowered it a little along with my brief. She bent down and kissed my dick. Like me, she got down and sat between my legs and started to give me a blowjob. She was blowing me quicker and taking deep throats. I thought that the way she was doing would make me cum sooner.

I told her that she does it nicely and she told that she learned it from her ex-boyfriend. I told her to stop blowing me. She took the mobile and with the screen light, she saw my dick and kissed on the head. She raised herself to sit on her seat. That’s when I pulled her to sit on my lap.

Her naked ass was on my dick and she leaned back. I inserted both my palm and caught her boobs. She was moving her ass over my dick. I kept my hands on her hip and raised her. She raised a little and I caught my dick and kept it at the entrance of her pussy. As she was wet it wasn’t hard going in.

She slowly lowered herself and my dick was in her pussy. She kept her hand on the armrest and raised herself. I started pushing my dick in and out by raising and lowering myself. After a while, it was hard for me to do that. She caught the front row chair for support.

She was fucking me in a reverse cowgirl position. I was crushing her boobs and she leaned on me for a while when she was actually doing all the things needed. She increased the speed and told me that she was gonna cum. She asked me to cum inside itself as she is on her safe days.

After a while, I cummed inside her. We were seated like that for a while and then when my dick came out of her pussy she shifted to her seat. While she rose, the sperm from her pussy dripped on my pants. She with the help of mobile light cleaned my pant from the sperms.

She pulled her jeans and panties up and knelt down to wear it. After that, she adjusted her bra and kurti. We again started to watch the movie. She thanked me for the excellent time she had and she wanted to keep it a secret and told me not to share with any of her friends.

I assured her and after the movie ended we were the last to go out of the theater. Before coming out we hugged and kissed and then I dropped at her place and came back thinking about the wonderful experience and my luck. If any females from Chennai want to have the fun doing it in a theater, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the story. Please send your feedback to [email protected]  I am a guy who likes to share experiences and wants to know about others as well. I will be really happy if this story gives me some new friends who want to go out with me to explore.

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