Cuckold – Part 1

Hi, I am Krish, 25 years old. It was the first night of our Goa trip and my friends had already found their fuck buddies.

The pub was crammed and my friends (Siddarth and Gaurav) was already drunk to the core and off to bed with the girls they met here at the bar.

I was still sipping my poison and looking around the dance floor. I am not myself a great dancer and I usually skip such places. It was then I found her.

Ayesha looked like she was somewhere between 25-30 and full of energy. Her body was voluptous and it was inviting every man around. The sexiest woman on the pub and she came an sat opposite to me and our eyes met. I knew it was an invitation and I changed seats to sit next to her.

Let me tell about her body. She was 5’5″ with an amazing and mouth watering stats of 34-26-36, the ripened body that men would fuck every minute of his life.

Ayesha had big boobs and bigger curvaceous ass with fleshy curves exactly at places men would love to have them. At first instance, she was nothing short of a sex festival.

“Alone?” I asked her and offered her a cup of beer.

“For now” she said, smiled and took the cup from my hands.

“This is your first time in Goa?” I asked her and sat closer to her. I could see the big cleavage already and her busty boobs fighting the tightness of her dress.

“No, I am a Mumbaikaar working in Bangalore and I used to visit Goa whenever I find some speck of time.”

I told her that I am from Cochin and then the talks took a turn to the tight schedule of her office. I also complimented for keeping such a hot body.

“I must say you have maintained your stats pretty well.”

She giggled and I guessed she knows where the road is leading.

“I am serious Ayesha. You are a real head turner. You are a..” I stopped suddenly and laughed.

“I am a?” she was surely interested in knowing how I would describe her.

“Leave it, You might have heard it a lot”

“Still, I haven’t heard it from you”, she was playing with me and I decided to play along.

“What would I get in return?”

“A kiss, maybe. If you entertain me with your answer.” She also sipped the last of her beer.

“You are a cum draining machine.”

She laughed a lot and said that was kinky. I told her that I am serious and any man around her could think only of ways to fuck her.

“Did my answer entertain you?”

“It doesn’t matter, but I can see my body has entertained yours”, she smiled naughtily at my hard dick which was struggling to burst out with hardness. She put her hands above it and kissed me on my cheeks. I thought she would kiss me on my lips and I could suck those sexy red lips of hers.

“Pretty big, huh?”, she said and massaged my dick.

We talked more sexily about each other’s body and I complimented her smooth, fleshy, fuckable body (she was flexy and voluptous but not fatty. She was slim), and she reversed the compliments on my athletic body.

There was a 40-something guy who was sitting away from us and watching us closely.

“Ayesha, I think that guy over there is stalking us”, I told her and sipped the last of my beer.

“Maybe he was wondering whether this boy would fuck this cum-draining machine tonight.”

We both laughed, but that came out from nowhere and I knew I had a chance to bang this sex bomb tonight.

“Let us dance” she dragged me to the dance floor and soon she was all over me. We were dancing and I was holding her across her sexy waist all the time.

Her huge boobs were crushed onto my chest and one of my hands was fondling her big booty. Her ass was an excellent piece of art and the curve was so exhilirating.

I slowly started pressing her ass along with the dance moves. The disco was hot and so was the sexy bitch, whose ripened body was melting in my arms. She was looking into my eyes alone and I could feel the heat evidently. Her lips was party open and I wanted to eat her there and then.

We danced for some time and now the people around us were stalking us as our moves got more kinky.

I turned her and now her ass was touching my boner and we did some churning moves. The guy who was stalking us was still looking at us and I grabbed Ayesha’s boobs to show that she is my bitch.

“You are going too far”, Ayesha smiled and freed her sexy boobs from my strong hands.

“I was just giving that guy over there some fun. He has been stalking us since we started our talks.”

“You want to give him more fun?”

I laughed and she guided me to the guy. She was giggling an moving her body along the music and men where trying to get a touch from her on our way. I was sure many men would have already groped her already in their minds. She was such a sexy doll.

She pushed me to the couch and she sat on my thighs facing me and the other guy. Her ass was exactly over my dick and she was slowly moving her ass playing with my hair and the ass massage of her on my dick made my dick even harder. Suddenly, she looked at the man and said, “I have selected this one”.

I didn’t understand anything and looked at her puzzled. Ayesha looked at me and said sexily that he was her HUSBAND.

I was in awe, that guy looked like a 40-year-old guy and she looked below 30.

“How old are you?”, I asked her in a confused tone and my grip on her had only increased. It was my dream to fuck someone while her husband/boyfriend watches.

“Guess and you may get a prize for the correct answer.”

“Well, you look like you are in your late twenties”, I guessed my answer. Her body and face was so fruitful and it would be a mistake to guess her above 30.

“Thanks Krish, that was flattering. But I turned 37 this year”, she winked at me.

I was spellbound and nobody could have guessed that. She was so young in looks and she was still kinky and horny like a young bitch.

“I love fucking women above my age”, I sniffed her earlobes and whispered in her ears and then slowly sucked her ears.

“I like to be around young boys too. They are always energetic and always horny”, she kissed my cheek and bit my neck.

“I guessed your age wrong, so that means I lose the prize.”

“You will get punished too. Here, take it.”

She opened the first two buttons of my shirt. She kissed my chest and then scratched my chest with her long fingernails. She made a real mark of scratch on my chest and it was burning but sexy.

She giggled and slapped my face very lightly. Before I could say another word, we were kissing each other and believe me readers, I have never been kissed like that ever before. She was a really hungry bitch.

Soon, I took control and started kissing her sexy red lips. The kiss was so juicy and the sound made by the liquids and lips were very evident. I was sucking and tasting her lips and saliva.

I made her sit more into a lying position, just like a kid would sleep in your lap. I held her strong and close to me and her body was so hot (the soft smooth milky skin that goes red when we use force – Oh god, I love such a body).

We kissed for almost 5 minutes and now she was lying on my lap, and I had locked her to my body with my hands over her face and legs. After five frantic minutes of exploring each other’s lips, we were out of breath.

We soon parted our lips and her lips were really roughed by my teeth. I slowly inserted my hand inside her short mini frock.

“Not here”, She smiled and pulled away from my grip. She sat beside me and adjusted herself. We were so engrossed into each other that we forgot that a lot of eyes were enjoying the sexy show infront of them. I looked around and saw Ayesha’s husband was looking at us hungrily. He was enjoying it, I could say from his face.

“What is your name, cuckold?” I extended my hand and we shook hands. His name was Arjun.

“Thanks Arjun. Thanks for sharing this bitch with me”, I kissed her again on her cheeks and bit and slurped her sexy cheeks.

“Shall we go for round two?”, she asked and before I could answer, we were kissing again and this time it was more juicy. It was like were both were sucking the saliva from each other’s mouth.

I held her close and was groping the back side of her body and I pinched whenvever our kiss got slow, and it was a remainder to continue the show.

I started sucking her tongue too. I was so inside her mouth that I was tasting her tongue to the full extent. I went to and fro on her tongue just like a girl would go the whole length of a dick while giving a blowjob.

“I need to fuck you”, I broke the kiss and bit her neck.

“Your place or mine?”, she was a real bitch on the heat.

“Here”, I started kissing her again.

The kiss resumed and we were exchanging hot saliva. We kissed around for ten more minutes and we stopped for a moment to catch our breath. The pub was still chaotic with dance and music but a lot were enjoying the steamy kiss we shared.

“Let us go to our place”, Arjun said as he was getting a bit nervous.

I stood up and pulled her close to me. Ayesha’s sexy opulent body was hugging my athletic body.

“Hey guys, tonight I will be fucking this man’s sexy wife and you bet I would make her scream like she has never been roughened and rammed like the way I would do to her today. She would know about the real pain and pleasure tonight”, I said aloud and Arjun was so tensed hearing this.

Ayesha didn’t expect this and she hid her face in my chest to avoid the embarrassment. A few people around clapped but most were indulged in dance and music or were too drunk to realise what I was saying.

After that, I slapped her sexy ass and said, “let us start the drill”. Soon, we were out and moving to their resort with a cuckold husband and his bomb-of-a wife at my mercy.

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