Losing Virginity To My Friend’s Elder Sister

Hello everyone, my name is Harry. I am 30 years old but I look like I am 26. I am from Hyderabad working in a top MNC company. I have a decent body and a 7-inch tool to satisfy a woman.

This is my first story. Please excuse me for any mistakes and your comments are much appreciated. I won’t ask any women to approach me because if they really wish to have a decent conversation they will approach me without asking.

Enough of me, now coming to the story. This happened when I was doing my first-year college (2005) in my hometown. Most of my friends were Anglo Indians as I have completed my education from Anglo Indian school. The princess of this story is Alisha (name changed).

I and Nick are really good friends. We share a lot in common and I used to visit his home regularly. Nick was a little weak in studies and always asked for my help which I used to give as we both hate tuition. I, Nick and Alisha (Nick’s sister) used to watch tv and even hang out together.

Everything was normal until one day in the evening I went to his home and it was locked. I called him and asked where he was. To that, he replied he was out with his mom and dad and they will return in 45 minutes and asked me to wait. He informed me that the spare key was under the flower pot. But he forgot to mention that his sister was already inside the house.

I opened the door and went inside. I went to the kitchen to have some water. Suddenly, Alisha came from the common washroom, completely nude! I was shell-shocked and stood there like a statue. Forgot to tell you about her. She was around 5’1, milky white in color and with perfect round 32 boobs and an ass to die for. She resembled the figure of Ileana D’cruz.

My friend’s sister was doing her engineering second year at that time and the guys in her college guys used to be behind her.

Coming back to the story, after seeing her like that, I came back to my senses when she called out my name.

Alisha: Harry. What the hell are you doing here?
Harry: I called Nick and he asked to wait inside the house.

Alisha: How did you get inside?
Harry: With the spare key.

Alisha: Turn around. I need to go back to the washroom.
Harry: I am really sorry, I didn’t know you were inside.

Saying that, I turned away from her and she went into the washroom. Meanwhile, I went into the living room and sat on the sofa. After some time, she wore a short and a loose t-shirt and sat next to me.

I said that I am sorry for what had happened. She understood the situation and said, “It’s okay.” But my friend’s sister asked me to promise that I won’t be telling this to anyone, especially to Nick. I promised her. I don’t know from where I got the courage, I told her that she was looking so gorgeous and sexy! Hearing these words, she blushed and hit on my shoulder.

Meanwhile, Nick along with his parents came home and that day passed on. I went back home but I was not able to sleep or concentrate on anything.

After a few days, I had an exam and I failed the unit test because I was not able to concentrate on anything. Nick informed his mom about my situation and asked to talk to me as I treat her as my own mom. Alisha heard the conversation and thought that it was all because of the incident.

I went to Nick’s home the next Sunday. As they were Anglo Indians, Nick and his parents went to church. I completely forgot that and went to his house.

Alisha opened the door. She was wearing a peach color spaghetti and shorts till her upper thighs. But for me, the image was different as my friend’s sister’s nude body flashed in my head. I ignored that and went inside. She inquired about the test and what was going on with me.

Alisha: What’s going on with you? You are a bright student, how could you fail? Is something wrong?

Harry: Nothing, everything is fine.

Alisha: Stop lying to me and tell me the truth. This is all because of that incident?

I was silent with my head down. She understood the situation and tried to console me saying that it was just an accident and I need to forget it. I told her that her image was not going out of my mind and I was not able to concentrate on anything.

She placed her hand on my lap and said that it happens for the first time. I looked at her, gathered all my courage and kissed her soft pink lips! For a second, my friend’s sister didn’t know how to react and was shocked. After she gained her senses, she tried to stop me but that was a soft resistance. I knew she was enjoying the way I was kissing.

I made her sit on my lap while I was sucking her lips one after the other. I then placed my hand on her boobs. Those were so soft like cotton candies.

We broke the kiss. I started kissing her neck, giving small bites and slowly, I moved towards her ears. Alisha was going crazy with my kissing and sucking. She put her hand inside my pants and started to play with it.

I pulled her spaghetti up and she raised her hands to help me. I took my friend’s sister’s left boob in my mouth and started sucking while playing with her other boob. I was playing with her nipples using my tongue, making circles around her nipple and playing with the tip of my tongue on her nipple. She was going mad and pulling my head close to her.

I came down and started to give love bites on her belly and played with her navel. I held her shorts, she understood and lifted her ass. I pulled the shorts in one go. My friend’s sister had a clean shaved pussy which was already wet.

I started kissing her thighs and was slowly moving toward her pussy. The thin line between the pussy and thighs is the weakest spot of any woman. I gently kissed there and started sucking and biting. She started moaning louder and she was shouting at me to eat her pussy.

I gave a nice lick on her pussy which gave a shock wave in her body. Then I started to kiss and suck her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and put my tongue deep inside. She was holding my head and pushing it more inside. I ate my friend’s elder sister’s pussy for good 10 minutes and she finally came.

I told her, “Now, it’s her turn.”

She pulled my pant along with my boxer and was shocked after looking at my dick. I asked her what happened and she said that it was so long and thick. She had sex already with her ex-boyfriend and she said that mine was twice his size.

My friend’s sister took my dick in her hand and wrapped her pink juicy lips around my dick. I could feel the warmth of her mouth on my dick. She was sucking my dick like a pro and taking my balls one by one in her mouth.

After 15 minutes of sucking, I was about to cum. I told her the same and she took my dick deep in her mouth. I shot my cum in her throat and put the rest in her mouth. She drank my cum and cleaned my dick with her tongue.

She thought I needed my time to get my dick hard but to her surprise, my dick was still hard. She said that her boyfriend would cum and take 20-30 minutes to get his dick hard again. I told her, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

I lifted her in my arms and placed her in the bed. I went on top of her and kissed her lips and sucked her boobs for some time and sucked her pussy once again.

Then I placed my dick on top of her pussy and played with her. She was begging me to put my dick inside and started abusing me. I liked the way she was going crazy and put my dick at the entrance and gave a push.

Her eyes were wide open due to the size of mine and were asking me to slow down. I left my dick there and kissed her and calmed her down. I asked her, “Shall I push a little more?”

She saw my dick and was surprised to see only 1/4 of my dick was inside her. She said that she will take the whole at a time but I need to lock her lips with mine. I did as the princess ordered me and give a big push where my whole dick was inside her. The tears were rolling from her eyes.

I kissed her and cracked a joke asking if I was a virgin or not. She laughed and hugged me tightly and said that I made her feel like a virgin again with my big dick. Listening to this, I started fucking my friend’s sister, pulling my dick out and pushing it deep again.

We had a nice session in missionary position. Then she came on top of me, putting my dick inside and was riding as if she was riding a horse. While she was jumping up and down, I was holding her boobs and pressing them hard.

Then I got her to doggy position and shoved my dick deep inside and banged her really hard. While I was banging, I spanked her ass a couple of times and made her ass full red. I then turned her around and pulled her to the bed corner. I was standing on the floor and put my dick inside her pussy.

I spread her legs wide open so that I can put my dick fully inside her. While I was banging her, my balls started hitting her ass. The room was filled with her moans. I could feel her pussy muscles getting tight and her pussy was completely on fire. She cummed and I could feel the warmness on my dick.

I fucked her for another 10 minutes and said that I was about to cum. She said to cum inside her as she wanted to feel my hot cum inside her pussy. I shot a huge load inside her and collapsed on her.

My friend’s sister kissed my forehead and caressed me. She asked to let my dick inside her pussy as she wanna feel it for some time. Both of us went to the washroom, cleaned ourselves. While doing that, she gave me a quick blowjob again and thanked me for satisfying her fully. She said that she never enjoyed sex this much.

We both wore clothes and came to the living hall and started watching TV. After a while, my friend came and we both went out. After this, the next day I went to a medical shop which was outside the city and brought I-pill for her.

I went to her home and gave her I-pill. She showed me the marks I made on her body. She started kissing me and we had a quick fucking session and left her place. This continued until I had to leave for the city for higher studies.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story. Please share your valuable thoughts and comments. You can share your feedback at [email protected] Based on your feedback I will post my next story. Until then stay home stay safe.

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