Making My Girlfriend Orgasm In A Running Bus!

Hi! My name is Ishan and I am 25. I am pursuing my MBA in Delhi. In the same college, I have a girlfriend named Aisha. However, she is doing her B.Tech. We live in the same city, Jaipur.

Before I start, let me introduce Aisha to you. If you have seen Ayesha Takia (the actress) in Tarzan movie, my girlfriend Aisha is almost like her. She is fair and her specifications are 32(C)-30-32. She is a quite fun-loving and bubbly type of girl.

Even though we do kiss and cuddle each other during our dates at cafes or in movie theatres, I never happened to do something more to Aisha. We both talk each night at length and so wanted to fuck each other. Almost every night, we do phone sex.

So, one night when we were planning to visit our home town during Diwali festive, I urged my girlfriend to take a night bus. She was reluctant at first but agreed to the idea after a while. I booked the tickets online and took the ​last row.

On the day when we were leaving for the bus stand, I called and requested her to wear a shirt with buttons and a skirt with no panties in. She laughed at it and denied the idea, even though she agreed on wearing a shirt with buttons with a skirt.

We took the cab from our college hostel gate and reached the bus stand at 11 pm. Our bus was scheduled to leave for Jaipur at 12:15 am.

Till our bus arrived, we chatted and bought some stuff. Now the bus was ready to move and we took our seats. Soon, every seat was taken. We were both happy and sad to see such a crowd around because it seemed way impossible to do something with so many people around us.

But it seemed that even God wanted us to have those moments! The couple and their kids who were seating on four seats to our right got down from the bus after they received a call. We were like on cloud nine.

Soon, the bus started and after checking the tickets, the lights were off. We waited for some more time and made sure that everyone was sleeping around us. However, there were only two men sitting right in front two seats for whom we were bothered.

After 30-40 minutes, I picked my bag and took out a light blanket to cover us and now the fun started. I looked into my girlfriend’s eyes and with my right hand, I opened all the buttons of her shirt one by one. Then I slid my hand in and started caressing my lover’s boobs over the bra. It was an awesome feeling as her boobs are so milky and soft.

We were still looking into each other’s eyes and the expression Aisha was giving in between made me realize that she was enjoying every bit of it. To my surprise, she raised her hands inside the blanket and took her right boob out from the bra. Ooohh! I went mad at feeling the touch.

After fondling with the boob, I pinched my college girlfriend’s nipple a while. She gave me a smile with slight resistance.

I then took my hand out, dipped my index and middle fingers in my saliva and move those wet fingers on and around her right boob nipple. She was in ecstasy and it was evident the way she pressed my left hand with her right one!

I kept doing this 4 to 5 more times and she then leaned on my shoulder and asked me to smooch her. We both reclined our seats and the very next moment, I was sucking my girl’s soft and pink lips.

We broke the kiss on someone’s snort, giggled and once again, we were looking into each other’s eyes. I whispered, “What?” She passed a grin and leaned to my shoulder and said, “I am wet and I want you to touch my pussy lips in real for the very first time.”

It was like a dream come true! Using my left hand, I took her skirt upwards slowly and slowly. And you know what, my girlfriend was not wearing any panties inside! My mind went blank for a moment as I was not able to digest how lucky the journey had been.

My index finger was touching Aisha’s well-shaven choot (pussy) and the next moment, I slid my finger into the crack a bit! I could feel her juices which were just coming like a flood.

I was trying to take all her juices on my fingers and suck them spontaneously. This was making Aisha crazier and she was just enjoying it to the fullest.

As I watch a lot of porn, I was well aware of the clit thing and I was just tingling my gf using my fingertip now. Aisha clenched her lips not to let her moans come out. Meanwhile, I increased the speed and she was like a hungry slut, almost on the verge of collapse.

I further sped up and I felt both of her legs clenching my hands and then her legs started shuddering. I felt her love juices on over my palm.

I took my hand out and licked every drop of her juices. I could see the sweat on Aisha’s forehead and her lovely cheeks.

Aisha smiled and whispered, “Let me return the favor now.” Saying this, she started rubbing her hand over my shorts. In no time, I unzipped it and took my boner out. For the first time, I felt a girl’s hand holding my tool and it was heavenly.

My girlfriend with a naughty smile made her palm wet using her saliva and started stroking my lund. Oh, I went mad!! I just closed my eyes and started feeling the pleasure of my life.

Aisha then once again made her fingers wet and caressed the backside of the dickhead. I was amazed to see her skills. It seemed she had done this to someone else earlier but who cares when you are in such a state! However, as it was my first time, I could not hold it longer and was about to come in two minutes.

I took two-three tissue papers from her bag and then signalled her to continue. She smiled and started stroking me now. Oooooooohhh and I came!!! I immediately cleaned whatever I could and put the tissues in the zipper of her bag.

We both were quite content and happy. We managed our clothes and finally went to sleep holding each other’s hands. 🙂

Guys! I masturbated while sharing this experience of mine. I shared the story with my girlfriend Aisha as well and she was like, “Haawwww! You rascal!” But laughed and said, “Love! Let’s do it again some time.” 😉

Please shower your love in the comment section. If I find my experience made you happy, I will share how I made Aisha agreed to fuck her in the ass too.


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