Hot Night Ride On The Bus With Mallu Girlfriend

Hi guys, I am back with another incident happened in my life. This time my girlfriend (mallu girl with big boobs and a slim body) asked me to meet her parents so that we can get married. So, we planned a trip to Kerala. As it was festival time, we couldn’t get an AC bus reservation. We got one normal non-AC sleeper bus and I booked the ticket.

We arrived at the bus stand with our luggage. Anu, my girlfriend was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Since the whole bus stand was crowded, I had no naughty intention or thoughts.

Soon, our bus arrived. We boarded the bus. Our berth was in the middle of the bus. We kept our luggage inside. Then we got settled in our berth.

The bus started after a few minutes. It was fully occupied. As it was a non-AC bus, we needed to open the window for air ventilation.

But when we did that, for some reasons, the screen which should be hidden started flying rapidly. Anu was disturbed by that. I somehow managed and tugged the screen below the berth. Now we were completely free from others viewing us.

We travelled some distance. I thought I could take some rest. I took my blanket and covered myself. My girlfriend came closer to me and tugged herself inside my blanket.

Seeing that, I lied down on my girlfriend’s chest as her boobs were big and I felt like I was resting my head on cushioned pillows. Anu was restless, she was acting weird.

I closed my eyes after some time. Later, I felt a soft thing touching my body. It was so soft and I felt really comfy. I woke up to check what it was. Since it was dark, I couldn’t see properly. So I took my phone and turned on my mobile torch. I was completely shocked to see my girlfriend Anu lying down topless and in her jeans.

Anu was sleeping peacefully. I was totally numb. How dare she can be topless in a moving bus?! She has removed her bra and t-shirt and kept it in her handbag.

I just woke her up and asked her what the fuck she has done. She smiled at me and told me to just sleep. But how can I sleep? If anyone just pulled the screen, they would see my topless mallu girlfriend and her big boobs.

I was nervous. Seeing that, Anu started to put her hand inside my shorts. She took my dick out and then moved her body to kiss my dick. I was shocked by her attitude. My gf was an orthodox girl but now she sucking my dick in a moving bus while being semi-naked!

However, the horny guy inside me had woke up. I didn’t want to miss the chance, so I started clicking photos of Anu sucking my dick. Then she removed my t-shirt. I thought she will stop there but, to my surprise, she removed my shorts and underwear and made me completely nude. I quickly took my blanket to cover myself.

Then I went near her and whispered in her ear, “See, you have made me completely nude. The same rules apply to everyone”. She understood what I wanted.

Anu sat down in our berth and removed her jeans. As you all know, girls use to wear jeans skin-fit so its hard to remove. But somehow with a lot of effort, she removed her jeans. She was not wearing her pantie. And she was completely wet down there.

Now we both were nude and inside one blanket. It was not large enough to cover two persons. So we both were pulling the blanket to cover ourselves but failed.

I was near the screen, so I pulled the blanket, covered me and covered her a little bit. It was a crowded bus and if someone opened the screen, they could easily see us naked. It was truly exciting and an adrenaline rush for both of us.

My gf was now sucking my dick. More than sucking, Anu was licking my penis and balls. She loved the smell of raw penis.

It was hot inside the bus since we had closed the window. I started sweating because Anu was sucking me non-stop. If I opened the window, the berth-screen would open and everyone on the bus could see us.

Since Anu was inside the blanket sucking my dick, she opened the blanket to get some air. She was completely sweating profusely. Guys, I am addicted to licking the sweat of my girlfriend, especially her neck, armpits and under her boobs.

So I stopped her from sucking my dick and asked her to sit in the berth. I told her to raise her arms so that I can fully explore her.

Anu rested her back on the window and raised her arms above her head, showing her big boobs. Her sweat streams were running from her head through her neck and between her boobs. I didn’t even let her use the blanket. As she was naked, any bus and lorry passing by our bus could definitely see Anu’s back and her ass through the window.

I threw the blanket aside. I didn’t care about getting caught anyway. I decided that whatever happens, I am going to enjoy this adrenaline rush and is going to enjoy every moment of this hot bus journey.

So, I went near Anu and started to kiss her neck which was sweating so much. I licked her armpits and slid my tongue towards her boobs. I licked my gf’s sweat like a dog. It was tasty and yummy. I didn’t even bother whether the screen will open. I just licked her till she orgasmed.

When I touched her pussy, it was dripping like a fountain. Our berth was completely soaked in her wetness. Then I pushed Anu to lick my dick. She started taking my dick deeper and deeper in her mouth. It was a sloppy licking and our berth was full of our juices.

I will continue the story in the next part. Kindly mail me [email protected]

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