Adventures Of Sex In Ibiza – Part 1

Hello Readers. This is Nish again. I am writing about my experience which we had when my wife and I planned a trip to Ibiza. It is said that sex in Ibiza is always amazing.

Let me introduce myself and my wife again. I am Nish, 30 height 5’10. I have a good athletic body with very good stamina as I am a sportsman.

My wife, on the other hand, has a very cute face with a plump little figure. But her ass and 36 boobs are her best assets and can attract any guy because she has a very good way of displaying them.

Due to my work, I was in Germany for some time. So we made a trip to Ibiza, which is one of the most happening places in the world with the best beaches. We were very excited to go there. We knew this is going to be a very good trip with a special place.

We took a flight and reached Ibiza by evening. We reached our resort by around 6 PM in the evening and checked in to our rooms. The room was awesome with a good view of the sea and a beautiful bathtub. We were already a little late in reaching the resort because of our luggage problem on the flight.

Though we did not have very big luggage because as it is Ibiza, and people are generally naked around or wear very little clothes. So we were also in a mood to wear minimal clothes. Although we were not sure of going topless or nude. We quickly took a shower and headed out to explore before it gets dark.

I put on a sleeveless t-shirt with blue shorts. My wife wore a crop off-shoulder top. It started just above her boobs and ended just below her boobs with little frills at the end, with brown hot pants, which was really small.

We headed out, roamed a little bit around, went a few shops. We even spoke to a rental bike so that we can hire it tomorrow morning. We had a little argument while deciding on where to go the next day. My wife wanted to visit two beaches, and I was more inclined to visit a few places around Ibiza.

But anyway it was already 10. So we decided to eat and went to a nearby burger shop and were deciding what to eat. The guy at the shop was not able to speak English, and we were not able to speak Spanish. So it was getting really tough to explain what we want.

Then a white guy came nearby and greeted us in English and said, “Let me help you.” He was a white good looking, handsome guy wearing only shorts and had a 6 pack. We both were just amazed to see him. He really looked like a Hollywood model.

But anyway, he helped us get the burgers. He was really a nice conversation maker and funny. We took our burgers and were going to sit at a table. So my wife Riti asked him to join us out of courtesy. His name was John.

John replied: Well, I just had my dinner and was heading to the hotel. But maybe I will sit with you guys for some time. It will be an honor to sit with such a gorgeous lady.

I smiled. Riti smiled, but she had a little spark in her eyes because he was complimenting her throughout. We sat at the tables and started to chat and eat. He told us he was from Mexico and was in Ibiza from a month already. He was really good at talking and kept on making us laugh by his humor.

But one thing that he continued from the start was that he kept on complimenting my wife. But yes, it wasn’t a flirt but just good compliments, and she was blushing. I was relieved that she is ok as we recently had an argument and she was upset. But now her mood seems relaxed.

I excused myself for the restroom. While I was coming back, I saw they both were laughing hard. He even touched Riti’s hand a couple of times while laughing. I sat on the table.

He told me that “Riti was telling me about your arguments on the places. So I suggest you can go to the beach in the morning and then visit the city in the evening. You will cover both.”

Riti was assured that he suggested a good midway. I was furious inside that why did she tell a guy who we just met about our argument. But anyway, I agreed, and we stood for leaving. We walked till our resort. His resort was a little ahead, and so we said goodbye.

He came and hugged me. Surprisingly he even hugged my wife, and she hugged him back as well. I mean not even a side hug but a full-frontal hug which would have surely crushed her boobs on his chest. I felt it was an unusually long hug. Or maybe it’s just I felt odd. Maybe it is normal for them to hug.

We reached our room while. On the way, Riti kept telling me that he was a real nice guy, and she was flattered by his compliments. He was very humorous, and so on. We came into the room, I was not too much in the mood because of the John incident.

So I just changed to night dress and moved to the bed. Riti went into the bathroom and changed in a red satin robe around her and open hair with a nice smell. She came near the bed and opened the robe slowly. I could slowly see a red satin lacy bra with a matching panty ever just tied to the strings at her sides.

She turned around to display herself to me. On her ass, there was just a string going between her crack, and she looked ravishingly hot. This can turn an impotent man into a wild animal. I was so turned on by this, and my dick grew harder. She bent a little.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her lips hard. I was on my knees on the bed, and she was standing. I started kissing her lips, our tongues met, and she was kissing me back wildly. She was also turned on. I pulled her on the bed and went hungrily on her boobs.

I removed her bra and started sucking her big boobs. Then I moved down, kissed her pussy over the panty. Then I moved the panty down and kissed her pussy. God, it was so wet. She was already very turned on. A thought crossed my mind. Is it because of John?

But I let it pass and concentrated on the moment. After a good sucking in 10 minutes, she came. I removed my shorts and underwear, and straight ahead went to enter her. I put my dick on her pussy and pushed it. It was so slippery it went inside easily and went deep. I started fucking her wildly with full force.

Thoughts of John and my wife laughing and touching hands crossed my mind and were making me wilder. I was fucking her with full force. Then I turned her and went for doggy style and entered her pussy from the back.

We kept fucking for half an hour. I released my cum on her back, and she also came again. We were relieved and washed and went to sleep naked.

The next morning we woke up. Since we were naked, I kissed her lips, fondled her boobs, and started sucking them. She was very sleepy, so she was just lying and feeling it. I moved my hand down. By the time she had woke up, I had inserted my finger and started finger fucking her a little.

She was still not very wet. So I just played along for a bit and then moved out to get fresh. We wanted to head out soon today to cover maximum places. We took a bath and got ready for breakfast. We had planned to visit the beach first and then after lunch we will visit the city.

So she wore a floral bikini with a string to the back and one string tied at the back of the neck. The panty was covering her pussy and little side thighs and was covering her ass too. On top of that, she wore a loose short top till her waist but showing her belly button.

We had breakfast and headed out. We hired a bike and opened the maps to a nearby beach. We reached the beach, parked our bike, and were roaming around. Initially, as we entered the beach, we were already feeling a little overdressed.

Everyone over there was only in shorts and gals in bikinis. But we moved ahead, and then we saw ladies only in bikini bottoms. So it was a topless beach but not an entire nude beach. Because every lady there was showing boobs openly just wearing bottoms.

It was very erotic for me initially to visit a topless beach as it was the first time. My dick grew a little harder. Riti looked at my dick and smiled at me and said, “Someone is excited.” But now we were really looking overdressed and so, decided to take our tops off at least.

I took my t-shirt and wore only shorts. She took off her top and was in her bikini top with light blue shorts. She was looking sexy. But there were more sexy gals around, that too without even bikini tops. We were walking, and then we heard a voice yell us from the back.

We turned back, and it was John from last night at the burger store. He was again looking very handsome with only small swimming trunks, which was starting only little before his pelvic area. His pelvic cuts on the side were clearly visible. He had a very shapely body, so he was looking hot.

After looking at him, I saw Riti. She was also amazed to see him because no doubt he was looking hot. He came to us smiling, hugged us both, and said, “So good to meet you guys again. Lord, you are looking hot, sweetheart.” Riti’s face glowed, and she said blushingly, “Thank you.”

John: So what you guys up to?

Me: Just roaming around and enjoying the hot views. How about you?

J: I just reached and will be spending some time here, have a sunbath and dip in the sea. Do you guys mind if I accompany you for some time? We will have some fun.

Me: Yes, of course, you can.

Riti: You can stay, it will be fun. We are anyway new to this area and the beach.

J: that’s great, but there is one problem. Why you guys so overdressed at the beach?

He was actually right. I seemed to be overdressed wearing denim shorts. Every guy around was in swimming trunks – that too small ones like the V-shaped. And ladies anyway were topless with a bikini bottom. Riti was for surely overdressed while I was a little too.

I said, “Yeah, but did not still feel like removing clothes. This is all new to us. Never been to a topless beach.”

J: Guys, it’s a good thing to explore and be free. No one notices you here. Let the hesitation go and enjoy it. Come on, Riti, show the world your sexy body. They would die for you.

Riti blushed. But he was really convincing us to remove clothes. So I agreed and said, “Let’s find a place to sit, and then we will do it.”

I hope you enjoyed our experience of sex in Ibiza. The rest will be continued in the next part.

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