Fucked My Sexy Hot Ex-colleague

Hello guys, my name is Nikhil. I’m an Architect by profession and practicing in Pune. I’m 27, 5’8” in height. Fair enough and a well-built body. I have been an admirer of this site for very long. This is the first time I am sharing my experience with you all.

Now, without wasting your time, directly coming to the story. This story is a true instance of my life that happened a year back. Being an Architect we had to do an Internship for a year. So this all started back in 2014 when I joined an organization as an intern.

I was placed in the team of 2 Gents and 4 Ladies and here I happened to meet Pooja(name changed). About Pooja, she is about 29, 5’7”, fair-skinned, with a good pair of boobs and a great ass. She had a nice figure that any guy would die for. So one day we both were assigned a project to work on.

There I came up with some extraordinary designs and sketches of the institute. I knew some 3d modeling software, so developing the 3d images was a cakewalk for me. She was very impressed with my overall work. Even our Principal Architect appreciated it.

This went on like this. Whenever I was working on other projects, I would make time to meet her, chit chat with her. She loved to be around me. Whenever I was stuck anywhere she was always there to help me out. We, along with my other colleagues, went for dinner or movies and generally, we sat next to each other.

As days passed the bond between us grew stronger. Like this, we became good friends. My internship period was about to end. She was a bit upset that I had to leave the organization and we won’t be meeting after that. And on the last day of my internship, she cried (this she told me afterward).

After my internship, we had to work on our thesis project and submit the designs. So I was busy in that. Whenever I had a doubt she was there to help me out. Also, we met for dinner or movies with other colleagues as well. Also, we happened to meet at our colleague’s birthday party.

After submitting my thesis and completing my architecture course I joined my dad’s ‘Real Estate and Construction Company’. I started looking after our business and slowly started taking up architecture and interior projects side by side.  Slowly I had formulated a good team to work with me. I had a good setup to take big projects.

One day we happened to go to one of our colleague’s wedding in Mahabaleshwar. After meeting him we went on sightseeing and to Mapro Garden for having some refreshments. We enjoyed the day and by evening we were back to Pune. We kept on interacting with WhatsApp.

One day we had planned for a trek to a hill. I happened to meet one of the new architects who recently joined the organization. We started conversing and it went quite well and we forgot that we were with the other 3 as well. This thing Pooja couldn’t digest easily and was angry with me.

Later in 2016 one weekend they all had planned for a trip to Kaas Pathar- ‘the Valley of Flowers’. This is where it all began. There I took my Canon 1200D Camera with me to click some pics. There I took some good pics of the flowers and also of Pooja and others as well.

We enjoyed the day quite well. Later on, I dropped Pooja home. We did some chit chat for some time and then she went home. Later on, one Saturday, I had a holiday and I was out with my friends. She called me and asked for help in one of her projects.

I asked her to send the drawings. She suggested me to conduct a site visit. So on one weekday after her office (she was working in the same organization), I went on-site. I told her I would help her with the project. We then prepared the drawings and estimates and submitted them to the client for approval.

The client was happy with the designs and the project started. We met for 2-3 evenings to discuss the project schedule and drawings. As we met I slowly started getting attracted to her, and always found a chance to meet her. We usually met in a cafe which was center from our workplaces and on-site.

One day I was going through old pics on my laptop and found her pics which were clicked at Kaas Pathar.  I just clicked one pic on my mobile and sent WhatsApp to her. In that pic, she was looking fabulous and anyone would get excited looking at that pic. She liked that pic.

She was behind me for the pics. I kept avoiding and asked her something in return for the pics. She was like, “What do you want?” This went on for 2-3 days. Finally, she asked what you want in return for the pics and I said a kiss. She didn’t reply for quite some time.

I thought she might have got angry. But later she said, “Can’t you ask for anything else?” I had stuck with the same and finally, she agreed and was ready for the kiss. Later that day I asked her if she has kissed any guy before. She told me that she was a virgin and had not even kissed a guy before.

So I sent her a YouTube video link on how to kiss, which she refused to see. She saw it later. She suggested let’s not discuss the place or the timing. She wanted it to happen spontaneously and I was okay with it. One day we had an issue on-site. So I called Pooja to have a look at it.

After our joint meeting, we would ask the contractor to start with the work. I called her in the evening and asked her to be on site the next day morning. I asked her to go a little late to the office so that we could discuss the issue. Also, I was planning to kiss her that day as there won’t be anyone on site. The next day morning I was on site.

But she has been called by her boss as there was an urgent submission. So she couldn’t come that morning and would come that evening. I was disappointed as we missed a good chance. In the evening there would be workers working on site.

I was there at the site at around 6.30 pm and was explaining the workers with sketches and drawings. I got a call from Pooja that she has not yet left from the office and will take more 15- 20 minutes. I was okay with that. Fortunately, the workers left early and I was left alone on site waiting for Pooja.

She came around 7.15 pm. She was wearing jeans and a white top and anyone would die for the view of her ass in her tightly fitted Jeans. We took a round of site and I informed her of the progress and changes as per the client’s suggestion.

I was thinking of kissing her right there and couldn’t concentrate on what she is speaking. After all the discussion on-site, we were chitchatting about some random topic. My mind was somewhere else thinking of how I can kiss her tonight. As we were moving out of the site we were switching off all the lights.

There was complete darkness and only small light of the street light entering from the ventilator. I thought this is the right time. I just grabbed her and pinned her on to the wall and started kissing her. She was shocked first, but she cooperated quite well.

I took her to a corner and we kissed there for some time. Then she hugged me and started crying. She was overwhelmed with the kiss as it was her first kiss. Then I licked her neck, earlobes and we kissed for around 10 minutes. We had to leave as she got a call from her Mom.

After that, we didn’t get any chance for two weeks to meet her alone. We used to sex chat a lot at night also we used to have phone sex. This continued for a further two weeks. Her birthday was approaching and we had planned for a candlelight dinner.

After dinner, I took her on a drive in my car. Then I parked It on a secluded street where no one can see us. I took her to the back seat and we started kissing. There I licked her neck, earlobes and for the first time, I touched her boobs. They were around 34 in size.

I licked her boobs and gave some love bites. I put my hand in her jeans and touched her pussy over her panty. She was shivering with the touch. We couldn’t do much as it was already 12.30 and she had to return home. I dropped her at her place. While leaving we kissed for 5 minutes and she left.

We were trying to get some time out where we could have some fun. But it wasn’t working out. She was not comfortable with any hotel so the place was a big constraint for us. One day my family members had gone out of the station and would return the next day only.

So I called her and told her about this and she was excited to meet. She took a half day from her office and directly came to my place. My house is a bungalow and my uncle’s bungalow is next to ours. So I had to be more careful while taking her inside the house.

I took her in from the back gate as no one should see her entering the house. Before her arrival, I made sure all the doors are locked and the curtains are drawn so no one should see us. As she entered the house I immediately closed the door and locked it.

I gave her a glass of water and showed her my home. Then we returned to the living area. I started kissing her on the sofa licking her. She was lying on the sofa. I was above her kissing her and removed her top and her jeans. What a sexy body. I never have seen it before.

Now she is only in her bra and panty. I unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs. She started moaning and I kissed her all over. I sucked her boobs and her nipples got red by squeezing and sucking. I kissed, licked and gave love bites all over her body.

I started licking her navel because of which she started shivering. She also removed my t-shirt and jeans. I was only in my underwear. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. I started licking her navel and biting all over her body. This continued for another 10 minutes.

And now she got over me and started licking me and biting me. I inserted my hand in her panty and started rubbing her pussy. She started moaning, and I removed her panty. She was fully naked now and so was I. I inserted my finger in her pussy and was rubbing her pussy all over.

My other hand was on her left boob and was pressing it to the full. She was moaning a lot. Her pussy was all wet now, and she wanted me to insert my dick inside her. I took one condom and put that on. (I had brought this initially before her arrival)

I was teasing her by rubbing my dick all over her pussy. And after some time of teasing, I finally inserted my dick inside her. As it was her first time her pussy was tight. I inserted my dick fully and started ramming her pussy. I fucked her for around 10 minutes and we cum simultaneously.

We were cuddling and kissing each other for the next 30 minutes under the blanket. Then she took her phone (which was on silent) and saw 8-10 missed calls from her colleague. They all were waiting to go out for dinner. She immediately called her and informed she would be late.

Later we got up to clean ourselves and had another session in the bathroom under the shower. It was 9.00 pm and she had to leave. We then dressed up and kissed for 5 minutes. I opened the door and first checked if anyone was around and then she left.

She then didn’t go out with her colleagues and headed home. She reached her place around 10.00 pm and texted me a long message thanking me for the beautiful evening we had today.

We later continued our sessions on-site, in my car, whenever we got time. Then as the project got completed it got difficult for us to meet. 3 months back she got married and now we hardly speak with each other.

Please let me know how you liked the story. You all are welcome at [email protected]

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