Hot Sex With Voluptuous Maid In Bangalore

I am a 28-year-old man from Karnataka. My name is Arya, currently living in Noida and working as a mechanical engineer. If you want to, you can imagine me as a fair colored man with curly hair and a slim body. This is a real story of mine while I was working in Bangalore for a year in 2016.

I used to live with my 2 other roommates in Bangalore in a penthouse apartment. Our maid who used to clean and cook for all of us was a voluptuous married woman with breasts like melons and butt like a peach. The moment she was hired, I had an eye for her. Since I was shy by nature, I did not let my inner feelings visible to her.

Unlike my roommates, my work timings were not from 9-5. It was random and this helped me later to experience the best sex of my life!

One day, there was nobody else in the house. I took a shower around noon and came out nude to get my towel. I did not know that my maid was at our house at that time.

She had a key and used to come and do her work whilst we were at work. She stood shocked in front of me, in my room, when I went to grab my towel! I still remember her staring at my cock for a few seconds before she got to her senses and ran from my room.

I apologized to her later for this accident and she was sweet enough to say, “That’s fine” (translated to English from Kannada).

I could not help but see our housemaid stare at my lower bottom whenever we came across each other at home. I too used to stare at her, imagined the maid without her usual nighty. I imagined her busty boobs with big nipples and hairy pussy and thick butts to slap.

I was unsure of how to approach her. But I had an idea – since it was a hot summer in Bangalore, I used to sleep with just my boxers on.

One day, I slept with the penis hanging out with mild erection and foreskin pulled back. I shaved my pubic hairs the day before to make it look pretty and bigger. To capture her expression, I turned on the webcam on my laptop and faced it towards the door with my penis appearing at the corner of the video.

The moment I heard cracking of the door open, I stroked my penis till it was half erect and pulled it out so that it appears as if I slept like that by mistake and turned on the webcam with screen light to zero.

I heard the maid walking all around the house doing her chores. I heard her steps approaching my room. She opened the door. I did not know what happen, I was scared to open the slightest of my eyes. She walked out after a few minutes which was positive for me.

After 15 minutes, I casually brushed my teeth and sat in front of the TV with my laptop.

I saw her walking past me more than often and I felt she was gonna eat me raw. I opened up the video to see her expression. I was so turned on, she did not have any idea. I saw the servant stare into my body and my 7-inch penis like she was about. She stood there pinching her left nipple and twisting her pussy over the blue flower nighty!

At one point, she rushed towards me, wanting to grab my penis but didn’t. Then she stepped back and went out of my room. My cock was so hard watching the video that I almost masturbated with her in the same room, which I did after she was gone.

I could not control myself for long. I did the same thing with a little change in the script. I knew she came around 11:30. So I masturbated just minutes ago and ejaculated all over my chest and stomach. I kept my penis out with cum dripping out from it. But I did not put on the webcam this time.

The maid opened the door and came in. The next few minutes were heavenly to me. The maid stood there for a while and I could hear her moaning. The next thing I felt was she was licking my cum on the chest and stomach!

When I opened my eyes, she was shocked and surprised. But she then smiled and said, “My job is to clean and that is what I am doing”.

I couldn’t stop myself from kissing my naughty Indian maid like a hungry fox. I kept kissing her for a while. Then I undressed pulling her nighty over her head. Oh my god, that was the most heavenly pair of breasts I have ever seen.

The maid’s breasts were healthy with two big brown areolas. Her tummy was flat even though she voluptuous. Her pussy was clean-shaven and it was smooth as snow.

I started caressing her breasts and pinching her both nipples at a time. She was moaning, “It has been so long since I had sex, destroy my pussy today”.

She did not let me pleasure her for long. She pushed me and started going down cleaning up all the cum and started sucking my cum-covered cock. Within a few seconds, she was deep-throating my fully erect cock. The maid bit my cock-head, sucked my balls and stopped just before I ejaculated again.

She climbed over me and started taking my cock inside her shaved pussy with vigorous momentum. I could feel the warmth inside her pussy. She was moaning, “Aaah ahhh, this is the best feeling ever, fuck me more”.

I was holding her both boobs while she was cowgirling me. I was biting her left nipple every now and then. She was enjoying and increasing her speed exponentially before I ejaculated. I rammed her to the bed and started sucking her wet pussy.

I just loved that cleanly shaven pussy which was dripping badly. I sucked and bit her pussy skin. She was moaning and pulling her beautiful hair.

After a few minutes, I started fucking her in the missionary position and she was kissing me like it was the end of the world. She was moaning, “Ahhhh…You are killing me”.

I love to see women roll their eyes while having sex and she did too. We then both came together. She sucked my cock again and then lied on my chest.

After some time, we got up and got dressed.

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