Seduced And Fucked My Neighbor

Hi guys, this is Daksh. I will give you a short intro of myself. I am in 28 years old now. I am from Delhi. So the heroine of the story is Ananya (name changed). She is in nearly 29 with a height of 5’3” with big round ass and sexy figure. I always had a hard bone whenever I used to look at her.

It happened about 3 months ago. We live in a four-story apartment. She resides on the top floor and me on the 3rd floor. So the story started when I came to know that her father is battling from 2nd stage bone marrow cancer. I being a good neighbor consoled her whenever I found her alone or depressed.

During that, I accidentally touched her boobs some times but I always tried controlling myself. Her family consisted of her father, mother and one younger sister. She and her sister were working and father was retired. So one day, her mom and dad went to visit the hospital for a routine check-up.

The doctor asked him to get him admitted as the situation is not good.  I was not aware of this until I got a call from aunty asking me to look after  Ananya as she will be alone at home. I firmly answered in yes. And during that, I asked aunty Ananya’s phone number as I did not have her number.

She said that she will be sharing my number with Ananya. Ananya will call me if anything is required. So that was the turning point of this story. I was roaming about and suddenly got a ping on WhatsApp. I checked it and found there was a message asking me to get apple and milk.

I realized it is her. So I replied with a yes. I was looking for a chance to call her and here we go. The shops were closed as it was 11:00. So I called her and said, “All shops are closed and we can only get milk in 24×7 shop. So I am going to 24×7 Dwarka now. Would you like to get anything else?”

She replied yes, and asked me to come and pick her so that she can get all the necessary stuff. I was in cloud nine and I immediately replied with a yes. I rushed to our apartment and reached there in 10 minutes. And here my beauty queen was standing downstairs waiting for me.

She sat on the co-driver seat and we headed towards 24×7. On the way, I asked her about her dad’s health and she started sobbing. I held her hand and tried consoling her. She broke completely. I parked the car in the service lane and hugged her tightly.

And here the story began. I was holding her and all of a sudden she kissed on my lips. That was the moment was waiting for. I also gave her a hint and started smooching. She still had tears which I wiped off with my tongue. She moaned a little. And then I licked her ear lobs. There was a sighing sound.

She said let’s go home. I replied what about milk and other necessary stuff. She said its 24×7, so we can get it late at night as well. I was on cloud nine and I immediately drove towards our apartment. While driving back, I was holding her one hand and was thinking about the coming moments.

I was utterly enjoying from inside and she came to know about it from my blushing face.

Ananya: What happened?

Me: Nothing.

Ananya: Why are you blushing?

Me: Don’t you know?

Ananya: No, you tell me

Me: What happened just now!

Ananya: So, I was thinking about it for a long time

Me: Seriously!

Ananya: Don’t say that you never felt the same?

Me: (with a smile) Of course, I also did

We reached home in about 20 minutes. I parked the car and got into the lift with her. She pressed 3 and 4-floor buttons and I was shocked with a sad face. The lift stopped on the 3rd floor. When I tried moving out of the lift, she pulled me in and started laughing.

Ananya: What happened?

Me: Nothing, was just going to my flat.

Ananya: don’t behave like a kid, I was just joking.

Me: (with a smile) Okay!

We reached her flat and got inside. I pulled her towards me and smooched her. She forcibly pushed me away and ran towards washroom and closed the door. I knocked on the door, she replied she had to clean herself. I sat on the couch waiting for her and turned on the tv.

She came out in about 15 minutes and asked, “Would you like some whiskey?” I said, “What? You drink at home?” She said she has half of the bottle hidden in her cupboard. We sat for a drink and she got high in 2 pegs only. I finished mine while talking to her.

I was sitting beside her and was moving my fingers on her thigh. She was wearing a short skirt and t-shirt. She said, “Don’t let me beg you now. Let’s go to the bedroom.” And here we were in her room. I sat on the bed and she pushed me and jumped on me I was shocked to see her wildness.

We smooched for about 10 minutes and parted. She removed my t-shirt and I undressed her except her panty. Now, I am an expert in foreplay. I started licking her boobs and pinched her nipples. She started moaning. I licked her navel and went straight down to pussy.

I kept licking it with my tongue and fingered her at the same. She shouted, she is about to cum and I drank her love juice. Then turned her back, and started licking her ass hole and she started moaning heavily. She said in a breaking voice, “I never expected that licking on ass hole gives this much pleasure.”

I gently replied, “Just wait, it will give you more pleasure,” and while saying I pushed my one finger in her ass hole. She jumped a bit and tears rolled down from her eyes. She hit me and said, “It’s paining instead of pleasuring me.” I kept fingering her ass for about 2 minutes.

Then put my finger in her mouth to lick. She licked my whole finger like a baby. And then she took my dick in her hand and started stroking it. She licked and gently took it in her mouth and man, what an awesome blowjob she gave. It was tremendous.

I pushed her down and stroked my dick inside of her. She cried and I kept pumping her for about 20 minutes in that position. Then I picked her up and took her into the washroom. Turned on the shower and asked her to bend towards the wall.

I put my dick from back in the doggy style and fucked her there for about 5 minutes. Then I asked her to sit down and take it in her mouth. She took it gently but couldn’t swallow my cum. She spat it and said it was too salty. I laughed and said, next time you will have to swallow it.

We slept together and in the morning at 4, we went to the 24×7 to get the milk and other stuff. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Keep masturbating guys and girls. You guys can email me at [email protected] for feedback. Any housewife, girl, bhabhi can contact me for secret fun.

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