Sinning In Kolkata – Part 2

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Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. So, I am 30 now and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good-looking, and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any slutty girl, woman, milf, etc. I am half Muslim.

You can read my stories here, and yes, they are real-life experiences.  I write these experiences as I want to share them anonymously with you guys. I am thoroughly enjoying speaking to the ladies and gentlemen who wrote to me with feedback.

Picking up from where we left off.

Fuck! She looked like a sex bomb. Her fair skin, bright smile, and her bomb figure (imagine Ashley Downs, but all-natural). I knew this milf was going to destroy me. She came straight to me and resumed smooching me. Her hand went straight to my hard cock.

She broke the smooch and started blowing me. And my God, what a blowjob she gave. Words cannot describe the perfection she demonstrated. I had gotten blown by quite a few women, but this feeling was unparalleled. I felt like she had more than one tongue in her mouth licking my dick.

I had never felt someone tingling my dick’s side, head, and slit at the same time. I was in pure ecstasy and euphoria. I had lost track of time and was in a trance. All this without using her hands at all.

Sofia then shifted her pussy to my face. I knew she wanted my loving down there, and I was more than eager to provide the same. I knew that no matter how hard I try, I would not reach her expertise. But I had to make sure she felt good. So, I started licking her pussy with all my vigor.

I first parted her pussy lips and started licking her insides. I went down as deep as I could with my tongue. She started moaning with my dick in her mouth, and I could feel her humming on my dick. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire.

After licking over her pussy, I found her clitoris and went to town with it. I flicked it with my tongue, and she left my cock to moan loudly and sighed

Sofia: Aah! Yes…that is the spot, aah!

I kept licking her g-spot, and she kept moaning while trying to suck my dick. But it was getting too much for her. I realized that and made her lie down. I wanted to make her feel like she had never felt before. I wanted to make her feel like she had never gotten her pussy licked and clit sucked before.

To be honest, I enjoyed eating a well-shaved pussy. But there was something about this woman’s pussy that sort of possessed me. I licked her pussy and sucked her clitoris while finger her like my life depended on it.

Sofia: Aaaah! Oh, my aaah God, Abhi. No one has ever loved me like you are doing now.

This again fuelled my fire. I used one hand to squeeze her breast while fingering her with the other. After a while, she suddenly slid up while I was still licking her and had my finger in her pussy. She opened her dress swiftly, held my dick, and started blowing me again.

I stood up, and she was on her knees blowing me. We had no idea how long we had been playing with each other. She then lay down and spread her legs. She needed me inside her. I needed to be inside her. I held my hard dick and slid it in raw.

Because of the long oral sex, our genitals felt excessive heat as they met each other. We both moaned and sighed together, feeling each other’s fire.

Sofia: Oh! Fuck me as you want. Fuck!

I went slow in the beginning because I was honestly experiencing heat like this for the first time. But as I adjusted in her pussy, I started picking up pace and fucking her fast and hard, making her moan.

Sofia: Aaaah, aaaah! Fuck yes! I’m in love with your cock! Bury it deep.

Her words turned me on more. And I kept fucking her harder. Within 5 minutes, she came hard, and I mean hard. It felt like a soda bottle pop on my dick. She started smooching me hard and hugged me tight as her pussy kept flowing on my hard and long dick.

She asked me to slow down for a while, and I did. I tried to take my dick out. But she stopped me and held my butt, keeping my cock inside her wet pussy.

Sofia: Did I ask you to take it out? Keep it hard inside me. Keep it warm.

I was falling in love with her. After a while, she started contracting her pussy on cock, signaling that she is ready to go again. I started thrusting her again. She suddenly held my neck and put me on the bed, and went on top. She started riding me.

She slowly and steadily positioned herself to get my dick deepest inside her and started riding me. She started riding hard, and I mean hard. I kept both my hands on her boobs as she rode me. She realized that I was close when I tightened my grip on her boob.

She immediately got off, saying she wants to smoke. I thought she wanted to take a cigarette break, but she went down on my dick and started sucking me hard. I was on edge now, and she knew it well. She kept sucking me, and I came into her mouth. She kept sucking my juices and drank every drop.

We took a rest for a while and cuddled. I had never felt this loved and wanted. I thought this was it, but boy, I was wrong. She started smooching me after a while and went down on me. She was in control and wanted to have me again. I was not going to deny her.

We went into 69 position for some good 15-20 minutes, and she got in position for doggy style. I held her waist and entered from behind. The foot of her bed had a mirror, and we could see our silhouettes in the dark in the mirror.

The streetlights made the room bright enough to make eye contact through our reflections on the mirror. I held her shoulders and railed her, then held her arm and fucked her. After a while, She pushed me back on the bed and rode me reverse cowgirl.

I had by now mastered her pussy’s map and reached over to her clitoris with my fingers. She rode me, and I rubbed her clit. We were euphoric. Without taking my dick out, I went into doggy again. This time still rubbing her clit and thrusting her from behind.

She was out of control, and I knew it. She went forward, leaving my cock hanging, my hip thrusting in the air. She spread her legs over her and held them back with her hands. I knew what this meant.

I knew Jenny had spoken to her about this. I spread her legs and held them back further, put my hips on her butt, and pierced my long hard dick glistening with her juices inside her eagerly awaiting twat. I reached slowly to depths, and the top of my dick found the entrance to her cervix.

We made eye contact, and she knew what was coming. I brought her legs together, making her pussy tight, and stabbed deep, entering her cervix. She screamed and held my neck. My dick’s head had pierced her cervix. I felt like I was fucking a new pussy again.

It didn’t take long for her to cum again, and this time her body vibrated from her shoulders to her legs. Again, I thought that maybe this is the end of the night, and I was wrong, again. She was going to let me give her more orgasms than she would give me.

She turned around and made me put my dick inside her pussy. She was flat on the bed, and her legs were shut tight. My dick was squeezed hard and tight in her pussy. She asked me to thrust, and it was a lot for me.

She turned her head and kissed me sideways, and I kept choking her as I kept fucking her. After a while, it was a lot for both of us, and we came again, together this time. Despite the winter, we were sweating. She wiped my entire body with a towel lovingly and spoke.

Sofia: I still owe you one. I hope I was better than Julie.

I had forgotten my entire life before this fuck and had absolutely forgotten about Julie. I just held her tight, and we passed out. I had to sneak out at 7 am before her friends came back home.

This was the start of a very rocky and my greatest affair and would need many parts for me to tell you the details of my lovemaking with this mature milf.

Please share your feedback with me at [email protected] or on Instagram – writer_abhi.kapur. Don’t ask me details about any of the girls in my stories.

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